11:00 AM Feb 2, 2015
One day's Michigan Lottery drawings had some people seeing double.
9:01 AM Jan 30, 2015
The state says Michigan's seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate was 5.6 percent in December, little changed over one month but down 2.1 points over a year.
2:20 PM Jan 29, 2015
Campaign committees for Democrats and Republicans in the Michigan House were the biggest direct donors in state-level elections in 2014, according to a new analysis from the Center for Public Integrity.
2:00 PM Jan 28, 2015
Majority Republican senators plan to quickly pass legislation that would rank schools' performance with letter grades and change how teachers are evaluated, but said Tuesday they'll likely put off their bid to repeal Michigan's law requiring union-scale wages on public building projects.
4:00 PM Jan 25, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder hopes to resuscitate legislation that would protect gay and transgender residents from discrimination, while LGBT advocates explore asking voters to pass the bill since it's unlikely to clear the GOP-led Legislature.
2:00 PM Jan 25, 2015
The Michigan attorney general's office has found no evidence of price-fixing or other illegal conduct by road salt suppliers after drastic increases in the cost of the commodity used to tame icy roads.
6:00 AM Jan 23, 2015
Note: The Associated Press was having technical difficulties Thursday. A "10 things to know today" for Friday did not come across the wire.
4:15 PM Jan 23, 2015
It took just days into the new legislative session for relations to sour in the Michigan House, where Democrats are livid with Republicans for snubbing their pick for the top-ranking Democrat on a powerful budget panel.
1:00 PM Jan 22, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder recently reappointed Sandra Metcalf of Grand Haven for a new three-year term to the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice.
9:04 AM Jan 22, 2015
Michigan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continued its rapid decline last month, falling 0.4 to 6.3 percent and its lowest level in 12 years, the state said Wednesday.