1:00 PM Jan 22, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder recently reappointed Sandra Metcalf of Grand Haven for a new three-year term to the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice.
9:04 AM Jan 22, 2015
Michigan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continued its rapid decline last month, falling 0.4 to 6.3 percent and its lowest level in 12 years, the state said Wednesday.
8:48 PM Jan 20, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder announced plans Tuesday to "dramatically" restructure state government to help the poor and others enter society's mainstream, and called for passage of a sales tax hike to improve deteriorating roads.
6:12 PM Jan 20, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder said he will announce plans in his State of the State speech tonight to reorganize two state agencies as part of a long-term plan to "dramatically" restructure government to better help poor people by focusing less on programs and more on the recipients of public assistance.
4:00 PM Jan 17, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed bills Friday to prohibit e-cigarettes from being regulated as tobacco products under Michigan law.
11:01 AM Jan 19, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder's budget director predicted "real" but as yet unspecified cuts to government services after economists agreed Friday that state revenue is $289 million short of projections in the current budget and $527 million below expectations for next year — largely because of large companies cashing in tax credits.
9:10 AM Jan 16, 2015
Michigan residents who buy from Amazon, Overstock and some other online retailers will be forced to pay the state's 6 percent sales tax starting in October, a move to close what backers say is a loophole that has left traditional businesses at a disadvantage.
10:59 AM Jan 16, 2015
State Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, was appointed Thursday by House Speaker Kevin Cotter as chairwoman of the House Education Committee for the 98th Legislature.
10:05 AM Jan 15, 2015
The Michigan Legislature began a new two-year session Wednesday with new faces and new leaders, who pledged to work together and avoid gridlock before being met on their first day with some sobering budget numbers.
1:00 PM Jan 15, 2015
One of Michigan's largest state agencies is issuing layoff notices to about 100 workers this week due to a $7.5 million budget cut.