2:04 PM May 9, 2013
Fruitport wins non-conference battle
1:00 PM May 7, 2013
The S.S. Badger, the nation's last operating coal-fired ferryboat, kicked off its sailing season Monday while awaiting word on a proposed deal with the government over releasing waste ash into Lake Michigan.
2:22 PM May 2, 2013
Bucs swept by O-K Red-leading Hudsonville
1:30 PM May 1, 2013
Bucs fall to hot shooting Rockford
5:24 PM Mar 22, 2013
Owners of the nation's last operating coal-fired ferryboat would stop dumping waste ash into Lake Michigan within two years under a deal with federal regulators announced Friday.
10:00 AM Mar 6, 2013
The mayor of a small West Michigan city who was charged with drunk driving after his pickup truck rolled into a ravine has pleaded no contest in the case.
1:00 PM Feb 27, 2013
On one level, it's a straightforward case of a business seeking a government permit to discharge wastewater.
9:45 AM Feb 13, 2013
Lakers take 2-game lead in Lakes Eight Conference race
7:49 AM Feb 9, 2013
Orioles are ranked No. 6 in latest AP Class B state poll
1:15 PM Jan 10, 2013
Lakers edge rival Fruitport by just two points