Gov. Snyder: ‘One tough cookie’

Mar 28, 2011


Snyder received three college degrees by the time he was 23 years old. This would suggest that he believes education is important. He may believe in the value of education, but he sure as heck doesn’t seem to believe in the value of our education.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of school funding being cut even further than it already has. It just seems weird to me that Gov. Snyder believes the Pure Michigan campaign (which he supports giving an additional $10 million) comes before the education of our state’s children. Advertising during football games is more important than keeping schools’ doors open?

I think the new Pure Michigan ads should read like this: “Come to Michigan. We have the worst economy in America; we used to make a lot of cars and our kids are getting dumber by the minute!” Now that’s pure Michigan.

Call me dumb, but it seems to me that giving the state’s rising workforce a worse education would be counter-productive. Granted, I’m just a high school student and nobody above the age of 40 cares what I say or believe, but I tend to feel that educating your children should be pretty high up on the to-do list. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Snyder’s children either graduated from or attend private schools, and none of this will affect them.

These cuts are going to cause layoffs, program reductions, class size increases and decreases in education quality, and will even force some schools to close their doors because they are broke. To put it in the words of Gru, a super-villain from the movie “Despicable Me”: “In terms of money … we have no money.”

The people who worked on and approved this budget make me think of a surgeon cutting out a patient’s liver without telling them and saying, “They probably won’t need that, right?” Guess what? We would like our liver back, please.

Gov. Snyder, I believe you owe every public school student in the state of Michigan an apology. You should also change your description of yourself from “one tough nerd” to “one tough cookie” — because, like many cookies, you looked appetizing and fresh at first glance; but when we took a bite, you crumbled and made a mess everywhere.

Jack Black summed up my feelings perfectly in “Anchorman” when he whipped off his biker helmet, raised his hands and said, “What the Hell, bro?”

— By John Cherette/Bucs Blade Writer



What, exactly, is a "mouthbreather," anyway? Have you any idea who your audience is? Or didn't you think about that, before submitting this piece of tripe? "Mouthbreather?" "Jack Black?" How many Tribune subscribers do you think have a clue what you're getting at, because of the words and examples you used? And how in the world did the Tribune see fit to publish this garbage you've "written?" Stick to the High School newspaper, little boy, until you have something to say, and a more learned way of saying it. "Call me dumb," you say - okay, I'll call you dumb, because you obviously are. And a very poor writer, and an obviously immature kid who thinks he's something, but really isn't. You need a lot more practice, and a lot more skill, before you try to get published again, in any public forum. You should be terribly embarrassed to have something like this go out over your signature - and here's a little lesson for you, if you want to be a writer: Once launched, the arrow has no choice but to seek its target. Remember that. Now go away, and don't come back until you have something to say, and have figured out an intelligent way to say it.


I am so glad you are an xpat. Highlighting the "x". You have nothing better to do than bash a young Grand Haven-ite for expressing his opinion? I am sure he is soooo sorry for not using some out of date WWII reference so you could relate to the story better. If you need a better description of mouthbreather.. take a look in the mirror. You are old.. you are out of touch with reality.. you will soon be dust. Bashing people anonymously online is your forte.. keep up the good work buddy. Please keep living where your living. We don't need you.


To Koop - I don't care what you're glad for, or happy about. And you are as ignorant and obvious in your youth and immaturity as the writer was in his inability to write. What are you - a relative? If this is what you consider talent, I pity you, and you need to get out more. If you were capable of reading with any comprehension, you would understand my comment wasn't bashing someone "merely for expressing an opinion." You feel qualified to pronounce me "old," and you don't even know me? And to say I'm "out of touch with reality" only goes to show how much that problem is yours, not mine. How do you presume to know such things? Because I don't agree with you? You further sit in judgment by telling me what my "forte" is, which I find hilarious. What qualifies you? Your own ego, youth and immaturity? Obviously, you feel it does. Well, here's a clue for you, you nasty little boy - grow up, stop posting on the Internet from your mother's basement, and get a life. Too bad for you that your opinion doesn't match mine, but I'm just as entitled as you are to post my opinion; whether you like it is not my concern. And as far as "mouthbreathing," I suspect you've been doing a lot of that, so go wrap yours around the tailpipe of a greyhound bus and do us all a favor. Come back when you've got something to say.


I know you are old because you don't know who Jack Black is. I know your forte is bashing people online because that is all you have shown here. You love to hone in on young people's lack of skill and ability, which is another trait of bitter old people. Do you think brilliant writers are born? No, they write and write and write some more. Good writers are like craftsman. It takes time to be good at anything. Just as you have spent thousands of hours complaining and knocking people (which you have shown a great propensity for) our young author will spend his time working on his craft. By the time he is writing great works in news or books you will have hopefully choked on a salisbury steak in an old folks home somewhere, and the world will be a better place. Good job keeping it positive bro.


First of all, I suggest you read my comment AGAIN, and even slower than you did the first two times. When you do, nowhere will you find me having said I don't know who Jack Black is. Go ahead, I'll wait...finished? There now! Never said it, did I? I know who he is, I just don't find him amusing. Maybe my sense of humor is different than yours, because it's older than yours? Or maybe it's because - in my opinion - his humor appeals to the least common denominator, and that explains why you take such umbrage at someone not knowing what a national treasure Mr. Black is? Opinions, Junior. It's all about opinions. Yours aren't the same as mine, and that seems pretty easy for anyone to understand. It doesn't make me any better or any worse than you, it just makes us different. Epic fail on your part. Second, I don't doubt that I am "old" to you, because I'm sure I AM older than you are, and we just simply don't agree. You use the words of one whose command of the language is young, at least, although you did use "propensity," which has 4 syllables, and before you used it, I should have thought it beyond you. I have never "honed in" on "young peoples' lack of skill and ability," either. I've encountered and taught hundreds of very bright and talented people younger than I am, in my life, so far. I'm merely stating my opinion about this one particular writer's one, particular piece that got published. Another fail, for you. I almost feel as though I should ask you how many "bitter old people" you know, and whether you think all people you consider "old" you also consider "bitter." Where do you GET this stuff? Do I think brilliant writers are born? No. I don't. And I certainly wouldn't rely on your opinion, to tell me that, until you convince me you know the difference between good and bad, and make a case for it. Funny, though - you tell me "good writers are like Craftsman," yet you don't cite who you might consider a good writer to be. That's okay - I can guess. M&M? Kanye West? If I am as old as you think I am, do you think I'd need you to tell me it takes time to be good at anything? Or might that be something I would already know, from experience? Or do you think that's an idea that was made just especially for you, in the moment, so you could try to make your argument? I was right - you truly are a master of the obvious. Oh, by the way - please tell me where I "spent thousands of hours complaining and knocking people," and how you would know, if I had? No doubt, you have proof and facts to back up your assertions. Go ahead, and get them...I'll wait. I'd like to know where I might go to read what I have allegedly written, since you claim to know I've done it. Epic fail number three for you! As regards your "young author," you are correct in one thing - if he spends "time working on his craft," I see no reason why he couldn't become a very good writer, one day. But in my opinion, and this is just one person's opinion, he isn't there, yet, and he has a long way to go. Also in my opinion, and to get back to my main point, I'd rather the Tribune had tighter standards for what gets published, because - in my opinion - it simply wasn't very good. That's all, and that's it. Regardless of what the possibility is, which you seem to think is an eventuality, that he will be "writing great works in news or books," if he turns out to be a quality writer, it would be my pleasure to read his work, and to be reading it over a nice, steaming plate of crow. I thank you for hoping my demise comes in an old folks home somewhere, from choking on a piece of Salisbury steak, but at the risk of causing you severe disappointment and ruining your day, I don't care for Salisbury steak in the least - so you are exceedingly unlikely to get your wish. In other words, don't hold your breath, while you're sucking on that tailpipe. If you think the world would be a better place without me in it, well, I guess you're entitled to that opinion, too, and I will defend to the death your right to express your opinions in public - no matter how ineptly you attempt to do so. You haven't been right about anything else, so far, so you'll forgive me for not putting any stock in yet another idiotic pronouncement that came out of your addled pate. As for not needing me? I live in Grand Haven part of the year, so maybe I'm paying taxes there, and you DO need me! LOL! (You know THAT one, right?) "Good job keeping it positive," you say? Here's a newsflash for you - it ain't my job to keep it positive, BRO - I prefer to...what is it you allegedly-so-much-younger-than-me people say? Oh yes, I remember, now - "keep it REAL, Dogg." Keep it real. Cool. Oh, and peace out.


I have to say "Kudos" to our younger Mr.John Cherette !! Its no matter if someone is "young or old",,,I'm proud of this high school kid to have the intelligence that many "adults" seem to be lacking. He's obviously well studied this situation of our new governor,,,and he's not alone in the opinion that he holds.

I feel that Mr.Snyder is way way out of the ballpark of reality on many matters in regards to how to handle things for Michigan. Yes,,there are many teachers who are tenured,,and need to "retire",,,but they "earned that tenure". I think its time that there is some overhauling of the benefits for teachers and paying a fair price towards their medical insurance and such,,,afterall,,why not,,the rest of us surely do.

That being said,,,why would the governor "take away funding" these kids are "OUR FUTURE",,,and they hopefully will see to it to be able to set things straight and on a better course to be able to take care of business,,and understand business and the consequences of bad choices,,in life,,business and all that they will be facing in the future.

This new governor as many other govners in many other states,,,are trying to be tyrants,,and run things as if this is a communistic/socialistic country...well I surely didn't vote for that,,nor would I ever. I agree,,the governor's kids have either graduated or are in a private school,,,and he certainly can afford "the best" for his kids,,but not the everyday working Joe,,,we've not been as fortunate as Mr.Snyder.

Wake up people,,fight for your rights,,,be strong and stand up for whats right. Cutting cost to educating our young is at the top of the list. Taxing pensions,,social security,,taking away from the seniors,,shame on those that would endorse such things.

Why were such enormous tax breaks given to big business? They always get the breaks,,how about the little independant business person? Cause they may not employ alot of jobs,,,but then again,,,like Snyder did,,they also can't afford to locate to Mexico or China,,,which is by the way,,exactly what Mr.Snyder did.

Before anyone goes on a tirade of Republican or Democrat stand here,,both parties have fell short on my list of right and wrong. So hats off to John Cherette of Grand Haven,,,he sounds like an intelligent person that is "our upcoming generation" ,,and I feel that this young man will go far in life.



Its good to see young people engaging with the politics of our State & Country and I commend you with your thoughts and willingness to post them. However, consider this as a counter to your thoughts.

Govt. Snyder is not advocating that he does not beleive in education. You correctly pointed out his education history. Once you receive your college degree(s) someday John, you will realize your comment here, is a stretch. Loyalty to your university and the education institution will be steadfast and the importance of a quality education will not be will be an experience that will take you anywhere you'd like to go including, the Gov. office. Mr. Snyder would be the first to tell you, that without his education, he would not be Gov. today.

I reject your premise throughout your opion John, that cutting funding for education hurts the educational process. For the last 50 years the State of Michigan has been pouring money into education with an anemic return on the tax payer's investment. The answer with solving education problems has always been to throw more money in it. Yet, we have more problems today than we did 50 years ago. Can you explain this?

The USA a allocates more money per student than any other country on this planet, but we do not even crack the top twenty in performance. This is a pathetic reality. The problem is NOT a lack of's precisely because of too much funding.

In addition, Unions(MEA) have grown so powerful, it has highjacked the good intensions with tax payer funding and redirected it for political purposes. There are a lot of great teachers in our school system, but not near enough. Unions protect low performing teachers through tenure and seniority rules(first in last out rule). Collective bargining strangleholds school districts to agree to unsustainable retirement bennifits and bennifits that indirectly line the pockets of the MEA and its leadership.

I'm not advocating teachers are paid too much because they're not. However, research the salaries of high or low Union officials and you will be stunned to the disconnect between them and your English teacher's "total" compensation package.

I suggest to you that in a short time, education will become better because of these cuts. Performance will no longer be an option, the fat will be trimmed, and the students will be the benificiaries.

I challenge you to compare the investment dollars allocated for Pure Michigan versus the collosal amount of money poured into the State's education system. You will find the return on investment tourism IS and WILL provide the State of Michigan is an excellent analysis for the MEA to use to understand efficiency and ROI (return on investment). I believe most Michiganders get it and this is one reason Mr. Snyder is the Governor of our State.

Give him a chance John and compare his first 4 years in office to Jennifer Granholm's and then, get back to us.


Well this is the guy Michigan wanted. Sorry now, aren't you all who voted for him? By the end of his first term you'll be crying for Governor Granholm to come back and thinking she wasn't so bad now after all? Just make sure not to vote to re-elect Snyder in November of 2014.


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