Grand Haven Twp. woman encourages healthy eating

After watching her son make a full recovery from leukemia, Eileen Albrecht believes in metabolic miracles. Her son, Ethan, ditched his disease from his deathbed with intense nutrition, according to Albrecht.
Marie Havenga
Feb 27, 2012


On Saturday, the Grand Haven Township woman shared her story and health hints with about 35 people at Spring Lake District Library.

Albrecht rattled off some shocking statistics during her “Growing Healthy Kids” presentation — 79 percent of disease is lifestyle and diet related; by age 12, close to 70 percent of children have hardening of the arteries; by 8 a.m., people apply, ingest or are exposed to more than 300 chemicals.

Albrecht chronicled the dangers of soda and sugar, encouraged ingestion of fresh fruits and vegetables, and informed the crowd they need to consume half of their body weight in purified water ounces every day.

“We are the ones who put the fork in the mouth every day,” she said about our responsibility to ourselves and our children. “We are the ones who shop.”

The foods we choose should come from nature, not the factory, according to Albrecht — and it’s better to eat many small meals daily than three large ones. She encourages setting out a muffin tin full of sliced fruits and vegetables so that children can graze throughout the day.

Albrecht also noted the importance of exercise and rest.

“While we’re resting, our bodies are healing,” she said.

Albrecht encouraged interested Tri-Cities residents to visit the “Growing Healthy Kids on the Lakeshore” page on for more information.


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Her statistics are great and we should all eat better but shes there to sell a product.


I didn't see Ms. Albrecht's presentation at the SL Library, but I have been doing a lot of research regarding Lifestyle and nutrition since I lost my mother and mother-in-law to cancer, my father to heart disease. After reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and "The Gerson Therapy" by Charlotte Gerson, and many, many other articles, I am 100% convinced that the nutritional and lifestyle changes we make both cause and prevent most of the illnesses and diseases we suffer from today. If you look at countries who don't have the rate of cancer and heart disease (just to name two), you see that the main difference is diet. If you bring people from those countries here and they eat the typical American diet. they begin to suffer from obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a long list of other diseases which occur as a result of affluence. We eat high off the hog, no pun intended, and the main reason for our afflictions is the amount of meat and dairy we consume. I'm not trying to sell books, I'm trying to help people understand that we really are what we eat. Sit in a room with a dying loved one who has gone through chemo, radiation and surgery for several years and you'll know what I mean. What was Ms. Albrecht trying to sell? Health? We're already buying disease by eating unhealthy foods. We can buy health by eating differently. Another good book is "Animal Sanctuary" by Gene Bauer. You may never want to eat meat again, once you find out what happens to food before it gets to us. That is, if you dare. If you want to watch how our food is "made" look at the documentaries "Food, Inc.", "Dying to Have Known", "Eating", "Food Matters" and others. There's a ton of information out there. The food manufacturers, medical profession, and pharmaceutical companies don't want us to know about it, because there is no money in health. Think about it.


Way to go Eileen! Healthy eating= Healthy body!


Eating healthy is good. But it does not solve everything. Recently I sent in a home made publication to TV 8 of mine called the "fat-skinny file" It is a compilation of pictures of people from various stories who died in the last 5 years. Because I just had a stent put in at 45. When I went in for my stent - the doctor who put it in told me all this eating right and excercise is just a bunch of hype and is over blown. The whole fifth floor at Spectrum heart in GR was full of 17 to 48 year old runners preparing for the River Bank Run with heart attacks. I was put into ICU for lack of space reasons. He said some of those people eat perfectly according to the blood work done on them. A 20 year old needing stent was not fat or looked out of shape. Go figure? Have in my files of 3 to 400 pound people in their 60's, 70' and 80's - and they are not dead yet! Have countless pictures of beautiful, skinny drop dead gorgeous young men and women who suddenly just drop dead, the stories say. A grandfather, son and grandson who is 21 three generations of men with cancer. Skinny, they eat perfectly - no junk foods and their prognosis is terrible. 8 people in my church under 40 have diabetes! and they are skinny and good looking and can see their six packs. What about the 29 year old police officer who just dropped dead! He was darn good looking and skinny. A 25 year old bride, runner and was skinny dropped dead in Holland on the alter in front of everybody! Heart attack! Go figure!


You are aware that some people have heart defects which are not detected until it is too late--something that has nothing to do with diet, no?




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