Police chief named interim village manager

Village Council has asked Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Chief Roger DeYoung to prepare and report as interim village manager.
Marie Havenga
Mar 13, 2012


DeYoung, who has worked for the police department since 1987, will train with Village Manager Ryan Cotton until Cotton departs for his position as Holland City Manager on March 27.

DeYoung will manage the village until a full-time manager is in place, likely sometime in June. He will continue as police chief.

Council on Monday also decided not to pursue a shared manager arrangement with another community.

Several council members last week suggested the village run “dual tracks” — explore sharing a municipal manager while continuing with a nationwide search for a full-time replacement for Cotton.

The village’s professional search consultant, Bill Baldridge, advised against the “dual track” method, according to Village President Jim MacLachlan.

DeYoung said he anticipates spending about 20-25 hours a week as interim manager in addition to his police work.

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what a joke.... this is just like Muskegon County politics... This guy was suspended for a alcohol violation while driving his village owed car... and now he is the interm manager... This was the time for the Village and Ferrysburg city to cut additional cost out of the budget...


The Chief is an upright guy. He is the right person to handle any job put before him.


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Spring Lake Village is in Ottawa County, not Muskegon County.


Gee...let's just let Roger do it. It should be real easy for him. Don't worry about the fact that he's a Cop with a full time job already. If there happens to be a serious crime in SL and somebody were to die, the responsibility for that shall fall on Jimmy Mac's head. SL village council continues to show that, for the most part, they are complete bone-heads.


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Chief DeYoung has been an upstanding citizen and officer of the law for over twenty years. He has protected and served the public during that entire time and gone through things we would never want to see in his role as an officer. People, including "Elkchaser and "Newspaperlawyer" who want to bring up one non-criminal incident that happened in 2009 sound like they have a personal agenda. If you have criticism, bring it to him, he is that kind of guy. Congratulations to an strong and intelligent man. I'm sure he will do well by the Village.


You couldn't be more wrong Jenn61. Roger left the scene of an accident, that is indeed a crime. Also he asked the other driver to not report the accident.These are facts and you cannot prove otherwise. When police arrived at his house he claimed all the drinking was after the accident. Yeah right, why was he so eager to leave the scene of the accident? Everyone in Spring Lake knows the truth about what happened that night.


Michigan law states that you need to report an accident if it is over $1,000 damage or personal injury. Was this accident over $1,000? Letsgetreal sounds like you may have a personal vendetta with the Chief. The Attorney General had a Prosecutor from another jurisdiction review this case and no charges or tickets were issued. From other articles you commented on also had personal attacks on people. It sounds like someone needs a hug?


No vendettas, just facts.


Letsgetreal, the facts you state does not support the outcome. You are right, the facts speak for themselves, no law violation so give it up or he would of been charged. Like Jenn61 states why hid behind your screen name and go speak with the Chief. Better yet, move on with your life and be nice to all people. You will be happier in the long run.. Peace


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The Grand Haven Tribune is not interested in the truth... they only print what they want to hear and supports the local bigots... We could tell you some real juicy stories about Becky Vargo and some of the state police troopers on a boat trip...


Do you not realize how pathetic you sound? Honestly, to take cheap shots at everyone like this, and to do it anonymously, is downright juvenile and really is quite sad.

Why don't you get a Facebook account or blog and post your opinions where people who care can see it and discuss. Or write an opinion piece so people know who you are and can respond and interact.

What possible good comes of taking cheap shots like this? None. You feel better about yourself by trying to make someone else look bad all in the name of getting the truth out there or whatever other justification you use.

It's straight up middle school playground bullying with a computer and a few more years of developing rationale for thinking it's ok. Please, use your desire for truth in a more constructive way and stop being a "local newspaper comment section bully"!


The comments listed are facts.... Those involved in these situations..... know the truth so its not being a bully.. You must no like the facts. The Tribune has done plenty bullying over the years...


"You must no like facts", eh? You must no like proof reading. (Just good-natured kidding here, not trying to be mean spirited.)

"The Tribune has done plenty of bullying over the years". So that makes it ok for you to be a bully? You proved my point regarding how juvenile and pathetic your degrading comments are. Why not try to rise above the alleged bullying and engage in constructive, respectful dialogue instead?

I'm being sincere in asking you this, not trying to pick a fight. You seem to have a passion for truth, but I think your approach is making you seem small-minded and disrespectful rather than actually informing or changing the opinions of others.


He asked the guy? ... letsgetreal...were you at the scene? Did you read the special prosecutor's report? I doubt it.This matter was put through the proper channels years ago. Get it? I don't need to prove anything to you and neither does anyone else. Letsgetsreal is a name for you to use to express YOUR perception, anonymously. Facts or SL gossip mill?

Have some respect for the Chief of Police and the entire Police Department that you are disparaging. As sometimes happens, you have no respect for people in these types of professions until you are in a position wherein you need them. If newspaperlawyer really is a lawyer, he should know this is true. It is frequently a disrespected profession....but, maybe I see why.


Thank you for your words of wisdom Jenn61. It is truly amazing to me how quickly people are to bash others publicly when they can maintain anonymity. It's really sad actually. And you're right about people not respecting the police department and others in authority. I do think we should hold them accountable, however, we should also make it a priority to respect and support them.


Realize that not everyone is judging you. Often times social phobia can be a result of thinking that everyone around you is passing judgment on you. If so, take a step back, and realize that most people don't care.-Mercy Ministries


You definitely have your hands full on this. This is definitely two hard jobs but to have them at the same time. You really need to prepare yourself so much on this. Ontario divorce forms


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