OUR VIEWS: The tourists are coming!

May 26, 2012


Cars will head the wrong way on one-way streets. There will be drivers in the left-turn-only lane holding up lines of traffic, having somehow not seen the huge directional arrows painted on the street.

We will be forced to drive ’round and ’round, seeking a parking spot that’s hopefully within a mile or so of our destination. Oversized flocks of tourists will clog the boardwalk. Hoards of people will jaywalk, oblivious to the cars that come within inches of running them over.

This is part of our love-hate relationship with tourists. While they annoy us at times, they provide us with the things that make Grand Haven great.

Living in a tourist town, we have access to numerous local activities and events. From June to August we can’t complain about a lack of things to do.

And we enjoy the restaurants, galleries and shops that fill our downtown year-round. Many of these could not survive without seasonal tourism dollars.

Those out-of-towners allow our community to thrive.

Coast Guard week alone brings in more than 350,000 people and $12 million to the area.

Embrace the oblivious tourists. They are our guests, and should be treated as such. Be proud to live in a town that has such a draw. Most of all, be sure to support Grand Haven and take full advantage of all it has to offer.

And, please, avoid making hand gestures or screaming at the car going the wrong way down that one-way street. They're our meal ticket, after all.


Say No To Tourist's

Guests? you mean Pain in the rear. Grand haven is all about the tourist $$$$$ and not the locals who pay taxes and keep this city alive, Meal ticket? how do you figure?They spend more money at the carnival than in local business' Unless there buying beer and act like total imbusal's insanely drunk in public and get away with it. Its all corruption and they get away with it, not us. My street gets blocked and cant hardly get 100ft to my driveway, not to mention they break the noise ordinances till usually around 3:00am blowing there horns, yelling, ect. Do I want the tourists here? Nope not one bit!

Welcome to our town, now go home!!!!!!




Say No, Your view is as close minded as they come........hard to imagine not having tourists here. I've lived here for almost 20 years.....paid my taxes here for nearly 20 years......and came here because of the town's proximity to the lake and everything it offers. I also came here knowing that it is a popular spot for tourists. It sounds like you would prefer to be left alone to enjoy your summer - that being the case - and knowing that Grand Haven has been a tourist spot long before you were born - why don't you think about moving out of the city, so you aren't bothered by the commotion? While you do live here, and have certain rights as a resident - what you don't have is the right to tell others to stay or go. Stop being ignorant - and go hug a tourist today.

Say No To Tourist's

So you've been here 20yrs huh? Ive been here double + some since you and pay taxes too..... Fine I'll move, come and buy my 100yr old historical home for a measly 250K+ Stop being ignorant? What have the tourist's done for you today? Probably nothing......You go hug the freeloaders. Its easy to say ignorant while hiding behind the keyboard, maybe you like the stupidity they bring. I dont. Stop being so self righteous and hollier than thou defending them.

Skeptic Trucker

For those of you who don't like the tourists in the summer but are too lazy to move, here's an option, go on vacation for a couple months. GH has been a tourist town longer than 40, 50, and even 100 years. Obviously some people have no idea where the tourist dollars go or have a clue to how much revenue is generated for the city. Yes, at times it's inconvenient and can be a hassle, but lose tourism and you lose much more.

To 'Say No', go somewhere else where the schools aren't as good or the crime rate is higher or city services do not meet good standards. People are free to visit and others are free to leave. You have to take the good with the bad. Suck it up!

Say No To Tourist's

Septic Trucker, since you seem to know so much. Please enlighten me as to where all the touron money is going....City workers have to work the night shift to clean up after these freeloaders, sure the money goes to some local business' The Grand Haven public school system stinks, City services good standards.....Really? What about all the city siewalks marked with X's for a couple years now and not replaced, the tree's cut and the stumps still an eyesore...Good standards? The city spent way to much $$$$$ making everything nice for the tourists, yet they cant pickup leaves cause of budget strains. Open your eye's to whats really happening here. Today as I was going to visit a family member at the cemetery what did I find? Freeloaders parking in the cemetery's chapel lot( that is clearly marked no beach parking) unloading there coolers and going to the beach. If you or I did that we'd get a ticket wouldnt we? Not the tourists, there above the law in Grand Haven. As I said before buy my home and I'll move, no questions asked. Theres more than just me that have the same opinion, there to chicken to post it in a public place for fear of retaliation. Open up your closed mind and see the real picture here....Suck it up yourself.


get over yourself


I take exception to your claim that the Grand Haven public school system stinks. My personal experience with GHAPS (through my children) has been nothing but positive, and by most objective measurements, the schools are doing a great job-definitely top-tier state and nationwide. What do you base your opinion on?


Say No - I really hate to say this - but your last message did an even better job of proving my point than mine did. Thank you. I'm not asking the tourists to do anything for me. I'm also not expecting them to leave for me. I'll get along just fine on my own. If I don't like living in a city where tourists show up because it is a nice place, guess what? I'll move. When this city gets named after you, maybe then you can start calling all the shots. Until then, man up and deal with it.

Say No To Tourist's

People,I think your missing my point. Its not that I dont like living here or what the city has done to make this town even nicer than it was 20+ years ago. 4 generations of my family were born and raised here including me. Point is, they come here have a nice time for a few holidays a year. Spew there trash all over the place, get completely drunk beyond stupid, violate the noise ordinance till wee hours of the morning and 90% of them get away with it, we cant! The others get a ticket or go to jail. And you, I, US as taxpyers have to foot the bill for the city to clean up after them. I actually enjoy the attractions that come with the dreaded tourists, Rib fest, Coast Gaurd, the music, ect. I hate the disrespect that they bring to our nice town.


People I could not agree more... The city continues to rape the taxpayers for all these so called benefits... The business owner wine about everything downtown... and they can not even have real summer or business hours... One store owner told me he was a christian... that's why he is not open on Sundays... Boy that is some real BS... I know this person and they were not in church on Sunday... The only person laughing all the way to the bank is Steve Loftis ... renting city owned properties on the tax payers dime...... The Beach has NO parking... or on Coast Guard Day... A city owned parking lots... people are charging city residence to park in these lots... Its no different in the GH twp... The township tax payers gets charge the same rate for Twp boat ramps as any other Joe... So VOTE NO on any tax increases or Mileage renewals...


All I have to say is that I love the tourists (most of them) and GH dearly. Lived there for 35 years and have now moved away (had to for our careers)... and boy do I miss it. The hustle and bustle of a resort town is something I long for. I think most of the tourists who come in do respect our town and the locals. As with anything, a few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Say No To Tourist's.... you need to move away from GH. It's a shame that you have so little pride in the town: you hate the tourists, the school system sucks, your home is measly, you can't get into your driveway, it's loud, there are tree stumps, sidewalks with x's, you have to pick up your own leaves, and people are loud. Do the town a favor and move. Come live in the town we had to move to.... then go back to GH... you'll realize what an amazing town it is then. I promise.

Say No To Tourist's

To RN97MSN, I didnt know taco Bell & McDonalds made you move for your careers. So you live in the projects now......good for you! Pride in my town huh? Tell me where this town isnt noisey, if your anywhere near centertown theres noise. GH's school systems do suck, far from the education levels of our bordering school districts, everywhere in this city there are X's on the sidewalks. Yep I live in a measly 100yr old historical home worth 250K+ Come buy if if you want me to move, oh wait Taco Smell and Ronald dont pay you enough. Ive lived with the noise of this town all my live and it isnt bothering me one bit. Take your moronic false blindsided over opinionated drug induced values somewhere else. The city is screwing US taxpayers for the tourist's. I'd be willing to put money in a petition drive to see how many people hate the tourists. I know atleast 25 or so in a 3 block radius of me feel as stronly as I do. AND HATE THEM. Now for the next comment in line...........If you think for one minute your getting under my skin......hahahahaha Your not, I find it extremely funny how stupid some ya'll are, you probably hate me already....GOOD mission accomplished!!!!!! Carry on with your meaningless unjustifed boring uneducated blindsided increadibly misinformed values you have as humans that the City is screwing us taxpayers for the tourists........NEXT as I'm LMFAO.


You are hilarious!!! A smile to the start of my day for sure.


all I can say is wow. Which historical house do you live in? I would like to come make your life a little bit more miserable this summer.


Happy to live in Spring Lake, I just ride my bike downtown when it's busy....

I love the Tourists...


I find these comments to be entertaining! Grand Haven's tourist seasons has its complications, but it's undeniable that money does come in to our city from them. I know several business owners in town who survive on summer sales. Those same business owners are the ones who help support our kids' sports teams, school extracurriculars, donate to many events and fundraisers, etc. They would not be able to enrich our town in the "off season" without the added business that "tourist season" brings. Do tourists pay taxes? No. But if our businesses didn't receive money from their visits here, we would see many more shuttered buildings, which become non-tax paying blights. I moved to this town, just East of the highway, because I knew that I didn't want the traffic problems. We walk or bike in. If you choose to live West of the highway, you accept the benefits (living closer to everything, higher property values) and the detriments (traffic, tourists).


GH is an excellent place to live. The people and community spirit is wonderful. Without the "tourists" in the summer we would not be so financially viable for the year round services and opportunities that we residents receive. If you want quiet living, go somewhere else. Perhaps you should move to the "township" and get away from "city" life?!

Say No To Tourist's

Quiet living? I dont sleep well without the noise. thanks though.


WOW! To "say no" I am guessing by your poor use of grammar and your inability to properly spell that you are a) in a drug or alcohol induced state or b) you really are that stupid! Sorry, none of us can fix your stupidity!! I, like you; am the fourth generation to reside in this fine city and I, like you; have witnessed a few very bad characters in the downtown areas behaving badly; mostly drunks and young high school punks. I have learned that while the tourist season is a major inconvenience, it is a necessary and integral part of this community; always has been and not likely to change. I have traveled all over the United States VERY EXTENSIVELY and there are but a few places I would rather live. In my travels I have not come across a single community that does a better job promoting it's self for the benefit of its residents and tourist. It also appears given the description you gave of your home that you may be one of my neighbors. Being the neighborly guy that I am I would like to stop by and give you a referral or two of some great realtors who can assist you in listing your home and making room for the many people who LOVE Grand Haven and WANT to live in this great neighborhood; I'll even help you move! Until then suck it up and keep your crappy attitude to yourself! Oh, and one more thing; Grand Haven Schools may not be the best but I assure you there are so many for more worse; I have put two children through this school system and am very happy with the education they received; you strike me as one of those people who are NEVER happy and never have enough to complain about! Get a LIFE!

Say No To Tourist's

tbone; My poor use of grammer or spelling is probably a result of the Grand Haven Public School system.....lol! Though I did graduate with honors, and no I dont do drugs or alcohol. I may strike you as never happy or complain too much. Hardly, I have a great wife, kids & grandchildren whom I set a very good/positive example to. Who know's I may be your next door neighbor, I just have a pet peave about tourist's and what they get away with. My attitude here is totaly differant than in person which many may find hard to believe. Thanks for the offer of a realtor refferal, I have my own realtors licence if and when I decide to sell or move. I like my location, my home and neighbors, so moving in the near future is very doubtful at best.


Didn't Grand Haven Public School System just score in the Top 5 on the tests? Correct me if I am wrong, but that is something you should be proud of. And why are you allowing your children and grand children to be educated in such a poor school district if what you state is true?


I, too, am 4th gen GH. My family has been here 120+ yrs. My children have chosen GH to live and raise my two grandchildren. Each of us were educated in the local schools (which are ALL great by the way).
Love the area, don't care much for the tourist. Although, they do pump some ca$h into the area. Most of which goes into the pockets of the wealthy few in this town (we know who they are if we have lived here all our lives). Of course, we do everything for the almighty tourist here...like displacing local businesses & residents to build empty shopping centers, empty condos and non-existent hotels on the backs of the citizens. But I digress. Where's the love? I'm feeling a little anger here on this board.
Maybe Say No should run for GH city council. Add a little excitement to the town meetings, and see if you can get people behind you so we can shut down this town in the summer!
No, I don't think that will ever happen. Grand Haven is a great town to live in, be thankful you can afford a house here. If it was inherited, all the better. But don't be a hater. "Can't we all just get along?" Probably not, but we live with it only three months out of the year. After Labor Day the town is 'ours' again. In case anyone missed this in arithmetic. that leaves 'us' with 9 months to enjoy our town w/o tourists clogging the streets, beaches, restaurants, stores, sidewalks, boardwalk, pier, waterways and parks.
Since Memorial day weekend, I have walked the boardwalk, pier and beach with my beautiful wife, and am disgusted by the litter left by the invasion of pigs (my term) who can't pick up after themselves. But then, maybe more trash bins or signs are needed for these awesome tourist to get the hint?? I am sure this creates jobs somewhere (can you say 'jail workers'?),
I agree, the activities are great here in the summer, and we enjoy attending. As for the ignorant tourist, well, we put up with it. We are used to it We get over it. We have fun..
So, while you are flipping off the out-of-town JA that cut you off, be sure to extend a warm SMILE :) ....Peace


Say No To Tourist's.. what you are speaks so loudly it does not matter what you say in this post.


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