OUR VIEWS: Watch your children

Jun 14, 2012


Why? So parents can have some free time — at their kids' expense.

Most parents wouldn’t even let their child roam through the grocery store solo. That’s why it is absolutely mind-boggling that some adults think it’s OK to leave children to fend for themselves in local parks, malls, beaches and amusement parks.

Recently, a woman left her 5-year-old sibling and 2-year-old child alone in The Lakes Mall play area while she went shopping. With no one overseeing them, the children could have been seriously injured or harmed.

Our loved ones are not immune to kidnappers, sexual predators, or even everyday mishaps. Don’t let yourself think anything different.

Our children depend on us to keep them safe. It's kind of hard to do that if you’re not even watching them.

Public places are not a free babysitting drop-off.

Perhaps these failing parents feel a false sense of security. It may be a public place with many other children and parents, but leaving your child among strangers shouldn’t feel safe at all.

If you continue to do so, you will very likely face legal charges. More importantly, the children you’re responsible for could face irreversible damage.

So, do your job, grow up, put your children first, and keep them in your sightline and safe.

You can shop another time.

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All right!!! We need to step up as a community and keep these kids safe!! Well said!!


P.A.D.D. (Parental Attention Deficit Disorder). Parents do not take the time to raise their children anymore. They medicate them for ADD ADHD and blame genetics, food, television, the internet and may other reasons for their kids lack of manners and their outbursts when the reality is.. the parents are free ranging their children and not paying attention to them.


I have to agree 100%. I am a firm non-believer in ADD, ADHD and medicating children or anyone under the age of 25 w/ any chemical thats going to alter their brain development. Studies show that your brain isn't finished developing until you're in your early 20's, yet kids are being put on all kinds of medications and even worse - labeled, at young ages. Food, television and the Internet are all used as baby sitters as well. Many of the kids I see daily were raised poorly (is a nice way of putting it) and that cycle will continue because the poor kid hasn't a clue what it's like to be a good parent. So yes, watch your children - and make sure you're ready to actually have them as well.


You need a license to drive, a license to sell cars, sell houses, and even to cut hair. But you don't need a license to have a baby and become a parent. Parenting classes aren't required, and no one knows how to read a book on life skills anymore. Their 500 'friends' on Facepage probably said it was OK. Obviously her parents did an outstanding job themselves of teaching the mother a few moral values of Motherhood..

But maybe she had a good reason...those kids were just driving her crazy, or she forgot a package in a store, or she had to hit the rest room, left her purse in a changing room? Maybe she needed an smoothie or pretzel because of low blood sugar? Could be...


Haha, so true Sir, so true!

your mother

who the heck would leave a two year old alone anywhere!!!! who would leave a five year alone even!? that person needs to get their kids taken away, i feel bad for them if that is how they are treated in public how are they treated at home. selfish ass parents! if you think you are mature enough to have sex then you should be mature enough to take good care of the children that you create.


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