City makes fireworks rules

The days of free-for-all fireworks in Grand Haven are over.
R.J. Wolcott
Jul 3, 2012


City Council has approved new regulations that aim to restrict when and where residents and visitors can light off fireworks in the city.

The new regulations were unanimously approved Monday night by an emergency vote, meaning the ordinances take effect immediately instead of having to wait out the normal 20-day period.

These new regulations restrict the use of fireworks to only national holidays and the second Saturday of the annual Coast Guard Festival. Amateur pyrotechnicians are allowed to fire off their favorite mortars, bottle rockets and other devices the day preceding, the day of and the day following these holidays.

The lone exception is "Coast Guard Saturday," or the first Saturday of August. Fireworks can be set off that day, but not on the days before or after it.

Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke said there were 15 complaints regarding fireworks in the city this past weekend. City Manager Pat McGinnis noted the high volume of fireworks being set off in his own neighborhood — several days before the Fourth of July holiday.

Without amendments to current ordinances, McGinnis said the city would have been unable to regulate the use of fireworks.

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Mr. Conservative



I wish they had "like" buttons here the way they do on Facebook.


Yea come to Muskegon it Always SUCKS HERE thats why they call it SKEETOWN


This why Grand haven companies use manpower and such because you can come to GH and work here and make GH companies money But you can't live here because the GH companies won't pay you enough to Live here so come work and go back to skeetown where you belong.


Try not to be such a RICHARD CRANIUM.


I worked 3rd shift for years I got woke up all day long by people mowing lawns, and kids yelling. Maybe the city should pass an ordinance that people can't mow there lawns or make noise in anyway between the hours of 7 am to 7am monday thru sunday. The city of Grand Haven sucks!!!!

Skeptic Trucker

If the city sucks, then, as a free American, you have every right to move to another city and I am sure nobody here would try and stop you in any way.


You should be on stage. In fact there's one leaving in few hours.


I should have said it a little differently its not the city that sucks. It's the stuck up people I am so tired of people ranting that the deer are eating my plants the fireworks are annoying and call the cops for everything. The people in this town are so concerned about what everybody is doing and it is sickening. As far as being a free american and moving to another city I have moved out to the township to get out of the city. I don't feel that I or anybody else should have to move to get away from all the crybabies.


You don't get the right (according to some) to complain about the everyday noise when you are trying to sleep after working all night year round. But hey 15 people complain about noisy fireworks (that happen a few times a year), and the city has an emergency vote banning fireworks. Sounds about right for Grand Haven City Council. Oh and according to some, you are not allowed to have an opinion either.


MindyourOwnbusiness...although there are a few "not-so-perfect" issues with the city of GH, overall this a wonderful place to live. When we all live so close together, there are going to be annoyances and bothersome neighbors. That's just the way it is...anywhere, really. A solution might be for you to move out of the a more secluded area where you don't have to put up with people having a good time, kids being kids, and tourists celebrating their much needed vacation days with family and friends. Most people want to experience joy, fun, laughter, and make memories. Life is tough and often times not so fun. Therefore, I enjoy listening to those who choose to be high on life...pushing all troubles aside for a while and making their days memorable.


It has been said many times in the course of history; there is no cure for STUPID. They will find a cure for HIV/AIDS or Cancer first. If you want to find the most discourteous neighbors in Grand Haven you should live in the area between Columbus/Washington/Hopkins/Franklin. Constant jingle jangle 24/7's we never close. People who talk so loud you don't even have to be near them to hear just about every word they say. This is just plain ignorance. People who can't control their dogs who bark at hallucinations or leaves falling off a tree. These people have no business owning a pet let alone a dog. But they want to impose on your quiet enjoyment by owning one. These ARE NOT responsible owners. And they want to build bonfires just about every night not even taking into consideration how obnoxious if not toxic it is to the neighborhood where it comes to the point you have to close your windows because it becomes just too overwhelming to tolerate. Do they care? Of course not and they don't even take a second to even think about how it offends others. Just showing more of their ignorance. Why are there no ordinances prohibiting this? Ok I will get down from my soapbox here because I know it is falling on to deaf ears. We live in a very narcissistic society these days.


Sounds like it is time to move out of the city then. No matter what part of the city you live in, you are going to have those kinds of neighbors you described. You even get them out in the township. The only way to prevent that is buy 10 acres, and build a house right in the middle of it. Bonfire???? Do you even know the meaning of a bonfire? I am pretty sure you mean a small recreational fire. I agree that some people shouldn't be allowed to own dogs, or have children either. If they can't control them, they shouldn't have them. If the dogs are barking for extended periods of time, call the cops, they will come and put a stop to it.


Thank you Mr. Richard Cranium for that comment. I wouldn't of been able to sleep tonight without it.


Hey, we get it. You think you're clever. Now stop calling everyone Richard Cranium, because it just makes your argument seem weak, and your response childish. Profanity and name calling are typically a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully. If you have a civil argument to make, then make it and let it stand (or fall) on its merits.

Personally, I was getting annoyed by the fireworks at all hours, but we do have noise ordinances in place to deal with that already if it were really a problem, and like one of the other posters here, I think the "new" would wear off later this summer. However, have any of the people complaining just gone out and spoken to their neighbors, and politely asked them to stop shooting off fireworks 'til all hours? Seriously, that seems like the simplest solution.


Gee it's so nice to see we have a self-proclaimed psychologist here folks. I can sleep better at night. By the way, I am a lot smarter than you. Thanks for noticing. And your argument is strong? Talk about LAME. When it comes to a battle of wits, it's best you quit while you are ahead. Oh btw, Have a nice day.


Fireworks can be used between 7am and 11pm but you could also commit offences if you were to use them in such a manner as to cause a nuisance.
It is an offence to throw or set off fireworks in any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space.
It is also an offence to discharge any firearm or firework (without lawful authority or excuse) within 50 feet of the centre of a highway which consists of or comprises a carriageway. -Dan Sciscente



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