LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Annoyed by fireworks

Jul 8, 2012


nt in a neighborhood full of people who love to set fireworks off at all hours of the night, with no concern for their burning hot embers landing on my wood porch and my dry lawn, or the fact that I have to get up in the morning.

On Memorial Day, I didn't sleep until 7 a.m., when one of those neighbors finally stopped yelling obscenities after some of his sleepy neighbors called the police. They finally showed up at 4 a.m. to warn him, but he made it known to the neighborhood that he wasn't happy.

Before this law passed, all I had to worry about was the sound of firecrackers and the odd illegal explosive. Now I have to learn to deal with three full days of people setting off explosives, and the potential for fire if the fireworks — that my neighbors set off right into the trees — should take hold of some dry wood or grass.

Give an inch, and people will take a mile every single time. There was a reason those fireworks were illegal to begin with.

— Shawn Hardy, Grand Haven



People celebrating with fireworks and unruly behavior are not the same. Unruly people were already here in Grand Haven before legal fireworks were.


And a bad element has been moving into the area for quite a spell now whether you want to believe it or not. And if you don't believe it than you are living in a state of denial. It's time to take your rose colored glasses off. This is NOT the same Grand Haven I remember of the 70's. This isn't Mayberry anymore. Better get real.


I voted for him, but I must say, Snyder was very fortunate that the bulk of west Michigan did not burn down. He should have issued a temporary decree, but then again, if politicians could think like that they would be in the private sector.

In addition, has anyone else noted the ridiculous viewpoints coming from this paper? One could only hope that these juvenile editorials are just meant to boost circulation and not really reflect the opinions of the reporters writing or editing for this paper.




to Migpilot: Don't kid yourself these editorials you speak of are a direct result of the Tribune's "re-structuring.". Then they hire a new editor who is from Ohio? She can't relate to the community. What a stupid decision, but it was one of many.


Mig & Lets - This is a letter to the editor, not an editorial! Do either of you really know how to read?


You should ask yourself the same question because in this letter to the editor the writer mentions the editorial about fireworks. You idiot.


I know that Ottawa County is a predominately Republican county, and I am in a minority here speaking because I am a staunch Democrat and I do not try to disguise it. But I do hope the ones who voted for Snyder are now regretting it. Granholm and what she tried to accomplish in her terms of trying to clean up the mess that Engler left and much of it was irreversible that maybe now looking back she wasn't too bad of a Governor after all. Much of the damage Engler did could not be corrected and left Michigan in a world of debt. Maybe when November of 2014 comes around again you'll think twice about re-electing Snyder. Don't blame me, I voted Democrat.


Hello - those of you who suggest that a problem, or a set of problems are caused by an individual (Snyder, Grandholm, Engler, Bush, Obama) are simply being ignorant. The issue we have is due to the fact that BOTH parties are tied much too closely to special interests, and not to their constituents. To suggest that it is about the person, and not the process, is not correct. It makes you a partisan, and very similar to the people you talk about. Engler, Granholm, Snyder, Romney, Obama, etc, etc, etc are ALL much too worried about keeping their political machines happy and their own power and ego satisfied, and not worried enough about solving real issues.


I hope everything will be okay in the end. Good to know about this one. Thanks for the information. - Mercy Ministries


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