Councilman under fire for '09 anti-Obama rally

An elected official in suburban Detroit said he was visited by the U.S. Secret Service after his colleagues asked him to resign over his critical comments about President Barack Obama and others in 2009.
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Aug 12, 2012


Sterling Heights City Councilman Paul Smith told The Macomb Daily ( that some "joker" made a complaint to the Secret Service. He said agents believe he's not a threat after a visit Thursday.

Smith appeared at a tea party rally in 2009 and held anti-Obama signs, including one that said, "One more day is one too many." He also criticized then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Smith said he has no reason to defend himself three years later.

The Sterling Heights City Council voted 6-1 to ask Smith to resign. Smith says he won't.



The idea that someone is not allowed to say his own personal thoughts and enjoy his freedom of speech is very concerning. This sounds like something from a police state out of North Korea or China, not America.


Of course I don't know the whole story... but assuming that all he did was not support the current administration and not say anything degrading or threatening then there should be no issue


His own personal thoughts included appearing in a video during a 2009 tea party rally holding signs that showed President Obama’s head on a spike, Speaker Pelosi’s head riddled with bullet holes and Gov. Granholm’s head in noose. In addition to the photos on the signs, there were slogans suggesting and inciting violence toward these elected officials.
One of the functions of the Secret Service is to investigate precieved threats to our elected federal officials.
The Sterling Heights city council admonished him and asked for his resignation for conduct unbecoming and elected official and violating the council ethics standards.
He stepped over the line between free speech to threats of violence. This type of thing has no place in our political system.


But yet its completely acceptable for our current president (by his lack of response to the super pac ad) to accuse his opponent of murder?


I agree with you GH55. The message on the signs he was carrying was the most vile, hate-filled, unintelligent, low-life, violent "free speech" out there. I welcome the Secret Service investigation into this man - who, by the way, in a newspaper article characterized it as a respectful friendly conversation. As far as I'm concerned, I hope this bum is run out of town in the next election. He most certainly has no respect for the many constituents who would disagree with his utter lack of respect and hatred for his leaders, who in this case happen to be black or women. The Sterling Heights city council was absolutely correct in asking him to resign. His refusal to do so reveals a man of no dignity, tolerance, or integrity.


It's called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH". Obama isn't our king. This isn't a monarchy.
He, too, is an elected official who will have opposition just as all the rest have dealt with.
So...he's going to sick paid government officials on those of whom he feels threatened?
Pretty scary stuff if you ask me.


So, you feel that threatening someone with death or beheading is an expression of free speech? That is the scary stuff if you ask me.
If you don't agree with their views or position on a subject, there are other civilized ways of expressing that disagreement.
The President doesn't need to send the Secret Sevice on a witch hunt, that is their purpose, to protect the President from any and all threats.
With this type of opinion, would you feel that yelling fire in a crowded theater would be covered by Freedom of Speech?

King Ding

Just to be fair and balanced he didn't threaten anyone with beheading, he just depicted it.....

King Ding

what sucks is everyone looks at this one vile person, and instead doesn't look at the real issues. Stop concerning yourself with one idiot who makes no difference, and look at the one idiot who does.

The one whose administration fear mongores us into believing banks will ut us in chains

The one whose administration shipped thousands of guns to Mexico and murdered Mexican citizens and American officers.

The one whose administration wants to cut 717 billion from social security

The one whose administration hasn't had a budget in 3.75 years

The one whose said elect me and I will cut the Deficit in Half....NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will fix the economy in three years...he even said missing the deadline would make his presidency a “one-term proposition.”

The one whose said elect me and I will close Guantanamo Bay....NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will televise Health Care Debates....NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will increase Transparency....NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will icrease the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers....NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will expand the child and dependent care credit..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will provide option for a pre-filled-out tax form..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will create a mortgage interest tax credit for non-itemizers..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will require automatic enrollment in 401(k) plans..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will create a retirement savings tax credit for low incomes..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will end no-bid contracts above $25,000..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will create a $60 billion bank to fund roads and bridges..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will forbid companies in bankruptcy from giving executives bonuses..NOPE

The one whose said elect me and I will allow imported prescription drugs..NOPE

it's all on politifact tuen off msnbc and cnn look into if your yourselves.


Meanwhile, just recently HBO had a series called Games of Thrones where President GW Bush's head was on a stick and that's okay? How about the movie where they had President GW Bush assassinated, is that okay?
What's apparent is when the depiction is done by liberals, the media and Government look the other way, if the depiction is done by conservatives, they throw the book at them. There is such a double standard and fake outrage. I'm more concerned about the loss of liberty and freedoms that this current administration has forced upon the citizens. So with those comments, I'm sure that the BO Administration will put me on the "list" of US Citizens that they watch. Look it up. November can't come soon enough.


Right on Boater! Well said. November cannot come soon enough. However, I urge all to contact their elected officials and put on the blogging radar screen the topic of Democrat voter fraud. You will not belive what is coming in the amount of fraud that is being organized by this corupt party. It is estimated that Romney/Ryan need to absorb 4-5 points(4.5 million + votes or more!) in fraudualent voting for Obama. This is what is scaring the hell out of me! A tital wave of anger against this Obama fraud is going to hit the fan in November, but it will not mean a hill of beans if the "fix" is in. Hey GH55 & Lanivan. show us the link to your "alleged" video of councilman Paul Smith at this Tea Party rally or shut it. The Black Panther's leader went on a rant this week about hauling white people out of there homes and "skinning" them alive, hanging them in trees, and throwing bombs in a nursery blowing up babies to kill everything white in sight and you say absolutely nothing!!. Just like President Obama and Eric Holder....They won't even investigate this as a hate crime. You need to both grow up and realize the true hatred and division in this country is coming from the very same people you're supporting, like a pack of dummies. Don't believe me, here is the link:


Google is a wonderful thing!
Why is there such paranoia in your comment? Democrat voter fraud? What is in the works is the voter restriction laws that the Republicans are implementing! "A wave of restrictive laws passed in Republican-led state legislatures will mean that next year a disproportionate number of African-Americans, Latinos, people with disabilities, the elderly, and the young will find voting difficult and in many cases impossible. Through legislation that requires a state photo ID to vote, limits early voting, places strict requirements on voter registration, and denies voting rights to Americans with criminal records who have paid their debt to society, millions of American voices will be silenced. The rationale for state photo ID laws is to prevent voter fraud. Yet there are no documented instances of fraud that these laws would prevent. An extensive analysis of data from all 50 states by the U.S. Justice Department found that incidents of voter fraud are exceedingly rare and were, in all cases, instances of improper voting involve registration and eligibility issues that would not be solved by voter ID laws.

There may be another reason prompting the push for these laws that inordinately impact certain voters that tend to vote Democratic. A new documentary from Brave New Foundation reveals that these laws have strong partisan backing. The American Legislative Exchange Council—a conservative advocacy group that receives funding from the billionaire Koch brothers (who also help fund the Tea Party)—crafted and distributed model legislation restricting voting for lawmakers to introduce in 34 states. The Koch brothers also contributed funds to the Republican legislators who supported these laws. Just five states where laws have already passed represent 171 electoral votes, two thirds of those needed to win the presidency. There is no question that these laws can impact electoral outcome."
This is the real issue, not your paranoid rantings! Organized fraud? Give me a break!


Thank you for trying to talk some sense into these commenters. I'm afraid it doesn't do any good. Hopefully, those reading this thread who are serious about getting facts versus hate-filled blather will get something from your informative comments. This issue of voter fraud is just another crock put out by the Republicans. There have been almost no reported cases of voter fraud in this country for years. It's just another way of discriminating against the poor, the elderly, young people, and to take away our rights. They are always whining about how big and intrusive government is and how many regulations and rules there are.....until they want to enact intrusive Voter ID rules and regulations. My 94 year old mother who lives in another state, in the same house for over 50 years (mind you - she has voted very year for 74 years in the same state and town) - must get a Voter ID because she does not drive anymore and her driver's license is not "current". She will have to find or pay for a ride to the Secretary of State office, wait in line with her walker, bring her REGISTERED birth certificate (not a copy) and of course she can not find it in her file box, and pay $50. No one in the family is very enthused about helping her with this - because she always votes Republican!!!

Mr. Conservative

liberal bastards need to get a grip.


GH55 you are delusional and down right debauch of common sense if you do not believe voter fraud is at an epic high. Organizations such as ACORN, LaRaza, and CAIR are beign funded by our courupt president and his administration through billions of dollars in tax payer stimulus money and are involved in voter fraud activties on a daily basis. Simply Google "Funding" and then add the three forementioned organizations and you will see how this president is destroying the fabric of our country. Add voter fraud to these organizations and read until daybreak about their indictments for voter fraud. President Obama has you believing that if the States ask for a picture ID of citizens before they can vote then, it is somehow racist or denies voting rights for people with disabilities or the elderly!! This is not even rational, but you just stated this yourself like a talking point robot...what a fool. If the Tribune was to ask a poll queston of "should a picture ID be required before voting in any election" I would suggest 90% or more would say, yes. Why? because its a resonable request to maintain the integrity of the voting process AND slow down voter fraud that is running amok. Make no mistake, this is not a rant you little punk, but an example of one of millions of Americans that are pissed off with what is going on in our Country. We're tired of seeing nearly 50% of the population buying Doritos, birth control, and twinkies on bridge cards, illegals running across our borders & our flag to suck dry our health care & education system, watching American traditions being mocked by latinos, muslims, and liberals. We're sick of immigrants whom refuse to assimilate to OUR culture, liberal attacks on the Bible, and irritated as hell about a President that continues to sign executive orders on a daily basis that destroys and attacks the private sector and it's citizens. You better hope there is voter fraud because that is the only chance your party is going to have this November.


dyankee, you state that your "comment" is not a rant yet you call me a "fool" and a "little punk"! "50% of the population buying Doritos, birth control and twinkies on bridge cards"? "American traditions mocked by latinos, muslims and liberals."? "Sick of immigrants whom refuse to assimilate to OUR culture"? "Liberal attacks on the Bible"? I am glad I don't live in your world!
Please read the Tribune guide lines for posting comments.
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Also, I provided you with the link to the Councilman's demonstration of "free speech", here are a couple more that you may find entertaining. The first one gives some interesting information concerning where this latest "rough patch" our country has gotten itself into really started. Greed!
Listen to this next one and please let me know how a President that had not even been nominated yet, let alone elected or inaugurated into office, had anything to do with the closing of the GM Janesville Assembly Plant that your buddy Paul Ryan is ranting about. The CEO of GM announced this plant closing in June of 2008, and the production ceased by mid-november with all activity complete by December 2008. I think that was before President Obama was in office in January 2009. Or am I missing something? Do you realize how much work it would take to undo this fabrication?
I have one more funny thing to tell you, I am a registered Republican! I voted Republican until religion got a hold of the GOP. A little punk Republican, that votes Democrat! Sorry!


"ACORN received significant negative publicity in the wake of the 2009 production and publication of videos, which were later found to be partially falsified and selectively edited, by two conservative activists, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. The activists used hidden-camera recordings to portray low-level ACORN employees as engaging in criminal activity, apparently advising them on how to hide prostitution activities and avoid taxes. A nationwide controversy ensued, immediately resulting in a loss of funding from government and private donors, including legislative amendments to spending bills in the United States House and Senate prohibiting government funding of the group.
Following the publication of the videos and withdrawal of funding, four different independent investigations by various state and city Attorneys General and the GAO released in 2009 and 2010 cleared ACORN, finding its employees had not engaged in criminal activities and that the organization had managed its federal funding appropriately, and calling the videos deceptively and selectively edited to present the workers in the worst possible light."
I won't bother with the issues related to the other two organizations you mentioned. Lets just say that all three work to support inner city, typically poorer people, Hispanics (LaRaza gets funding from the Ford Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates, along with our (corrupt President)) and those of the American muslim community.
So, I can see where the fear of those organizations comes from.


dyankee - You're joking, right??? "Voter fraud is at an epic high" - WOW. It is highly documented that there has been little to no cases of voter fraud in this country for decades. You are apparently getting confused with voter SUPPRESSION, which is currently at an epic high, due to all the Republican legislation that makes it as hard as possible for disadvantaged, poor, old, and young people to vote, and/or purges people from voting records...oops, many are US citizens with every legal right to vote. As I wrote in a previous post, my 94 year old Republican mother, who for 74 years has lived and voted in the same town, same address, but has not driven for several years and does not have a "current" photo driver's license, must now find a way to get to the Sec. of State office, stand in line with her walker, bring her registered birth certificate - NOT a copy - among other documents, and $50 in order to vote in this election. Now if you think that makes sense, I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you. I have to say dyankee - the kind of America you and others who think like you represent is nothing like the America I grew up in and love. It would seem you have absorbed so much hate, fear, and paranoia propaganda that you can't find a single good thing to say about your country. How sad.


Obvious when certain liberals finally understand that they are wrong and yet they refuse to accept the fact as is, they will attack with lies, and even with anger those who attacks their beliefs, or political views. With todays political climate being that of an actual war of the cultures, or that of social classes, then words will be spoken in anger and fear.
Today more then ever before, an increasing number of people are running turning toward government promises, benefits, and growing entitlements for existence, instead of relying of them selves for everyday needs. Self-reliant and determination along with individual creativity is fast loosing the respect and honor from what I will call today the politically correct society. Government (big brother) is now becoming our personal provider and cultural leader, determining just what and/or how we should worship.
With some people today making a stand against the slow deterioration of our once proud American Values and Western Way of Life, Free Speech is today the one tool we have that just might change or even prevent the sure destruction of our Democracy and/or Constitution. This Councilman did absolutely nothing wrong and in fact he used the one thing, the one thing today that stands between us all, and the government, the United States Constitution. This is one important chapter in our history that we all must understand today, it is the one fact that we all must defend with Freedom of Speech and not only protect, but also honor.
God Bless the Constitution.


The rally would really be big and with this rally security need to follow and you can getthat with security cameras


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