LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Poverty problems

Aug 15, 2012


  The Obama philosophy that the successful must be punished, wealth must be re-distributed and government bureaucrats must instruct the private sector how to run a business has resulted in policies giving us our current malaise and poverty level.    The authors cite two individuals as experts on the subject: Love INC Tri-Cities Ministry Director Leah Rust; and Peter Edelman of the ultra-liberal Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy.   Quoting Rust, with her knowledge of local cases, provides context; but devoting five paragraphs to the views of Edelman belies the liberal spin of the article. Harvard law grad, federal bureaucrat, law school professor (Georgetown) and non-economist, Edelman is perhaps best known for resigning his post in protest of President Clinton signing welfare reform, the bipartisan effort to reduce poverty by encouraging work over welfare that was wildly successful from 1996 to the day earlier this month when President Obama unilaterally gutted it by executive order. What can be the excuse for citing this professional political hack as an expert except to slant the article?   This article has all objective readers scratching their heads.   — Chuck Tyler, Grand Haven





The problem is that you can't buy anything that is made in america.. there aren't enough jobs... tax rates aren't going to change that... blame whoever you want (I know liberals and conservatives will find excuses to blame the other) but nothing will change as long as half of every tax dollar is spent on war (blowing up middle eastern countries and rebuilding them) and everything we consume is made in Asia


I agree with you that the flooding of our markets with foreign goods is a problem. Unfortunately, it is a problem because: (1) we buy those goods rather than focusing on American made goods; (2) our politicians, but especially Democrats, feel that our domestic businesses need to be regulated by federal bureaucrats and need to pay higher taxes to take care of the folks that don't contribute; and (3) politicians, but especially President Obama, thinks that borrowing from China to pay for his social welfare programs is a good idea. If you check out the spending, no matter what your idea of whether we need to protect ourselves from radical Islamic fundamentalists, our social welfare programs dwarf the actual spending for purely military operations.

Michael Johnson

While the use of the wording "purely military operations" is quite clever, it is fundamentally misleading - defense spending accounts for approximately 25% of the 2012 budget. Welfare spending accounts for 12%, less than half of defense spending. I know facts are inconvenient, but dancing around them with word choice is intellectually dishonest. You can break down the budget yourself at http://www.usfederalbudget.us/we....

As for China, President Obama has filed seven trade complaints against them, twice the number as occurred under President Bush in the same time span. It is interesting that Republicans would blame President Obama for the failure of Acts such as the Currency Reform Fair Trade Act and the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act, both of which failed because of Republican opposition. In fact, President Obama has worked fairly successfully with the World Trade Organization to impose tariffs against China in order to level the playing field. So while the "borrowing from China" makes for a good sound bite, it doesn't change the fact that it, like the spending claim, is simply wrong.


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