LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Grand Haven becoming Mutt City U.S.A.

Aug 17, 2012


As a frequent visitor to the downtown area, I thought the whole city was a dog park. Whether it be Washington Street or the boardwalk, one is always running into dogs and owners with little respect for people or our city. They may pick up poop most of the time, but do nothing to stop them from peeing on boardwalk monuments and streetscape items on Washington. I sure wouldn't sit on the grass near the boardwalk because some dog has probably peed there.

It’s too bad someone vandalized a plywood piece of "art.” If that's what it is called. Personally I believe these pieces have made a mockery of downtown and I will not frequent any establishment with one.

While on the subject of parks, I would like to see a "human park" where no animals are allowed and one could take a peaceful stroll. Finally, when they take down the Dewey Hill sign, Coast Guard City U.S.A., they could replace it with Mutt City U.S.A. I'm sure there would be many contributors.

— Kirke Harris, Spring Lake



Not a lot of love for your anti-dog rant here Kirck. You must have an amazing life if your only complaint is about doggie duty. i hope you soon realize how well off you are. There is a saying that seems to fit here. "The more i am around people the more i like my dog." Hang in there Kurk i look forward to you next rant on those nasty little giggling children.


Mr. Harris, you are getting a lot of flack on here, but I must agree with you. I'm a GH resident and dog owner. While I love dogs and think they are cute and a great companion, there are a lot of dog owners in our area that do not respect other people in how they handle their dogs in public. My elderly mother-in-law is very nervous around dogs. Yet, almost every time she has the chance to walk the pier or the beach area in GH, someone allows their dog to run over and jump and rub up against her. This terrifies her. She doesn't know the dog...doesn't know if it will bite...scratch...etc.
The last time this happened, she exclaimed, 'The beach is no longer for people...it's for dogs!" Most dog owners think their dog is so cute and everyone else must naturally think so, as well. But, that's not always the case. Last weekend I was at the riverfront. A large dog with a leash (but no owner) stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and took a big poop right in front of the docked boats and leisurely walkers. No one was there to clean up after the mess. I'm sure someone ended up wearing it on their flip-flop. This kind of stuff is rude and disgusting. Bottom line is, dog owners need to show respect. GH isn't a kennel and it isn't the dogs that are paying our outrageous taxes! :)


I love dogs...They taste just like chicken!


In late June, I wrote a letter to the editor about the kindness of strangers. I had become violently ill while on a bus trip with the Starlight Travelers. My ONE letter was never printed.

However, numerous letters from one Kirke Harris have made print. They are becoming increasingly more hateful and, in my opinion, irrational.
I "get" that not everyone loves dogs. Not everyone has the same taste in art.

If this person dislikes Grand Haven and the dog art - why not stay in Spring Lake where he lives?
Did it occur to him that Spring Lake has a dog park?
Will he suggest that Spring lake change their slogan from "where nature smiles for seven miles" to "where mutts defile for seven miles"? Or maybe "pile"?

As for not patronizing businesses who have a mutt art outside: it's good that he does live in Spring Lake. If his home were on fire - he wouldn't want the Grand Haven Fire Department to help because - they have an art dog outside!

Guess he won't be shopping in downtown GH and must also not be in favor of Grand Haven Christian School either, as they have an art dog.

Does it occur to him that squirrels, birds,rabbits and other wild creatures also "pee" on the grass? What about people who spit on the grass?

I Googled the name Kirke Harris. Apparently, this person is a CPA. I have no need for a CPA, but if I did, I would not go to him or his agency. Someone who is so spiteful, hateful, vindictive, and in my opinion, irrational, needs to seek some professional help.

I fear for his neighbors; watch out he doesn't leave out poison for your dogs!


I Googled your name and I have no need for a mold machine operator at Netshape, but your comments about Mr. Harris are as vindictive as any he wrote about dogs.


I am not vindictive, just expressing my thoughts on what Harris wrote. At least Harris and I are courageous enough to use our real names, not an anonymous moniker. Have a wonderful day!


Oh, you weren't vindictive? You Googled the guy, exposed what he does for a living and basically told people not to use him. And you joined just to do that... And is it courage or stupidity to use your real name on here? Guess that depends on who is asked.


I didn't "join just to do that". You are in the same boat you say I'm in, as you "exposed" where I work. I never called anyone stupid. Let's all just get along. I just wanted to get my view out. If one sends a letter to the editor, they MUST use their real name. I chose to do that here, not hide.


Guess I'm not "stupid" anymore . . . using an anonymous moniker. Have a great day!



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