Writer says we all fall short

Sep 12, 2012


That's the message the former Grand Haven man is trying to put across in his latest VanAllsblog, "Is/Ought Fallacy of Human Sexual Identity." Difficult title, and a long blog. So you've been warned.

But it's easy to dig into Van Allsburg's thoughts as he leads into the message with a reminder of one of the "Seinfeld" show's funnier moments:

"We remember the humorous story when George Costanza got his massage from a handsome, blond male, and how something happened that disturbed George. The close contact of the masseur's hands near the divergence of George's body caused a modest, yet significant enough sensual reaction in him, with the result of George's questioning his sexuality. Jerry confirmed with George that no, only a response to direct convergence affirms that one is a homosexual. 

"George, you're off the hook! Just because something 'is' (an experience), doesn't mean it 'ought' (a practice) to be that way," Van Allsburg wrote.

Another warning: While he doesn't believe homosexuality itself is a sin, he does believe one's mental life and actions do come under the scrutinity of God. That's a hot topic among Tribune letters to the editor and online comments.

To read the full blog, click here.



Fly on the Wall

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We must have both done the same Google search...


In Bible passages God judges people as groups corporately and personally. One message in the New Testament is "repent or perish" Another message "repent, be baptized and born again" One of God's judgements is famine - not the traditional stereotype we see in Ethiopia but the famines of not being blessed or "getting it" when a person reads the bible. If a person who knows to "repent" and hardens their heart and gets stiff necked over it - They get handed over to those "homosexual" desires and other sins. If a person does not "repent" they cannot be born again. The only thing left is to be left to their own devices of corruption and sin. Ever see a good sermon preached on "repent you sinners" and people just look at the ceilings like they are not getting it? Thats what I'm talking about. If a person does not "repent" of their personal sin towards God and faith in Jesus Christ then their is no cure for homosexuality. or cheating on your taxes or spouse. Get on your knees and "repent" or perish. Simple New Testament messages.


Topics like this will never go anywhere because they do not start anywhere. Narrow minded people thrive on making sick people so that they can heal them. Stop listening to this mindless chatter and just BE. Most of what passes for religious discussion these days is self puffery and pointless. Look within.


Good answer.


I think the Tribune should publish a disclaimer regarding this blogger. He is not the author Chris Van Allsburg who wrote The Polar Express and Jumangi. He is a Christian blogger from North Carolina. It may be that they share the same name, but they do not share the same opinions.

As for the subject the blogger speaks to, the apostle Paul and Judaic Law said much the same. However, Christ said nothing. And to follow Christ's example, I will measure a person by the content of their heart rather than by the judgement of someone who sees only sinners.

Tri-cities realist

He grew up in Grand Haven, which the article mentioned. And the article warned of his views. What more do you need?


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I have spent time with Chris. I am sure he is well aware, he falls short. Not in any of the ways he mentioned in his article but in ways I find even more damaging then same sex relations or the porno he watched as a teen. He is loud, he is angry, he has little respect for woman, and he is a control freak. Not one person on earth is perfect. Why oh why do imperfect people feel the need to judge? I will never understand this.


"Why oh why do imperfect people feel the need to judge?" Do you not see the irony in your own post?


why would being angry, loud, or watching a naked woman classify you as imperfect? I suppose you have a nice definition of it for us. How convenient. Calling people names by the way, like freak, is very passive aggressive. You might try yoga. It can release all of that tension!


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