Michigan jobless rate jumps to 9.4 percent

The state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose 0.4 percentage points in August to 9.4 percent.
AP Wire
Sep 19, 2012


The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget released the latest jobless figures Wednesday.

The nation's August unemployment rate was 8.1 percent, down from 8.3 percent in July.

Michigan's jobless rate has fallen 1 percentage point over 12 months from an August 2011 level of 10.4 percent. But it has risen for four straight months from April's 8.3 percent.

The state agency said total employment in Michigan dropped by 18,000 in August, and the number of unemployed rose by 16,000. The overall civilian labor force was little changed at 4.7 million.


Tri-cities realist

Who else wants 4 more years of this... Anyone?


...and what makes you think switching sides again is going to improve the overall situation for the average American? It's taken the last 30 years or so to sink us to the point we're currently at and it's not even remotely realistic to think that any president, Democratic or Republican, is going to make a noticeable difference in 4, or even 8 years. They're ALL self-serving and could care less about you no matter what their affiliation is....besides, anyone with any degree of cynicism will tell you that the president is just a figurehead these days and has little to no impact on policy and the direction this country is heading in.....

Tri-cities realist

Perhaps the lesser of two evils. And I agree with you that it will take more than one man. We need to get the govt less involved in our lives, and let us do what we were born to do... Prosper. And besides, the switch we made last time didn't work out too well, so why not give someone else a chance? How much farther can we sink?


I don't think that's really a question you are going to want the answer to.....I'm probably not a good person to debate with as I've gotten very apolitical as I've gotten older...as it's gotten harder and harder to have an intelligent discourse about any one topic without people screaming "you have to choose a side". Over the course of my life I've found certain people on both sides to have valid points, but as soon as you blindly follow one party or the other than you've fallen into their trap, making it easier than it should be for them to disregard what's important to us. Goose stepping into the future scares the stuffing out of me. Believe me, I'm not real impressed with what's happened in the last 4 years. I lost a good paying job that I enjoyed in 2009 due to the economy and since then I've gone thru 2 years worth of unemployment compensation and several crappy low paying jobs. It seems that I'm between a rock and a hard place.....too young to retire and too old to be worth hiring. It sucks, but I don't want to lose Social Security funds and medicare too when I do finally reach retirement age. I'm scared of the future with the choices we have to pick from these days. There's an old joke that really begs a serious answer nowadays......"why is it that we get 50 choices for Ms. America but only 2 for president?? Divide and conquer. As long as they can keep us fighting amongst ourselves their own goals are much easier to attain and no matter what side you choose you're still not gonna be a member of the winning team once all is said and done.

Tri-cities realist

You are right, it was a rhetorical question that I hope we don't find out the answer. However, regardless of who wins, I don't think we've yet hit bottom. You and I probably agree on more than you think. I too am concerned about social security and Medicare, as well as all other liabilities of our govt. The big question is when do we tackle the problem? We can kick the can down the road and wait until nobody will be happy with the results (much higher taxes AND greatly reduced benefits). Or we could be more proactive by taking small steps now to prolong the longevity of these programs. But the reality is that we ALL will pay a higher price the longer we wait. So in my mind, doing nothing now is not really an option. And yes I realize it will be a huge mountain to climb, to enact real reform that will save these programs. The really sad part is that if you or I started this kind of thing, we would be thrown in jail for a ponzi scheme, the government calls it social security. But that is water under the bridge. So I think the solution could be similar to what many companies have done with pension plans... Move from defined benefit to defined contribution, which I believe is what Paul Ryan has proposed. I realize current retirees don't want their benefit decreased, and working people don't want to pay more for a program that will be bankrupt by the time they retire. Unfortunately, I think everyone will need to sacrifice a bit. But until our elected officials decide to really tackle the problem, you are right, they will continue to divide us, while they retire with prosperity. Hopefully we will all demand solutions before it is too late.


We don't need a political party to follow, we need a vision to follow. Seems that was established a long time ago and worked famously until we began to mess with it. "No country upon earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so plainly; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass." --George Washington


Oh gee. Really? As if we didn't know? I think that is common knowledge by this time that the job market in Michigan went down the sewer a long time ago. Oh but wait our wonderful Governor will tell you that Michigan is making a comeback. Yea right and donkeys fly. And if gas prices continue to escalate we will ALL be on horseback again. And you know that might not be a bad idea. If gas prices aren't an economy crippler than I don't know what is. Will the last one out of Michigan please turn out the lights?


The only to blame is ourselves and our own quantum leaps in technological innovations. 1 industrial robot replaces about 5 to 7 workers. 3 shifts M-F and four 12 hours shifts Friday through Sunday.
Can't blame governor, president or any of those. Can only blame them if they deny these facts. Look how many jobs at the auto makers are now automated. Look how many robotic systems they have at Shape Corporation. Capitalism is going to crash and we will be forced into some kind of socialism or an Amish lifestyle. 8 million people will never find jobs again. That is reality. They still have needs for housing, food, medical and education. What do you do? Eliminate them? or do you keep telling them like a braying mule "get a haircut and get a real job!" Money will become worthless. No one will be able to pay property taxes. Local government will get smaller. When money is worthless - how are prisons going to be staffed? Then what-eliminate the prisoners? So what do you do?


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