Diversity Alliance plans community conversation on hanging chairs

Empty chairs hanging from trees at a home across the street from an elementary school are being seen as a racist statement by some people in the community.
Becky Vargo
Sep 28, 2012


Homeowner Ken David, 15896 Comstock St., says the chairs are just a decoration, even though he admits to being somewhat of a political activist.

The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance sees the situation as a chance to talk about the display and its possible meaning.

The Alliance will host a Community Conversation on the display from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, in the Grand Haven Community Center’s Escanaba Room.

See the complete story in Saturday's print or electronic editions of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Mr. Conservative

I would move if a gay man moved next to me.


I think the large number of comments surrounding this story point out the need for a community discussion on diversity. There is differing opinion on what hanging the chair represents, but for many it can be interpreted as having racial overtones. Therefore, I believe the Lakeshore Diversity Alliance is right in providing a forum for people to share their thoughts and impressions.

Seeing racism (intended or unintended) can be difficult to see. Especially if you are in the majority. Please consider that, just because something doesn't appear to be racist to you, it can still be perceived to be racist and hurtful to others. It reminds me of the additional issues raised in the comments... A number of people have spoken about seeing our country deteriorating and losing its greatness. Folks are fed up with the government and wondering why so many other people can't see the issues and the need for change. But others just call people like that extremists. We may clearly see something, but it doesn't mean that others do (or share our beliefs).

So, this Lakeshore Diversity Alliance Forum will provide people an opportunity to share their thoughts, just as Mr.David and others are able to share their thoughts on their front lawn.


Diversity is the way culture is destroyed. Cultural Marxism http://www.discoverthenetworks.o... http://www.wnd.com/2007/05/41737/

John M

Go grocery shopping or walking around in the hoods of Muskegon, GR, or Detroit if you want to see racism loud and proud.

In fact go drive around the hoods, then ask yourself, is this what I want for Grand Haven.

Then be honest with yourself.

Mr. Conservative

Blacks, mexicans, and natives are awful to whites and somehow thats not racist but a white hanging a chair in a tree is?


The more rotten the fruit, the closer to the tree it falls.


Mr. Conservative, you are borderline insane, what do you think would happen to you if a gay person moved in next to you? I think you are just kidding around on this forum, no one can be this stupid. I am tired of reading your posts, it makes me think that the future of man/womankind is doomed by dumb. The way you express yourself incites anger in people, i guess that
is what you want, you are a coward!


he is entitled to his own opinion ho...your crap stinks too

Tri-cities realist

And you are free to not read his comments. Isn't America great?

John M

Could someone from the lakeshore diversity empowerment assembly council association committee please show me the text in the US Constitution that protects your right to go through life un-offended.




Has it occured to any one that perhaps, Mr. David's wife threw this chair at him in a heated discussion with such velocity that it ended up in his maple tree? If you look at this poor man's demeanor, it appears to me that he has just gotten his *ss handed to him by a women scorned. Clearly, he is intensely trying to figure out how the devil did this chair end up here and how did I become a Grand Haven Tribune rockstar overnight? Of COURSE he going to tell this little Tribune paparazzi that ummm...' it's a decoration? He probably had no reaction time so, cut the guy some slack. However, some advise for Ken... if, in the future, your wife ask you, "does this dress make my rear look big", ya' gotta' go with hell no, brother!

Tri-cities realist

Lmao, a little humor sprinkled in is always good. Some people need to lighten up.



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