Blogger mocks 'oversharing' parents

Oct 9, 2012


Whew! That's certainly a lot of blogging.

Lindsay Cross wrote in her Mommyish blog this week in defense of Blair Koenig and her STFU Parents Blog. Koenig is becoming famous (infamous among some) for taking parents to task for posting way too many photos of their kids, especially the inappropriate variety, and just plain dumb things on social media sites like Facebook.

"I’m going to begin this post by fully admitting that I’m biased in favor of STFU, Parents," Cross wrote. "Not only are these posts featured on Mommyish weekly, I happen to think that Blair Koenig is a really great person. So it probably doesn’t come as a shock that I bristled when The Daily Mail called STFUP “vicious” or when the New York Post claimed that moms and dads 'despise' it.

"(Monday) morning, Blair was on 'The Today Show' to talk about her blog, defend her stance, and explain a little more about over-sharing," Cross continued. "Watching her interview, I thought to myself — as I have plenty of times before — 'Parents just really need to learn that it’s OK to laugh at ourselves.'”

On NBC's "The Today Show," Koenig said people have seemingly forgotten how to edited themselves. They are posting messages and photos on social media that, if they really gave it some serious thought, they know they shouldn't.

So, is Koenig's blog mean-spirited, funny or right on? In an NBC poll, 88 percent said it's funny and 12 percent said mean-spirited.

You can judge for yourself: click here to see STFUP (which, by the way, is an acronym of something not very nice to say to anyone).

"Moms are funny," Cross noted. "Our over-eagerness, our paranoia, our obsession with our children — it’s all funny. It doesn’t hurt anyone to point that out. Honestly, I think it does us some good."

To read more of Cross' defense of Koenig, click here.



Ok so your going to do an page on a blogger using STFU or STFUP in your article but you'll pull someones posts for using the word Stupid? C'mon really ???????? Use of acronyms is just like swearing. So much for your Disscussion Guidelines.


Hey...cut 'em some slack. It's hard to be judgemental and not end up being a hypocrite at some point. :-)


And the award for newspaper hypocrisy goes to......


oh snap.


Wait a minute. You mean you can right a story using the initials STFU, but you do not allow your readers to use the word stupid to describe a story that seems to drag on and on?

I don't get it. Can someone please clarify the position on this related to publication of content on this site?


Awww c'mon man. I've given up being a spelling Nazi for the "There, Their, They're" issue and others of that sort, but "right a story"? That's not even close. How about "Write a story"? If you want people to take what you say seriously you have to try and at least have the basics down. ...And no, my spelling isn't perfect either, that's what that preview button is for before hitting send. To answer your question though.....if it's your ball and bat then you pretty much get to make up the rules...maybe not write, whoops, right, but accurate.


Opps ... that certainly was a blunder.

I appreciate your comment.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Tri-cities realist

"troll" is generally not a "nice" word, unless it is describing someone who lives under a bridge. I wonder if your comment will be censored? On second thought, to Yoopers, all of us living south of the Mackinac Bridge are considered trolls.


my point. words can have different meanings. And yes, we are all trolls living below the bridge here.


haha it's gone. STFU!


Lol at this one. Spilled my whose gonna pay for my stupid reaction.


Just wow.......guess it wasnt a troll, but Hitler who pulled this one.


I was 'trolling'. Everything is such a 'personal attack' on here. It was meant to be funny and thought provoking. btw, STFU, I Googled it, and found it stands for the Star Trek Federation University.

here are a few more I Googled that have been used here...WTF..Wow, That's Fantastic (chat slang)...LOL...longitudinal output level...btw...back to all of you


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