LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Township trustee's parting words

Oct 15, 2012


On Nov. 20 at high noon, I will be leaving public office. I leave with no long-term salary check or health care package. I leave after 20 years of service, with 16 years as an elected township trustee.

I hope that I am leaving a better place than what I found at the start of my journey.

I say to the new Township Board: Do your very best. The saying that I have always used is this: "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice."

We have had a great run and, with the help of many, developed great things, beautiful parks, cemeteries, bike paths, a full-time manned 24/7 fire-rescue station, Harbor Transit — all this while trying to keep taxes low.

As I move on toward retirement, I say to the residents: Become involved in your community. It may seem like a big job, but with many hands the work is easy.

In closing, thank you Grand Haven Charter Township residents for allowing me to serve you.

Tom Jenkins
Grand Haven Township trustee



Well Mr. Jenkins thanks for all the laughs over the years... and sitting on your high horse. I believed they had a full time fire department way before you became a twp trustee... The bike path which is not really a bike path or sidewalk... But I'm thinking about the recent events involving the new fire truck and budgeting of said item. Maybe the public does not know that the fire truck committee chairman who is a GH Twp Fire supervisor also works for the Seagrave Fire Equipment Company who was given the bid on this new truck.. This bid was also $53,000.00 over the budget when two other bids were cheaper. I believe you sat on the public safety committee also... So really did you really have this information or not... I would say that this is huge conflict of interest on the bidding process and a continued integrity problem for you and the twp board. So hopefully your replacement will have some better integrity for the public dollar. Enjoy your retirement... and don't look back...


newspaper lawyer, How quick you are to throw your friend under the bus. Just becuase you are mad at this fire truck purchase. You need to let go of the fact that you were let go from the fire department and stop being a bitter ex employee and move on with your life. STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC. The chair person you speak of has NEVER worked for Seagrave. Get your facts straight!!!


Well my facts are correct.. and No I did not throw anyone under the bus... and yes Mr.Shawn Schrader is listed on Seagraves web site as a sales rep. So I suggest you stay in your lane before you get thrown under the bus... The GH TWP office claims the rest their hat on" integrity"... well this may be a just a bit illegal under Michigan law. I'm hoping that this does not cost the twp residences anymore money due to these borderline illegal and highly integrity irregularities.


Dearest NewsPaperLawyer (Wes):

I have watched with great interest your posts throughout several of these public forums, especially those that involve Grand Haven Township. What’s most interesting to watch how you take a little bit of what you believe to be fact and embellish and manipulate and it into something that is so far from the truth. This time, I’ve had enough!

Your original posts states that “the fire truck committee chairman who is a GH Twp Fire supervisor also works for the Seagrave Fire Equipment Company.” I would echo TwpResident’s statement; “STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC.”

Although I know who Mr. Schrader is, I do not know him on a personal level. However, through a little research (which you misconstrued), I was able to determine that; he in fact is NOT an employee of Seagraves. The posting on the Seagraves website you refer to shows Mr. Schrader as a representative of a company called Sales and Marketing of Michigan, LLC, not Seagraves as you stated. In addition (not that it matters) the truck in the posting you allude
to was approved and sold to the City of Cold Water back in July of 2010, more than 2 years ago (check the drawing dates). The point is, if Mr. Schrader is/was employed as a salesman for Seagraves, do you really think he’d still be employed having not sold another Seagrave truck in over 2 years? I highly doubt it.

Let me close by saying this; rather than quarterbacking from the sidelines, making false accusations and spreading false information from half-truths, I suggest you become part of the solution rather than the problem. I strongly encourage you to become involved in Township government so that you can be part of the process that continues the “integrity” rather than judging those that are making the effort.


Your statements is far from the truth... Mr. S. Schrader did have an email address thru Seagraves Fire Equipment also. Yes he sold trucks for Seagrave but through Sales and Marketing of Michigan LLC out of Nunica, Michigan which is owned by EX Fire Chief Sheridan another fine upstanding citizen with a huge integrity problem. Sales and Marketing of Michigan LLC is a sales rep for many fire equipment businesses. I think the underline issue is did Mr. Schrader steer GH TWP board into purchasing a truck that was over priced from other the two truck bids submitted. I believe Mr. Schrader just kept using the other companies to get his bid through... I think the right thing to do would been him not being involved in the committee... Know one will ever know if his involvement really changed the opinion on purchasing this truck. Hopefully their is not enough information for a criminal investigation..... But I will say... I hope they don't come back in a year and want to replacement the other front line truck. What I don't get is running a $800,000.00 aerial truck to 80% medical and unknown auto accidents. When the budget process starts this year... the push to down size to one man on duty... Running to two guys on medicals is a waste of money and man power.. We need to be cutting costs instead of wasting taxpayers money....


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