Supplies needed for local animal rescue

A local animal rescue is seeking donations of supplies.
Becky Vargo
Oct 15, 2012


Michelle’s Rescue needs dog and cat food, cat litter, blankets, leashes, collars, crates, bleach, detergent, and paper towels. Donations may also be made to help offset costs of vaccinations, flea and tick protection, de-wormer, spay and neutering, and travel costs.

Collection boxes will be at Culver’s Restaurant, on the northwest corner of U.S. 31 and Jackson Street in Grand Haven, from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday.

Supplies may also be dropped off at 209 Elliott St. in Grand Haven.

For more information, call Michelle’s Rescue at 231-798-4935.



Michele's Rescue pulls animals from other states, your donation would go much farther to help local animals when given to more reputable area rescues.


Sounds like she's trying to start a business using donations as start-up. Has she got anything besides animals at this point?? Is she a Vet or have some training? How about a website maybe to get some info on what she's trying to accomplish?

Mark Brooky

Thank you Mr. Brooky. I'd suggest a website, when available, should be included with every article.


This is very alarming. As a volunteer with other rescues in this immediate area, I can tell you that your donations would be much better served by giving to them: Pound Buddies Rescue and Shelter, Faithful to Felines Cat Rescue and Shelter, Muskegon Humane Society, Heaven Can Wait. These are responsible, caring rescues that work within our community to save and find homes for helpless, homeless abandoned animals. Michelle pulls animals from all over the country, which lessens the chances for the animals in our community that need help. I don't know if she works directly with a vet, as the other rescues do. She does not have a physical shelter, so not sure where she houses the animals she gets. I do know the kittens and puppies she brings to Petco are too young to be out in a public place, let alone be adopted. All the "pink" might impress the public, but it is the animals that matter.


Well, after Mr. Brooky shared the website addy for Michelle's Rescue I took a good look at it and found no answers to a number of questions I had after going over her site. Kathy4Cats didn't share any addys for her favorite rescues either, so it's hard to compare Michelle's site to the others, but the thing that really stopped me was her wacko adoption form. I'm sorry, but if I exchange cash with you for an animal and leave with said animal, our dealings are done at that point, finished. You DO NOT have the right to "carry out undisclosed assessment visits to confirm the welfare of the adopted animal and insure all aspects of the contract are being fulfilled. I understand the Michele’s Rescue and or its representatives have the right to confiscate the aforementioned animal in the event that any statement made by me is found to be false". Really? you think you're going to just wander into my backyard and try and steal the dog (or whatever) back again? There are other wacky requirements too, like Driver's License number, Birthday.....really? You want SSN too?? I don't know if this "adoption form" is specific to Michelle or if it's a generic form that all rescues use, but having to agree to eveything on that form would be a major deal killer for me. I hope folks who adopt thru her and sign this form read it first.....I have two pure bred dogs myself that I brought from a reputable breeder, got them as puppies because I wanted to raise them from infancy to bond with me and be trained to my requirements. I didn't have to sign any goofy form like this to purchase my pups so I don't really understand the need and motivation for having to jump thru all these hoops for a dog that is basically damaged goods with a unknown amount of history available to the new owner. If a family with small kids buys a 4 year old dog with unknown "issues" from Michelle, and the dog ends up biting a child who's to blame then? It certainly seems from reading this "agreement" that Michelle is not liable in anyway for anything. I sure hope folks who adopt and sign this form give it a good read and think about how the dog will fit in with their family.....I know there are rescues out there doing good work, but there are also wackjobs that think they know better than you how to take care of your pet. Be careful where you get your pet and be careful what you sign so you don't set yourself and your kids up for heartbreak down the road.


I have worked with all of the rescues mentioned in my first comment and continue to work with one of them. They are all well-run, responsible pet rescues, relying on fundraisers, grants and lots of hard work to stay in business. We work very hard holding various events, etc. to raise money for the shelters. The adoption contract for the shelter I work with asks for basic information regarding pets at home; the vet used; where the animal will be kept; how many hours a day will it be left alone; whether their are un-altered pets in the home. The only "condition" included is a legal mandate we have to include that states if we discover the animial is not being cared for, we can step in and take the animal back or they can be fined. We might do a home visit or phone call a week or so after the adoption, but other than that we do not contact the new adopters. All of the rescues I mentioned work with a vet and/or local vets that offer discounts on treatment. You are not supposed to be asked or give your social security number on anything other than a government form. Anyone that would give this Michelle either their driver license number or their social security number is crazy. Petfinder is a pretty standard website for all shelters. You would do better to either visit the shelter itself or go to their personal website. While I hate to disparage anayone's attempts to help animals, Michelle's Rescue is far from ideal and some practices downright scary.


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