Marijuana seized in Spring Lake Township

An anonymous tip led police to a marijuana grow room in a garage about a mile away from Spring Lake High School.
Becky Vargo
Oct 24, 2012


Lt. Mike Harvitt, section commander of the West Michigan Enforcement Team said officers searched the property, 15249 Central St., on Tuesday afternoon.

A number of plants were removed from the unlocked garage, Harvitt said.

Harvitt said this was a medical marijuana operation and they were trying to determine who held the license.

If the person is a licensed caregiver, he or she can have up to five patients. The total plants that person would be allowed to have is 72. Harvitt said the number of plants removed was well below that.

No arrests have been made at this point.

Neighbor Mike Walsh watched the raid, and said he never saw that many police at one spot before.

“The plants and the buckets were a good 4 ½-5 feet tall,” he said. “I stopped counting after 20.”

Read the full story about this seizure, neighborhood reactions and about medical marijuana licensure issues in Thursday's edition of the Tribune.



So I don't understand...they took the plants before they knew if he/she had a license & was a caregiver to up to 5 people??? If he/she is, wouldn't this be a legal grow room? Just asking.


How many police did it take to confiscate the pot? This is another waste of taxpayer money. It's not illegal if they are a caregiver.




Sounds like WeMet needed more smoke for themselves. It's almost like saying: hey, you're over 21, gimme the beer you have in your fridge because I'm a cop.


Oh but that wonderful alcohol remains legal yet it has claimed more lives in traffic deaths as well as domestic violence calls. Ask any police officer when they have had to take a domestic violence call. And I am sure they will tell you that 9 out of 10 calls alcohol was the instigator. Want stupid? Just add alcohol.


Sounds like the cops overreacted to a legal operation. Or the article is missing key information which is very possible.


Just bored and didn't have anything to do and they were low on coffee and donuts.


So this patient/caregiver had there medicine stolen by Wemet which is bad enough... But then to top it off the Tribune includes there home address in the article.


Ya, no kidding about publishing addresses! Does anybody proof articles down there at the Trib? Good grief. If this is a legal operation, you just stepped on their privacy rights.


gotta agree, kick it in first on a neighbors tip, steal from the person, and ask questions later. I believe they had neighbors do that in nazi Germany also. But what nutcase grows legal or not in an 'unlocked', and what appears to be, a detached garage in a neighborhood?


Ha Sorry that's my best Beavis & Butthead I can type!


MCL 333.26426 Section 6.4 of the Michigan Medical Marihuana program states: "(4) A person, including an employee or official of the department or another state agency or local unit of government, who discloses confidential information in violation of this act is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both. Notwithstanding this provision, department employees may notify law enforcement about falsified or fraudulent information submitted to the department."

Looks like WeMet's Lt. Mike Havitt should start looking for a new career!
"Lt. Mike Harvitt, section commander of the West Michigan Enforcement Team said officers searched the property, 15249 Central St., on Tuesday afternoon" included in the list of confidential information is the patient & caregivers address.
Maybe the Tribune will follow his lack of of ever being charged after violating a patient and/or caregiver's privacy and start respecting this not new (4 years old) law!


Whoa! Looks like someone's got some explaining to do. Nice job wmrelief finding the written law on this.


I think it's time this person gets a lawyer ASAP, both a criminal one, and one to sue the pants off the Spring Lake PD and this newspaper.


good lord.....boring day in the tri cities...........Ermergerd, thers pert en sprenglerk (OMG theres pot in spring lake)


I'm so glad they were able to remove that KILLER marijuana. Now I can sleep better at night now knowing that KILLER marijuana was removed. I was so worried. I wonder what would happen if something REALLY bad happened?


Did they find a lava lamp running as well and the CD by Traffic "The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" playing too? Now we got serious trouble on our hands. LOL


Is there anybody at the Tribune who has any journalistic common sense? Good Lord....what would possess you people to post the address for the world to see?? Just how many times do you think that garage will get broken into between now and the end of the school year? If this person was operating within the scope of the law he ought to sue the paper for publishing his address. You've criminalized him thru your ignorance, making it pretty much impossible for him to use his property for his legal operation in the future. Why is it so hard for you people to to publish a complete article instead of these hit and run pieces that create more questions than they answer? It's just sad.


they are called The Daily Fish Wrap for a reason.....


Marijuana should be legalized for both medical and recreational use purposes for so many reasons. You cannot overdose on it, you do not become violent or black out, and it generally just makes you laugh, eat then sleep. You might even get creative or possibly forget about all the stress you are under... just for a moment. Now that is some scary stuff...


What a waste of all our tax dollars! Why the jaded priorities?!? "The most police cars I've ever seen" the neighbor said. Too bad that's never the scene at a rape or domestic violence!! (Or at let's say another officer on officer assault as we hear about frequently)
WEMET has been a public disgrace long before they shot at an unarmed student at GVSU, their tactics are described by marine iraq/afghan vets as "wow we wouldn't even do something that hostile over there" (When raiding villages looking for terrorists, yet this is how we treat our communities sick and dying by taking away their only LEGAL relief?
Legalize it, It's the only way the politicians&big business in America will learn!


BUT, what if the person isn't licensed and IS growing illegally. Regardless of whether we agree with the fact that growing marijuana is illegal it is ILLEGAL. Also, even if licensed I believe there are certain criteria or "rules" that apply to the growing, like it can't be done in an unlocked garage on a vacant lot. So before jumping to conclusions let's wait and see what all the facts are.


Well everyone knowes it is not leagle but one hell of a lot of people are doing it and growing it,hey I am not hear to judge,but weed has been around for a very long;s a joke,.just go to a center pay $250.00 and ya can get a card really easey and it;s not very hard to become a grower/caregiver. point is our country needs to controle it the same as beer and wine,the courts in GR are backed up with with people geting busted that they have it up to vote to make it a mistmeaner fine like a ticket.. the WeMet police love to chase the kids in this town around like some kinda game,heck the kids know who they all are.


LOL! Hey, I'm convinced he's doing this on purpose. Check out his post at the bottom of this thread....everything is spelled perfectly and he's switched to using ALL CAPS. :-)


tipical well edumacated comet


Who signed the search warrant? Was it Kloote or Helder?


Hey Tribune, can we get an update on this story? Maybe at least flesh out the details a bit? Was this a legal enterprise or is the property owner in jail? Maybe you could explain why you felt it was necessary to print the property owner's address?


This is very critical matter and should not provide license for removing plant and that is the reason of global warming not a far.Please avoid plant removing.
pests of stored products


I think there is corruption for such incident and should be stop and punish like to grow new plant of double number.


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