Obama wins nation, but Romney takes Ottawa County

President Barrack Obama supporters in Ottawa County felt like they won the Super Bowl late Tuesday night. While they cheered, many more voters in the county jeered.
Alex Doty
Nov 7, 2012


Mitt Romney took most of Ottawa County, which traditionally votes Republican, with 74 percent of the vote.

But revelers didn’t let that get them down.

“I’m a very strong Obama supporter, so I’ve been really into it,” said Grand Haven resident Scott Ohlendorf.

Ohlendorf celebrated with other Ottawa County Democratic supporters at a campaign party at Old Boys’ Brewhouse in Spring Lake as state after state went blue.

“It’s been a long day,” he said late Tuesday night. “No matter what side you’re on, you’re extremely passionate. …There is no middle ground.”

Doug Zylstra, vice chairman of the Ottawa County Democratic Party, said there was a lot done to make a last-minute push for the president.

“Of all of the days we were campaigning, this is the largest day for volunteers,” he said.

Zylstra noted that people seem to have gained confidence in showing their support of Obama as Election Day drew closer.

“People on our side were nervous at the beginning of the month,” he said.

Zylstra said volunteers hit the phones hard for Obama, and did what they could to make sure people voted.

Jack Holmes, campaign manager for the Ottawa County GOP, said his office made every last-minute push it could to support Romney’s bid for the White House.

“I think that it was a very close election,” Holmes said. “It was an election of who turned out to vote.”

Referring to Romney’s defeat, Holmes said it seemed that the nation voted for more divisiveness.

“It seemed in some respects, the voters voted for continued gridlock,” Holmes said. “I think the country is very closely split, and there’s a small number of people who are in between.”




Dear Jack Holmes, The only gridlock is being caused by the republican party who refuse to do anything because they lost the election, as always the republican party made up of trust funded babies and the elite white people will refuse to cooperate and act like a spoiled child who does get there way BOO HOOO..,. your party will not see the presidency for about 30 years…….


In 30 years the United States will not have a "Presidential Election" my friend. The liberal, minority driven direction we are headed is a train wreck in the making. 30 years from now we will possibly be a 3rd world nation with a dictator. History does repeat itself. We're watching it happen before our very eyes...and sadly, there's nothing the hard working Americans can do to stop it. Any politician who appeases women's votes, minorities, and liberal viewpoints takes it in today's America. The American Dream is a thing of the past.


I feel your hurt, you might just want to leave for a 3rd world country right away...BYE BYE By the way "The American Dream is a thing of the past" Just like the GOP my friend

Tri-cities realist

Democrats are so inclusive. We can take the gloating, it is to be expected.


Perhaps had the GOP picked a candidate who had their own feelings and opinions they might have won. Unfortunately they choose the biggest flip-flopper politics has seen in the last 30 years. I mean its really horrific how many votes Romney got considering he was found speech after speech and debate after debate to be out and out lying. One day he wants to "shutter FEMA" in front of one crowd then in front of a different crowd he says the opposite. Romney has no backbone; he just says whatever he thinks will win a crowd over then when there is a different crowd with different ideas in order to win the new crowd over he negates his previous position. Thankfully the majority of the U.S. stood for a person who may be liberal but he is liberal today, tomorrow and in the future. Unlike Romney who yesterday was liberal, today is moderate and tomorrow is conservative. This is a GREAT learning experience though. Liars never prosper and if you stand for nothing (flip-flopping) you'll fall for anything.


Well we certainly can't have politicians "appeasing women's votes!", much less those terrible "minorities" and folk with liberal viewpoints (affordable health insurance for everybody?). Surely a path to doom. GOP = Grand Outdated Party.

Tri-cities realist

Yep, just like all of those Democrats that "cooperated" with president Bush. Oh wait... Hmm. It is politics, and the opposition party will always be just that. I am not disallusioned enough to believe either party will cooperate with a president of the other party, especially when the vote is close and not a land slide. It is how washington works. But if the democrats are so concerned about compromise, I gladly welcome them to compromise their agenda and agree with the republicans. I know it won't happen, so why do some continue to expect from others, that they themselves wouldn't do. It is called hypocrisy.


Dang it TCR, stop trying to apply the same rules to the Democrats, you know rules of engagement only apply to the Republicans. Don't worry, Harry Reid is hard at work trying to remove the filibuster rule so there is more cooperation!


Well then with contol of the presidency and congress we should see dramatic improvements correct?




OWN IT. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost nearly 250 points in the first hour of trading on Wednesday morning, the day after President Barack Obama won re-election to a second term in office. News of poor economic forecasts in Europe also drove the steep decline; the European Union is now predicting that it will slide into recession.


Just wondering. What "history" are you referring to that is repeating itself??


Does this make anyone queasy. “In general, the Kremlin took the news about Barack Obama’s victory in the elections very positively,” spokesman Dmitri Peskov said, according to the Interfax news agency


While everyone is dancing in the streets today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he will try to push through a change to Senate rules that would limit the GOP’s ability to filibuster bills. Noticed he says push, does not sound like someone that wants to reach across the aisles. Remember, if he is sucessful, this will work both ways. Further dismantling of the Constitution is underway not even one full day after the election. One of those little pesky checks and balances that are in the way off totalitarian rule.


and more threatened obstructionism from the right is sending the Dow further south, Own it,.. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/20...


Say what? Obama has an opportunity to rise up in show us his bipartisanship skills, and all you want to do is give him cover for all of the rhetoric he spewed in his acceptance speech. The dow dropping is Wall Street's reaction to Obamas record of continual gridlock in Washington. Boehner has moved toward Obamas position on raising taxes. O show us how presidential you can be Mr president.


"Obama wins nation, but Romney takes Ottawa County", so what are we going to have a President Romney of Ottawa County? President is elected by the country not by county.
Mr. Holmes makes no sense!

Tri-cities realist

Mr. Holmes statements make sense, regardless of who won. It was a close election with both sides passionate about not agreeing with the other side.


The Republican minority has used the filibuster rule to obstruct the ability of the senate to "vote" more often during the past 4 years than all of the other years put together. The rule was meant to delay action and debate until all of the senators could assemble for debate and ultimately vote on important legislation. Unfortunately, most citizens don't know their history or how government works. The Republicans and Democrats know this. This rule needs to be changed so that there is at least some reasonable sense for using this to delay debate.


Unfortunately, the internet permits one to go back and see what politicians said when THEY were in the minority:

Remember back in 2005 when Harry Reid considered the filibuster far from a procedural gimmick. " It’s part of the fabric of this institution we call the Senate. The right to extend a debate is never more important than when one party controls congress." Remember when Harry Reid and the Democrats were so in favor of this? "The filibuster serves as a check on power and preserves our limited government. Another classic Harry Reid quote from 2005: “The filibuster prevents a Senator from ramming through legislation that only has the support of the minority.”.


Dang it, more of those stubborn facts, even in Harry's his own words. How deliciously ironic. People, just look around, look it up the information is there for all of us.


I think that is common knowledge by now that Ottawa and Kent Counties have forever been right winged Republican. Has been always will be. And no one is ever going to change that. The good thing is that Romney lost Michigan like all Republican candidates do in a Presidential election. Michigan is too industrial to go Republican and Romney should of known that from the beginning. Class dismissed.


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