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Nov 13, 2012


The president faces a partisan divide more like a scorched earth than a place where thoughtful people seek compromise, reform and progress. The halls of Congress and the walls of the Oval Office are bloodied by the partisan warfare of the past four years, in which defeating the enemy became more important than protecting the interests of all Americans.

We are wearied and worried. Our leaders in Washington are more alike than they are different, but they battle over their differences at the expense of everything else.

And, in many cases, the arguments are deep and difficult, sometimes almost unanswerable where disagreement is natural and not resolvable.

It's OK to disagree. Leadership requires compromise and respect for worthy adversaries.

In recent years, the Washington War threatened to destroy the U.S. economy when Congress and the administration could not fulfill their obligation to respect and compromise. They damaged the nation and the world's struggling economy.

The contest of it became the focus; the working and middle-class the casualties.

Before the end of the year and into 2013, Obama and the lame-duck Congress must again grapple and resolve the "fiscal cliff" the nation faces. About $100 billion in automatic cuts to the military and federal agencies will result from legislation Congress adopted in 2011 aimed at reducing record budget deficits.

In addition, about $400 billion in tax hikes will happen in everyone's paycheck without an agreement on Capitol Hill, as the temporary payroll tax cut and other tax breaks adopted during the Bush administration expire.

The direness of circumstance, perhaps like never before, demands leaders to step away from past failures and destructive partisanship toward compromise and a path forward — with immediacy, and through the next four years.

Begin now. Later will be too late.

— From The Sandusky Register



But you see, unification is not his goal. The only way he can maintain power is to do exactly what he has done from the get-go - instigate his socialist agenda through race-baiting and class warfare.


You know, sometimes I wonder if we just give the left everything without opposition and let this really blow up and burn, could we then concentrate on putting the fire out and rebuilding!

This is a split nation with the majority of the states in favor of conservative principles (see the election map) but if you listen to the media these days you would think we are a liberal left nation. This election is going to assure we have gridlock as small town and rural American values are being subverted to big city, big government values.

We are in for a lost decade.


I think we should just let the red states that want to suceseed from the union do just that as they are the real states that add to the federal dept...

A) Out of the 32 states that recieve more federal money than they pay, guess what 27 / 84% of them are solid red states. Those blood sucking republicans again

B) So that leaves 18 states that pay more than they get from the fed, guess what 14 / 78% of them are strong blue states, carrying your sorry Republican butts around again.

Source: taxfoundation.org


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