Teen caught with loaded gun at GR school

A Grand Rapids teen is being held by authorities after police said he brought a handgun to school Tuesday morning.
Nov 13, 2012


Grand Rapids Police said the staff at the Lighthouse Charter Academy called 911 regarding a student carrying a concealed weapon. Police contacted the student and found him carrying a loaded .38-caliber handgun.

The teen was arrested and is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center in Grand Rapids.

The academy's superintendent, Heidi Cate, released the following statement at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday:

"This morning, a staff member at Lighthouse Academy - North Campus, a strict disciplinary academy, was informed by a student that another student had brought a gun to school. The school immediately called the police who searched the student, found a gun and promptly arrested him. The safety and well-being of our students is of the utmost concern to our school. Therefore, the student has been suspended indefinitely pending a disciplinary hearing by the board. It's important to note that no students were threatened by the student prior to the arrest and the school day continued without further incident. I commend both the student who came forward for doing the right thing by speaking up, and the staff who handled this unfortunate incident swiftly and appropriately."



I'm glad to hear that an "Overreaction" that happens more so than not, didn't occur in this incident. I don't know how many countless times Law Enforcement, in my opinion, treats a situation like this with an overextended show of force by bringing in SWAT and other Special Response Units including scores of COP's from an entire area or county as back-up and on the other hand in response to other felony crimes there might be only a few patrol units dispatched to handle an incident that has a greater chance of violent escalation than the school incident. The Media also thrives on sensationalism of boy with a gun in a school as if it's going to be Columbine all over again, or the Media secretly hopes for something that literally contains blood and guts. I was happy to hear that reason and good judgement kept this issue in check.


AGREED! I hope more information comes out about the student, the circumstances, and the incident as a whole so we can understand who the student is, how he got the gun, and whether the officers were putting themselves at risk by being so conservative in their response. (Did the perp have any other contacts with the judicial system?)


I am going to guess that the police stayed "calm" as not to give the student knowledge of them coming. Also I going to guess this is a smaller school. I am confused as how nonchalant these two responses have been. People this is a kid with a loaded concealed handgun in school. This isn't something that a normal student brings to school. This student had something planned for this gun. Understand who this student is.....Really????? This student is someone who committed a felony. Should be punished appropriately.


You just stated that the student committed a felony and should be punished appropriately. Unless I've been sleeping while the wheels of justice turned in the opposite direction, I have always understood that a person is considered "Innocent" until proven otherwise. I would like to know what the reason was that this kid felt the need to carry a gun. I'm not going to Assume that he had "bad intentions." With that line of thinking it would mean that everyone who carries a gun "has something bad planned for its use." I don't want to speculate, but people have been known to carry a gun because they believe someone is out to kill them and they don't think anyone, not their parents, not the police, no one can save them and this feeling so overwhelms them that the rational of calling 911 or asking for outside help never even enters their mind, even though they know it's against the law for them to carry a gun. I'm not saying that this in any way is what's going on in this case, rather it's just a hypothetical example pointing out reasoning other than one with criminal intent.


Well he is under age and it is against the law for him to carry a handgun. Guilty.....as caught. No one is innocent, he was caught with a gun, end of story. I don't care why he had it. He shouldn't have and did. Needs to be punished. That is the problem with the justice system of today, too many people want to know why someone committed the crime and try and fix them. Not going to happen. This due process takes way too long in cases like this that are black and white.


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