What should be done about high school students who commit acts of racial intimidation?

21% (220 votes)
20% (202 votes)
Community service
19% (196 votes)
Send them to a more-diverse urban school
9% (94 votes)
File criminal charges
13% (132 votes)
Let the parents deal with them
6% (66 votes)
Nothing; kids will be kids
9% (95 votes)
Other (comment below)
3% (30 votes)
Total votes: 1035



I think suspension while attending tolerance classes;

Back to the Wall

If it is a crime, file criminal charges. If it is a school rule infraction, punish per the rule.

The subjectivity needs to be minimized, while not marginilizing legitimate conversation.


Students should be suspended and couseling mandatory; and their parents investigated by Child Services. Children usually just copy what they hear from home. you might be able to help these kids before they become adults.


If the kids get suspended they just spend the days unsupervised, playing video games, and/or on social networks, basically a vacation from school. If they get expelled they just move on to a new school doing the same thing and not learning from their mistakes. They should be prosecuted so it will be on their record and be sentenced to community service where he/she will be the minority race so that they can experience the feeling of being a minority and having to stay there for X amount hours each day.


They should be required to attend an urban public school for two weeks in Detroit or Los Angeles; after two weeks they will either have complete sympathy with minorities in their own school, or have their prior attitudes reinforced to the extent that no amount of re-education will be effective. In any event, they can report to school administrators, teachers, fellow students, and parents how lucky they are to be in the Grand Haven school system, and how they don't want Grand Haven to change.


How about community service, divided up into hours served at a nursing home for the elderly, a program for handicapped children, a food pantry/kitchen, and the Humane Society. They could help serve, entertain, clean up, care for others. Maybe they would grow up a bit, develop some compassion and humility, and see that they have the potential to do good rather than be a bully.


I don't think any of these ideas are good ideas. I mean how do you punish someone for their thoughts no matter how ignorant and rude? It's impossible. You can't change how a person thinks. People are hard-headed. This problem of racism at the high school should not have the community involved in it, however. It should be discussed between the attackers, the parents of the attackers, the school, and the innocent and the innocent's parents. And that's where it should lay. Not in the thoughts of the community. Since racism happens everywhere you go. Grand Haven really shouldn't be all the surprised that they have a little racism too.

Grand Haven Happy

I graduated from the very fine Grand Haven High School and went to the grade schools here and nearly every student was white and hispanic's were almost zero. I never saw or experience there ever being any real bullying or racism as there was basically only one race. Hard to have racism when there's only one race present! Yes, there was a little social class envy as all students didn't come from the same economic situations however, there was peace and every student who wanted to join in was accepted IF they showed the desire to be included and be a part. Of course, there were students who were very introverted and didn't put forth any effort to be a part of the group or activity and then claimed they were excluded. The fault was theirs and theirs alone almost always. We have dumbed down our education systems so everyone can go called "the winner" and it shows with the vast percentage of inept adults depending on society for almost everything today. What a shame! Today, losers are called winners and why? You can't make people or students be an active part of anything unless they want to be and show it. That goes for all the different races also. Today, playing the race card to get attention and force acceptance is just plain wrong and creates deeper divisions, increased tensions, disruptions, and provokes negative responses rather than helping the student. No, I do NOT agree with real racism and never have. When it is present and not perceived, it must be pointed out and dealt with for the actual happening not the trumped up hearsay versions.

DUH! Grand Haven High School students have elected 2 black girls as homecoming queens and one black homecoming king and the total number of black students has never been over about one percent max in over 50 years+. Real racists aren't they? There are many fine black and hispanic students past and present who tried to fit in and the color of their skin or race wasn't used as a crutch and what success they have had. On the other hand, there are and were those same race students who felt entitled due to their race or color and the other students simply reject them. you are NOT going to change that until you bury the race card and be an active responsible part of the school body. The proof is in the pudding!

We had children and grandchildren who went thru GH schools and graduated and never heard them talikng about or mention race issues occurring in the GH schools and now have greatgrandchildren attending and when asked, they say they have never seen it or heard of it. Does it exist in GH schools to a small extent or in any other school system, I'm sure it does but perhaps it's even exaggerated or blown out of context to sound much worse than what actually had happened or was said. That I have seen so many times over and over as a casual etc conversation, action, etc is vastly blown into something it wasn't or even what had occurred.

I'll add something of real interest also. My wife attended a mostly black Jr High and High School north of Grand Haven and she has for years talked about the REVERSE racism that was an everyday happening. DUH! her parents were teachers there at the time (over 30 years) on top of it and they talked so many times of the black threats and dirty things that occurred constantly and how they had their hands tied to prevent corrective actions. Look at where these type schools are at now and who doesn't like what they had created! Go check out the inner cities schools and get an education of what reverse racism is like and you'll find it's no different than what goes on in the mostly white schools. Detriot schools were mentioned in the complaint and how the parents didn't want their kids going to them, enough said!

Our daughter played basketball in high school and was bitten on the arm on the court in a game and was called for a foul she did not remotely commit and showed the black referee the bite marks. The bite was nearly thru the skin and showed black and blue for almost 2 weeks. The black ref's reaction: I don't see anything and get back in the game or I will call a technical! Nice! We seen it with our own eyes and so did other spectators. Add that to the outright tripping, elbowing, and threatening/cussing language on the court in a game nearly always coming from black players toward whites in HS games. Been there, done that and still attend as many HS BB and FB games as we can! It's still very common even in todays games in many BB games and in football games too. Kicks, knees to the face, elbows in the back and side purposely done when ref's can't see but the video tapes show it clearly. They penalize white players quick but seldom a black player and why? The "race card" is a constant threat! That is racism at it's worse but it's reverse racism and nobody does anything about it. Anyone remember the bull moose Inkster player in the girls quarter final game 2 years ago? She constantly knocked the GH girls down, tripped, elbowed, etc thruout the game and wasn't called for the over 15 of the fouls she blatantly committed. The _____ ref made sure! The girls sure remember the actions and bruises they received! Maybe you posters should come out of your homes and see what actually happens and then you'll have a better education. Racism goes both ways but only whites are called for it! Wake up!

Perhaps, it would wise up some of you posters to look at what has happened to every school system where the non-white students have been replaced by blacks or hispanics and/or the race card is or has been played. They did fine when they had whites! Same school now non-white and look at the results. Yup, blame it on whites again who aren't even there! Hopefully, Grand Haven Schools will keep this from infecting the fine system we have and have had. Dumbing down the whites to make the other races look good or better is not the answer. It accelerates the problems and we have so many examples to look at.

I don't see white, black, or hispanic but I sure do see the actions and persons/students character as it gives them away quickly!!!


Our lives are somewhat similar being children of the 50’s. I lived in a big city, built a bike trailer for collecting paper drive news papers, went to a high school that was to become racially integrated, graduated from college with a technical degree…. I too pursued a successful adult life raising a family, serving my country, and designing heavy machinery.

Your posts offer another prospective to a sensitive issue. However, I thoroughly disagree and take exception to many of the things you said in the 15 ½ lines you devoted to basketball. I think you temporally left your comfort zone and over reacted a bit. I have been involved with high school and college athletics for nearly 50 years. Although what you pointed out could have happened, your account of it may have had something to do with the score of the game and your emotions at that time. Some games are not pretty and can get ugly. Emotions sometimes run high along with as do the lessons of life. On very rare occasions I have had to run players and coaches alike but for only what they said not what they did. My involvement in athletics allows me to sing our National Anthem and be a small part of young people equally competing to a set of rules. Being/working with young people is a rewarding experience.

Grand Haven Happy


For your info, our daughter's team won the bitten arm game big and NO, emotions had nothing to do with it on my part. Does that make any difference as the bite marks were still there in real life. I only gave one example of the reverse racism I/we've experienced in HS sports with minorities over the last 50+ years. There were many many more! Far from rare! My wife and I also worked with kids for decades as leaders and mentors in boy and girl scouts etc. Also, many years of coaching city league age 12 to adult softball and yes there were minorities. Believe me, you have no idea of the involvement I/we've had with kids and of different races. What your singing the National Anthem has to do with racism or you building a trailer to collect old newspapers I will never know!

There certainly was no emotions with the 30+ years of reverse racism my wife's parents went thru almost daily. It was a FACT!

I dom't have or need a comfort zone and merely relayed the truth and facts. I have no axe to grind either. Video tapes do NOT lie and are factual. There are thousands of them in archives.

Racism goes both ways and has for a couple hundred years in the western world. Just watch the news daily and notice how skewed the crimes and violent crimes are in numbers VS the percentage of minorities in a given area/cities/region. Very telling! It makes the racist and reverse racist issues look like mosquito swatting. Minorities play the racist card constantly however, when was the last time you ever heard a white being able to play or had played the reverse racist card? Does the word "never" come to mind? DUH! A one way street! I do NOT like either racism or reverse racism but it's alive and well and happens very seldom in Grand Haven schools regardless of the claims I've read. Also, there was never an agreement NOT to sell to blacks but there was an agreement that mortgage payments must be made on time lake anywhere else and the owners must take reasonable care of their property and abide by the zoning laws on the books. Notice that Grand Haven area sure doesn't look like Detroit or Muskegon Heights for example and we want to keep it that way. You would have to be totally blind not to see the vast difference. it's so far beyond self denial and is very factual.

Teaching begins at home however the teachers and administrators have to deal with the results sent to their schools where there's no parental oversight or influence. Kids are kids and always will be. It's a fact of life! Racism is extremely rare in GH schools compared to most other school districts. How bad was it really as the video's do NOT support the claims. The word "kill" was not written as the picture/video clearly showed but the parent said it was. If she lied about that what esle did she lie about or stretch the truth/facts?

I find your responce to my post very confused and may be an attempt to muddy the waters. Didn't work as I am not racist but I am not blind either. Apparently you do NOT live in the Grand Haven School District or had gone to school here and certainly have no idea what or how things are done here but I do and have since I was born many many decades ago. Perhaps you would learn more if you'd talk to the many minorities who attended and/or graduated from GH schools. It's strange that of the many minorities in the past, the complaint is now coming up and being hawked over and over by the one student's parents and some of the complaint has already been proven false. Yes, I do believe there was some type of racial remarks or what was interpeted as racial actions but was it intended as was claimed? Let the proof come out before painting the school district with a so often minority used wide racist brush claim! Then it can be dealt with properly.


Yes, I can be confusing. I do it on purpose to arouse good conversation from interesting people. I guess I over did it a bit and I am sorry to have struck a sensitive nerve. My response to you had nothing to do with race other than the fact I went to an integrated high school at the same time you attended a nonintegrated high school. I distance myself from this issue, but keep informed. I found your personal experience of the sensitive issue at hand from a person of our generation interesting and wanted to tell you so. I also felt I had to comment the distorted views you made on high school athletics. You should along with me feel a sense of pride in being involved as a positive influence of young people’s athletic lives as they enter adulthood. Yes, I was a coach too.

I am a military person. I fly the American Flag proudly and I sing the National Anthem, a lot more than most. Every varsity athletic contest I attend, officially or as a spectator, begin with the National Anthem. Many times I have had the honor of the young person(s) chosen to sing the National Anthem that evening standing next to me while he/she/they did the singing.

I believe you said your bike trailer was for carrying lead. Mine was used for newspapers.

I told myself not to go beyond 2 replies. However, if we happen to cross paths, I would like to shake your hand. I am the guy with the black……..

Grand Haven Happy

And I to shake your hand very happily! Now I understand your trailer and singing comment. Sorry about my confusion as to your post. We sure do have a sense of pride having constantly working with young people of all races and older people also. Color or lack of color does not make up the person. However, beating the race card to death constantly has diminished it's useful effectiveness.


bullying is bullying... quit using race as a punishment and the issue is mute... the news makes race an issue and everyone looses sight of the real problem!


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