Do you agree with City Council's decision to prohibit the "Coast Guard City USA" sign on Dewey Hill?

6% (61 votes)
Yes, I didn't like the sign anyway
4% (47 votes)
Maybe, if they can prove it hurts the hill's integrity
7% (73 votes)
No, decision was unpatriotic
17% (187 votes)
No, decision was just plain silly
64% (684 votes)
2% (21 votes)
Total votes: 1073


Mark Brooky

To read the latest Tribune story on the sign, CLICK HERE.


You lived and made money off the "Coast Guard" label for many, many years and now you put it aside. You should have to pay back the money made off it.


Is Grand Haven "The" Coast Guard city? This is just another move to show that they aren't. Do the fireworks damage the hill? I bet they won't vote that away, people drive from miles around to see those. City would lose money if they said good-bye to those. How much did the city make off the lettering? Enough said.

Opinions Count

When do we as residents get to decide on what takes place in our community. Why not take a vote rather than hold poles. Couldn't the decision be made that way rather than a small group of people who may be a bit out of touch with what the community really wants. Maybe a committee of volunteers to maintain the sign. I am certain there are many solutions that could be made that would not damage the dune anymore than the fires every year and all the crews that are out there. Would we really have these choices if it weren't for our service men and women. All of these people risks their lives for our safety and we can not honor them in some small way for a week? I don't like all the billboards everywhere so does that mean my one dislike can remove them all?


We are EXTREMELY disappointed with the City’s decision not to permit the letters on the hill for the Coast Guard Festival.

Was an environmental engineer consulted regarding the effects this had on the property? At most, were some mosquitos squashed during the placement and removal of the letters? Truth be told, there is no environmental impact.

The sign was a great idea as it added a polished touch. Visitors are in awe of our small “Hollywood” town for the short time the letters sit atop the hill. I introduced my friends from the east side of Michigan and Chicago to the Coast Guard Festival in the early 90’s. Since then, they continue to return during the Coast Guard Festival often renting houses in the City, staying at local hotels, spending money at downtown restaurants, buying tickets to Waterfront Stadium events, shopping locally, the list goes on and on.

We also own a charter fishing boat in Grand Haven and the Festival undeniably brings business to the charter fishing community. The Festival impacts our lives both personally and professionally.

The letters on the hill, the icon of the City during Coast Guard Festival, will surely be missed.

We can only hope the City reconsiders their initial decision as it was not made in the spirit of what the Community wants.


Talk about biting the hand...

What an ungrateful bunch of idiots making this decision, my service to this country was for all EXCEPT you.


how much damage could those letters do compared to the fireworks from both times(July 4th and Aug 3rd). come on people, what would you do if all the people boycotted our great town just because those letters are gone for such a stupid reason. Just imagine a ghost town and no midway. I would laugh my butt off as I start packing and move to a city that cares about their people.


Don't kid yourselves people. The council is being sly and underhanded. This is the plan: Remove the Coast Guard sign this year so that they can justify removing the "offensive" religious nativity scene this winter. They can then avoid being called anti-religion by saying "We removed the Coat Guard Sign too". Then, next year, they bring back the Coast Guard sign and just "never get around" to bringing back the nativity. That way, the religious "nuts" can't do anything about it. Mark my words!


I guess they won't be able to put up the manger scene on Dewey Hill anymore then? And of course the fire fighters walking around on the hill putting fires out after fireworks. Bummer.

The council is being silly here. They should spend more time trying to keep business open in downtown, and maybe loosen up on some other great ideas that have been proposed which might stimulate growth.

But, hey. The council gave GH Grand Landings, rather than develop downtown. And Chinook pier without an overhang for tourists getting out of the rain?

They paid all that money to "study GH's "branding" and ignore the obvious? Coast Guard City USA. Nautical. Winning.


As a whole, the council seems to lack insight and accountability.


I think since Grand Haven is THE Coast Guard City, the signage should be up on Dewey Hill to let the Coast Guard know they're appreciated. - Penina Mezei Americare


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