Does it bother you that the federal government is spying on Americans' Internet browsing, phone records and phone calls?

Yes, it bothers me a lot!
50% (440 votes)
Yes, but it's necessary for national security
7% (65 votes)
I'm not surprised
12% (109 votes)
No, as long as it's for national security
20% (177 votes)
I couldn't care less
9% (83 votes)
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 880



Careful Wing.....Remember your posting from a smart phone.....LMAO



9teen percent

The US Government's excuse for spying on us is to keep us safe. But why are we unsafe? It is because the US Government has made us unsafe. The US Government has troops based in many countries overseas, they send arms to rebels in many countries, and because we invade other countries. So is it any surprise that an occasional individual from one of these countries will retaliate by committing a terrorist act against us.


Sad truth is that the new voting block is comprised of minority related issue voters. Which is what the Dems cater to in order to keep their power. Enough drummed up hot debate topics will start the state run printing presses churning. The spoon fed dolts will swallow hook line and sinker and turn up at the polls. SmokingdopeinVan can progressively lead the charge to help us bury our grandchildren in Greek type debt. DistantMichael can be VP in our inevitable demise.


Even though I obviously don't agree or, for that matter, ascertain whatever point you are making, except for being grumpy, I do appreciate your play on names. Funny! To clarify - I don't smoke anything - I get high on life...


Freedom comes with inherant risk. I would like to take my chances. This monster was created and has been fed by both political parties. This is a problem with our government, not just an administration.


Spot on GHjames. The problem is most citizens cannot focus long enough on a candidate to learn how they will govern. We then have politicians and parties play to 10 second sound bytes to sway voters their way...all emotion, little value(s)


Both parties have lead us to this slaughter house, it's time we return the favor... They all need to go... Next president in 2016 needs to have no gang affiliations... It's the only way we are gonna stop this non sense...


Unfortunately now that there are no longer any spending caps nor accountability of who gives how much to who the 2016 election will be the first real "Spend-O-Rama" easily reaching into the Billions of dollars and I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the near future a Trillion dollars would be spent on one election. The election process has now reached the point with the help of the Supreme Court so that elections can be out-rightly bought by companies, corporations, or individuals who have virtually an unlimited amount of money. This along with a Government that is answering more and more only to itself we no longer live in a Democracy rather are now transcending into a totalitarian tyrannical Government that is now passing more and more legislation and laws that protect and shield its' own infrastructure from outside entities such as "We The People", the American Citizen's. Unless the American People recognize and wake up from their self-imposed denial that everything is just fine, this country can very easily end up as the very type of Governments the U.S. has been fighting against since its beginning.



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