7:55 AM Jul 10, 2014
Even though we’re not typically a tornado target, twisters have found their way to our neighborhoods over the years.
8:00 AM Jul 10, 2014
Northwest Ottawa County isn’t likely to become a movie set for a “Wizard of Oz” sequel anytime soon.
5:00 PM Jul 10, 2014
Pole-vaulters will dominate the beach on Friday and Saturday, and classic cars of many eras will take over downtown Grand Haven on Sunday.
11:03 AM Jul 9, 2014
It’s not your imagination if you think you spent more time in rain water than in lake or pool water this summer.
10:00 AM Jul 8, 2014
Michigan’s high school juniors are making academic strides, according to the 2014 Michigan Merit Exam results, but it’s a mixed bag locally.
5:00 PM Jul 3, 2014
This is the weekend to get your patriotism on — especially Friday, the Fourth of July.
10:00 AM Jul 3, 2014
Ottawa County officials have thrown their support for a plan that might make shipping goods and services on the Great Lakes a bit easier for some businesses.
12:00 PM Jul 2, 2014
Michigan blueberries are expecting to see more frosty temperatures this year, but this time it’ll be in freezers for snacking purposes.
12:00 PM Jul 1, 2014
It’s that time of year when barbecue smells waft through the air, patriotic anthems play at parades and neighbors lighting fireworks make loud booms at odd hours of the night.
12:00 PM Jul 6, 2014
Local Great Start Readiness programs are expected to see an increase in state funding this fall.