10:00 AM Mar 21, 2014
Eagles darted above the open water off Harbor Island on Thursday afternoon, as Beth Thomas stood on the shoreline near the boat launch, taking photographs with her cellphone.
10:00 AM Mar 20, 2014
The good news? Spring arrives at 12:57 p.m. today.
5:00 PM Mar 20, 2014
Pizza, beer and a fish fry are on tap for this first weekend of spring, March 21-23.
8:20 PM Mar 19, 2014
(UPDATE: Thursday 10:15 p.m.) The National Weather Service said late Thursday that the ice jams upstream of Grand Rapids have broken up and the ice is moving downstream toward Ottawa County.
6:00 PM Mar 19, 2014
Dave of Grand Haven asked, “Where’s the closest gas station that sells E85 fuel? My car is one of those flex-fuel cars and can run on E85, but I haven’t seen any gas station in the Tri-Cities that sells it.”
1:00 PM Mar 18, 2014
An effort is underway to bridge the Tri-Cities-area with a five-community recreation master plan.
9:00 AM Mar 15, 2014
Even though St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year, 55 percent of Americans say they’ll still celebrate, according to the National Retail Federation.
5:00 PM Mar 13, 2014
It’s a girlfriends’ weekend in downtown Grand Haven, and Grand Haven High School has a couple of musical events to string you along.
8:00 AM Mar 12, 2014
If today's wintry weather has derailed your hopes for spring, fasten your weather seat belt.
6:50 PM Mar 11, 2014
Get ready for a late-winter weather roller coaster ride.