12:00 PM Aug 13, 2013
More area residents are looking for ways to get fit and increase their social interactions.
5:00 PM Aug 12, 2013
Treesa of Robinson Township asked, "Who flies the crop duster I’ve named '5 O’clock Charlie' (those who watched 'MASH' know what I’m talking about). How long has he been doing it?"
11:00 AM Aug 10, 2013
As parents begin back-to-school preparations, there’s one thing to make sure that’s on the list: vaccinations.
9:26 PM Aug 8, 2013
The Coast Guard is still here, but the pirates have taken over Grand Haven this week.
9:00 AM Aug 6, 2013
A 44-year-old Spring Lake man will be sentenced Sept. 23 for causing a head-on crash that injured two people.
12:00 PM Jul 30, 2013
Despite a hike in mortgage interest rates, the Northwest Ottawa County real estate market is following a steady upward path, according to local experts.
5:00 PM Jul 31, 2013
Candace of Spring Lake Township asked why they're called bayous. "I'm fairly new to West Michigan, and notice the small inlets off the river and Spring Lake are called bayous. Why are they called bayous? That sounds more appropriate for Louisiana than Michigan."
5:00 PM Jul 29, 2013
Kevin of Spring Lake Township asked, "If I go out and catch some fish, is there any local restaurant that will clean them and cook them for me?"
6:59 AM Jul 27, 2013
Loud bangs and thunderous booms surrounded Norm Spring as he huddled in a trench in North Korea in 1953.
4:58 PM Jul 25, 2013
My gosh, is it already that time of year again? Grand Haven's biggest annual party, the Coast Guard Festival, kicks off Friday and heads up our weekend, July 26-28.