1:03 PM Oct 6, 2015
Leslie Morgan Steiner’s husband broke a picture frame over her head. He pulled the key from the ignition while she was driving 60 mph down a crowded highway. He pressed a loaded gun to her head and threatened to pull the trigger. He even threatened to shoot their dog.
1:00 PM Oct 2, 2015
Is it any wonder that Donald Trump captured the media's attention all summer?
2:01 PM Oct 1, 2015
For several years, my car club buddies have been trying unsuccessfully to lure me to The car show event of the season — Duck Tail Run in Gas City, Ind.
2:04 PM Sep 25, 2015
The history of Ferrysburg is interesting and it has its own unique place in the story of the Tri-Cities.
1:56 PM Sep 24, 2015
Somewhere, amid the mind-numbingly awful debates, wherein resumes and work history, who kept our country the safest during a presidency, and talk of more war were consumed by the American people, the fact of one of the greatest humanitarian crises since World War II was lost.
3:01 PM Sep 23, 2015
Setting an example is never an easy thing to do. And, of course, the reason for that is that nobody’s perfect!
1:59 PM Sep 18, 2015
Every human being has a right to free, potable water to meet their basic human needs. But that doesn’t mean water should be ubiquitously free or even cheap.
1:02 PM Sep 17, 2015
As I was chatting with my Texas granddaughter on the phone the other day, she started to tell me that now that she is in sixth grade she gets to use an iPad for schoolwork.