KOEDYKER: 'Eureka! I have found it!'

Remember the story of the Greek mathematician Archemides, who ran through the streets of Athens wet and naked shouting, “Eureka, I have found it!”? He was so excited about his discovery of how to measure density by water displacement (his own while bathing in the tub) that he forgot he didn’t have any clothes on.
May 5, 2013


While I have never made the mistake of leaving my house undressed, I do know what it feels like to make a great discovery. In fact, it happened to me the other day.

You see, I had lost something, something very important and precious to me: my Bible. And that is not a good thing to have happen when you are a pastor. In fact, I was a bit embarrassed about it. Nonetheless, I could not find it.

Now, I know Bibles can be acquired very easily at most stores or online, but this particular Bible was special to me. I had received it as a gift for serving on the Board of Words of Hope, and they even had my name engraved on the front cover. It was just the right size — not too big, not too small.

And besides that, I had certain important verses underlined and comments written in the margin.

I had looked everywhere — all over the house, at church and places I had visited to call on people within recent days. But nothing! Every person who I asked had not seen it.

And then one morning, as I was sitting in my brown chair in the living room, I glanced down at a plastic shopping bag on the floor. In it I saw something rectangular and dark in color. It was my Bible!

I know this may seem strange to some of you, but I was so happy. Like Archimedes, the first words out of my mouth were, “Eureka! I have found it!” And truly, I kid you not, I was elated, filled with joy!

Later that day, as I reflected on this experience, I realized that it truly made my day and lifted my spirits. You see, the day before I had a very difficult meeting in which things did not go exactly the way I had hoped. I was sad, disappointed and even a bit angry. I hardly slept that night.

But I woke up the next morning and found my Bible. And everything changed. My attitude was better and I felt stronger. I was ready to face the new day and do my best in serving the Lord. It was truly just what I needed.

I think that what I experienced is true on a more general level as well. I believe that God gave us his Word, the Bible, to help us. He gave it to us to be the gospel, “good news.” And it really is!

Some of the greatest and most inspiring words on earth are found in that “Good Book.” When we read it, it gives us hope and helps guide us through this chaotic and often puzzling world. We are better people when we read it regularly. It brings us closer to a loving and gracious God, and closer to what we should be as loving and gracious human beings.

Some of you reading this column may not be able to relate to what I am saying. Maybe you’ve never really read the Bible. I want to commend it to you. It is great and wonderful, and it is written for our benefit. It wouldn't be around for so many years if it were not a valuable piece of reading.

Start with the Gospel of John or Mark, and then read through the New Testament. Then move on to the Old Testament.

If you need some guidance, don’t hesitate to ask one of the capable pastors in our town. I know they would be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

If you truly give the Bible a chance, it will be a great help and encouragement in your life. It’ll make you happy and fill you with joy to know what this world, our lives and God is all about.

And it may even prompt you to shout, “Eureka! I have found it!”

— By the Rev. John Koedyker, pastor of Word of Hope Church in Fruitport


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