10:00 AM Dec 21, 2014
It has been a trying time for Christians in our community lately.
2:04 PM Dec 19, 2014
People often stubbornly believe in things that are partially true, completely false, beneficial for very few, or even harmful to most. This can result in government actions and policies that leave some or even a majority worse off.
3:00 PM Dec 16, 2014
Usually when I tell people that I was extremely shy as a child, they laugh until they realize that I am serious.
8:00 AM Dec 14, 2014
As some readers may remember, I served as a panelist on the community conversation about the Dewey Hill cross, hosted by the Grand Haven Tribune on Oct. 15. It was my hope to engage in a lively and meaningful discussion about the tension between religious freedoms and the government’s role in accommodating their public expression.
3:00 PM Dec 12, 2014
Dear Santa, I know you are busy getting things wrapped and packed for your big trip, yet I ask you to take a minute and read my letter.
3:06 PM Dec 11, 2014
For years, when people would find out that I am a professor, they would ask me: “What are you a professor of?”
2:45 PM Dec 10, 2014
Good sportsmanship: “Respect for one’s opponent and graciousness in winning or losing” – Merriam dictionary
2:50 PM Dec 9, 2014
I grew up almost as an only child. My sister, who was six years younger than I, did not provide a companion that I could play games with, or much else.
4:16 PM Dec 5, 2014
Words matter. Mark Twain famously said that the difference between two words, the right one and the almost right one, is "the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning."
2:07 PM Dec 4, 2014
For many years, my older daughters, Natalie and Hillary, would spend the night at my house on Christmas Eve with Amy and I and my younger daughters, Evien and Maggie. The older girls would climb into Evien's bed, and Evien would hop into Maggie's bed.