11:03 AM Jun 24, 2015
To The Editor: Earlier this month, the Environmental Grantmakers Association held its national Board of Directors’ retreat in Grand Haven.
2:47 PM Jun 22, 2015
To the Editor: A paid advertisement promoting seasonal elimination of the dog-friendly portion of City Beach asks for a reconsideration of City Council’s “mistake” using puzzling logic.
12:53 PM Jun 17, 2015
To the Editor: I was just perusing through my most recent issue of the Grand Haven Tribune (June 13) and the top story for the day is a complaint brought by our local "activist," Mitch Kahle.
10:15 AM Jun 16, 2015
To the Editor: My name is Shelly Brower, and I have lived at 519 River St. in the Village of Spring Lake since 1996.
11:02 AM Jun 15, 2015
To the Editor: I would like to shed some light on how we got to this point on the planned drop-off and pick-up area involving the oak tree in front of the Spring Lake Intermediate School.
2:02 PM Jun 1, 2015
To the Editor: On April 16, citizens, businesses, schools and government agencies across the state conducted a voluntary statewide tornado drill during Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week.
11:04 AM Apr 20, 2015
To the Editor: I’m 8 years old and I think taking the Bethlehem scene down was not right. Why would anyone want the Bethlehem scene down anyway?
3:00 PM Apr 6, 2015
To the Editor: Last April, we returned from vacation to find a letter from the IRS saying our 2013 tax return was under review. The only problem is that we hadn't filed yet. Our identity had been hacked.
1:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
To the Editor: I see our friend Mitch Kahle is at it again, getting a Fremont public school to stop Bible study classes held in the school’s gym, even though the classes are strictly voluntary and not part of the school’s curriculum.
6:00 PM Mar 20, 2015
To the Editor: Our cat went missing over a year ago from a friend's home in Grand Rapids. We have been looking for the cat ever since, several times a month.