Love INC director explains fund question

To the Editor: Thank you for presenting the question in the letter to the editor on Dec. 3, “Questions empty shelves.”
Dec 10, 2012


It is true; Love INC has money in the bank. It is also true that our pantries have been exceptionally low. Why then do we not simply buy food with that money? 

The $893,793 referenced in Monday’s letter reflects our Form 990 from 2011. That was near the beginning of our capital campaign for the Ministry Center sheltered housing program.

Our campaign goal is to raise $1.8 million, which will accomplish three important benchmarks. First is the cost of the buildings. Second are the renovations of the buildings purchased. Last, it provides for operational expenses. 

Our bank accounts reflect a portion of said monies. Using the money designated for the capital campaign to fill our food pantries would be inconsistent with the desires of the donor’s intentions. This is the reason for the food appeal.   

In addition, a reserve is necessary to support the 30 other ministries of Love INC. Frankly, without our 400 of the “world’s best” volunteers, this ministry would cease to exist!                          

Our promise to this community is 95 cents of every dollar we steward is used to meet the needs of the hurting, helpless and hopeless. 

We hope this information helps people better understand Love INC and thus be more comfortable investing their financial gifts to our organization. We count it a privilege to communicate how we use the funds entrusted to us from such a generous community.   

God bless you!


Mark Green, executive director

Love INC Tri-Cities



An excellent local charity supporting local people. Keep up the good work.
A charitable Atheist


Very rational, well thought out response. Any comments Josh? Do you know something Mark doesn't know?

Religious affiliation or none, spiteful behavior benefits no one. Only in clear minded communication can anything be accomplished between people.


Even though Love Inc is a Christian organization, and I am agnostic atheist, I support them 110%. They are an EXCELLENT local charity run by caring people, and actually seem to do a ton for the community unlike so-called charities like United Way where only a fraction of a percent go towards helping those in need.

Having volunteered with many non-profit organizations in the past, I have seen many donors donate under the condition that their donation goes towards specific projects, which is what I am going to guess is what is going on in this case. They may have money in the bank, but if the donors don't want the money to go towards buying food, then Love Inc basically has their hands tied.

I think Mark's response just goes to show what this organization stands for. Keep up the good work!

Moderate Unders...

The argument cited by Mr. Green is a very logical approach to a complicated 501c(3) accounting method. Mr. Green is correct that monies donated for special causes be earmarked exclusively for use in administering those causes, however, Mr. Green is only touching on part of the truth. Reading into his statement he failed to mention what portion of those monies are actually classified as "special revenue funds" and did not provide insight into the amount of monies that are currently available to the general fund of Love Inc.

While browsing the Love Inc. website I can't help but notice that the general budget of the organization is not made public, this information, which can be requested from a donor upon a donation, would easily help resolve the issue. I believe it is safe to say that the public would like some accountability and reassurance that the monies being faithfully donated to the Love Inc. organization are being spent wisely and fairly. Given the recent scandals involving high executive pay at non-profits the statements Mr. Brugger made are fair and can make a reasonable person beg to question what resources are already available to Love Inc. they are not utilizing?

Mr. Green made a very admirable statement citing that 95 cents of every dollar received go towards feeding the hungry, yet, did not disclose how those dollars go towards feeding the hungry. How much of that 95 cents goes towards administration and executive pay? How much of that 95 cents goes towards non-profit investment and staffing costs? How much of that 95 cents can be accounted for and monitored?

Mr. Green I feel it a safe request that your organization release your 2011 990 tax records (including applications 1023, 1024, or form 8871) detailing your organizations budget and show the Tri-cities that your organization is keeping true to its word as a faith organization feeding the hungry in Christ’s name. You’ve made a very bold statement that almost a million dollars is in a special revenue fund and cannot be spent towards feeding the hungry; given the circumstances your “word” is not enough to go on when it comes to public accountability.


Thank you for putting into words what many of us have been contemplating. It is difficult to question folks who are feeding the hungry. However, when so much has been given, accountability is essential. I have donated much to Love Inc over the years and would like to see that it has gone to something other than administrative salaries. When I read recently that the Salvation Army captains live at the poverty level, I was amazed. Love Inc has thirty programs, buildings, and 95 cents of every dollar is spent to "steward" these programs. None of us wants to impede feeding the hungry, but should we feel ashamed for asking for some transparency?


Let's not forget that the President and CEO of Love INC pays himself $80,000+ for his salary


Why are you discharging men that have no where to go and you keep a man that is collecting disability? I have been told that He threatens you with a lawsuit??Please explain this to me...This pertains to donations from us and I would like an explanation...CLC...


Can you explain why Eric Morgan gets 80,000+ in wages and justifies this? What does he do?


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