Urges bipartisanship

To the Editor: The whole issue of gridlock in Congress revolves around the inability for my Republican friends on one side and my Democrat friends on the other for a failure to understand or appreciate the others' point of view.
Dec 31, 2012


Republicans adamantly oppose tax increases in any way, shape or form; Democrats just as strongly oppose any cuts in spending, particularly the so-called entitlements.

May I remind my Republican friends that the top income tax bracket under the father of conservatives, Ronald Reagan, was reduced to 50 percent. Today, Republicans want to maintain the Bush income tax bracket on the very wealthy at 35 percent.

And may I remind my Democrat friends who claim their Social Security and Medicare benefits are only getting their own money back is just not true. Please remember that your employers matched dollar for dollar your contributions over your working career to these programs.

Back in the day, there was a spirit of bipartisanship. Our Congress and the president worked together for the best interest of all citizens.

There must be a combination of both increased taxes and cutting expenses for our nation to return to prosperity. Think "we," not "me." Compromise is not a dirty word.

Go to nolabels.org to see what a group of 600,000-plus Republicans, Democrats and independents are doing to encourage our Congress to work together and to “stop fighting and start fixing.”

Contact our Congressman, Bill Huizenga, at huizenga.house.gov/contact, or call 202-225-4401 (Washington office) or 616-395-0030 (Holland office), and urge him to join the recently formed Congressional Problem Solvers Bloc. This group of more than 90 members of Congress from all political persuasions have sponsored a No Budget, No Pay bill.

— Phil Leech, Spring Lake



Thanks, Phil, for providing this important info. I will be contacting Congressman Huizenga. This current congress has the lowest approval ratings ever recorded. They seem unable to govern, and at a time when our country faces a myriad of issues that require serious debate and action. I have my own theories on the congressional dynamics creating this schism, but I will follow your lead and remain neutral. The important thing is that citizens make their voices heard, and demand our congresspeople start to "come together" and govern for the country and it's citizens. The consequences of continuing deep partisanship are not pretty. Remember the days when the "father of conservatives" Ronald Reagan and liberal Tip O'Neill and their caucus's compromised and worked together? It can be done!


This is just like union negotiations... So what would a business owner do??? I say recall them all.. I bet if we had totally new people in both the house and senate they would get something done... Its the same old faces that cause these problems. It's just like the local politics...

Walking Alive

Agreed. Throw out all incumbents. These jerks deserve what they get, and so do we if we keep them in there.


I have contacted Congressman Huizenga and suggested that before he leap into the arms of the "No Label" crowd, he should see whose arms he is allowing to be wrapped around him, like that non-partisan, thoughtful, No Label "labeled" Problem Solver Congressman Jim Moran of Arlington, Va. http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/1...


And yet the good people of Virginia keep voting for him....just like the constituents who vote for the House far right radical congressmen and their thuggery (passive/aggressive?), who consistently refuse to do the job for which they are being paid, to govern.


Nice Pirouette but it won't work. I didn't question the morons who continually vote for him in Virginia, I questioned the allegedly moderate "No Label" morons who anointed him with their coveted "Problem Solver" Label (ironic, no?). I see old Sleazy Moran voted with the far right radical congressmen thugs who voted against the Obama/Senate Fiscal Cliff increase the debt legislation.


"If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding"

"How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!"


Answer - You join the "No Labels" democrats and promptly place a label on the Congresscritters you like.


First of all...thank God for Gridlock. Without it, this country would be face down at the bottom of the cliff we are pitch pulling off. Second of all, hey Lanivan, finally we have common ground...Pink Floyd! You know, my hands feel like two balloons sparing with you especially when your lips move, but I can't hear what you're saying. I guess we are two loss souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year...Ok, I digress! Listen up Mr. Phil Leech(leech, how ironic - lmao) Reagan did NOT drop the top income tax bracket to 50%!! He dropped it to 28% with bi-bartisan(Lan's favorite politcal term) support you MOr...be nice dyankee, ahmmm', you silly goose.(Vlad, how could you miss this hanging curve ball? :) So, Mr. Leech, to maintain the Bush 35% top tax rate is actually a tax increase from the Reagan years! In addition, we do NOT have a revenue problem (ie) tax increases, we have a fRIGGIN' SPENDING PROBLEM!! Lets try this...if the Tip-a-few charged a $600 cover to get in just to order their kick-ass burritos would you go?..or would you spend $20 ($35 with my huge SUV) in fuel to go to the Beltline Bar in GR to get the second best burrito on the planet? I hope I'm connecting the dots here?


Charming! Delightful! I never thought I'd use those words in a reply to you, dyank. Not your usual sarcastic, bordering on abusive tone you and Vlad love so much. Apparently, you lighten up after midnight?

Anyhoo - I've always found deeper meaning in Pink Floyd's lyrics. It's the "no compromise, do as your told and don't ask any questions" feeling from this particular lyric I was cryptically trying to get across. I could argue 'till the cows come home every point in your comment, but where do I start?

Phil Leech is right on. I know you, Vlad, and others like to label, fence in (fish bowls and sand boxs), and embrace gridlock, partisanship, and authority figures in your alternate universe, but in mine, things are not so black and white, simplistic, or neat and tidy.

And now we have two things on which we have common ground - Pink Floyd and Tip-a-Few burritos! See - this is how integration works. If only the toxic House GOP could learn it.


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