Feast cancellation on agenda

To the Editor: As its 12th season is about to be launched, it appears the Feast of the Strawberry Moon may, at worst, be canceled entirely or, somewhat better, staged by people outside the Tri-Cities Historical Museum.
Mar 7, 2013


This annual, extensive celebration of the fur trade that flourished in Michigan more than two centuries ago typically attracts a host of young people, their parents and adults who — for a few hours at least — are transported back to an unfamiliar era. They witness the fur traders as they lived in that long-ago age, they visit the posts where the voyageurs traded their pelts for supplies, they see the Native American in their traditional dress, and they watch the British soldiers in full uniform as they march to fife and drum.

The weekend-long feast has not only heightened awareness of the often-overlooked fur trade, but it has attracted people from far away, many of whom enjoy the Grand Haven area for the first time. The Feast of the Strawberry Moon has never been anything but a success. 

Next Monday, the directors of the Tri-Cities Historical Museum will conduct their regular meeting at 200 Washington Ave. Cancellation of the Feast of the Strawberry Moon will be on the agenda. I encourage anyone interested in this subject to attend the meeting and share their thoughts with the board. 

— Wallace K. Ewing, museum volunteer



Why?? Losing money? no volunteers? I've attended it every year and it seems based on the number of folks that show up to be a success, to some degree at least.


Historically Inaccurate


It's the new director at the museum. He doesn't want to do it. He has chased all the good local people out of the museum, and these were people who worked on the Feast of the Strawberry Moon, and has brought in outsiders to work for him who have no real interest in promoting local history like this.


Also what is the deal with the museum holding the Pere Marquette 1223 ice cream social fundraiser on a Thursday afternoon each year? They beg for money for it but insist on doing it on a Thursday afternoon to 'keep the weekend tourists away' from it (actual quote from one of the organizers).

I have also approached them three separate times to offer my time, skills, and all the materials needed to light the headlight/number boards on the locomotive, as well as the wayside signal in front of the locomotive and the old wig-wag crossing signal. Remember, I said I would donate all nessicary material, and do the work myself (it is what I do at my job on the railroad, as well as the fact that I am a regular volunteer on PM1223's operational sister, the 1225). I have been ignored the first two times, and met with hostility the third.

I am not impressed with the new reign at the historical society.


That would be awesome! Even if they only lit it on special occasions.


new Facebook page dedicated to saving the Feast of the Strawberry Moon...


Historically Inaccurate


It would be sad to see this go. If this event really is on the chopping block, it would be good to hear what the community may be able to do to keep it alive. Do they need sponsors? I think it was a GREAT family event.


The answer to your question is YES! Sponsors are needed!!


Our family has gone for years. Our children love it, it is one of our summer traditions -- why would they cancel it?

P'tit Nain

Feast is unique, charming and educational. Our son was in the youth docent program for many years and took part in the festivities under Nancy Buchanan helping her to set up/tear and getting a little play acting in as well:) With a dedicated crew of TCHM volunteers she put years of time and effort (year round) into organizing this annual weekend of living history for the community.

It would be helpful if the new directors of the museum would be transparent and give the public who voted for the TCHM funding the reasons behind their loss of enthusiasm and pre-announcement of the cancellation. Calling a meeting to gauge public interest after announcing plans to cancel is disingenuous. A weekend of reenactments with vendors / food, etc. takes many months of preparation and planning. So, what's up?


Hey Wally, what TIME next monday is that meeting? I believe I'd like to attend and hear first hand what's going on.

Cheryl Welch

7:15 p.m.



I went once, it wasn't really that exciting to me and my kids didn't seem to learn a whole lot. I would be interested to know what else the museum plans to do instead of this! Maybe it will be something I'll be more interested in.


Is this about the 1223 or the Feast event? Taking an opportunity to publicly put down the institution as a whole, and off the actual topic is in poor taste.
As taxpayers we pay to support the local museum. It does not state anywhere that it is up to us to decide what events will or wont happen.
We pay the Director for those decisions. There is nothing wrong with showing support and stating why you feel it is important that an event is continued however spewing hatred, and attacking a mans character publicly when you don't have the facts isn't fair.
For those who are making accusations such as Mr. Pott has chased all the good employees out, if you do not work there to witness this, you should not be commenting on it.
It is embarrassing to Grand Haven and in very poor taste to behave in such a negative way.
Looking into the positive things Mr. Pott has done may be a wise choice as well.


Historically Inaccurate


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