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To the Editor: When 90 percent of the American people are in favor of gun control and Congress fails to act accordingly, we, the people, have to act.
Apr 8, 2013


Congress is broken. In a democracy, it's up to us to fix it.

The answer to gun violence in schools is not to put more guns in schools, as the NRA and Congressman Bill Huizenga suggest. "In homes with guns, the homicide of a household member is almost three times more likely to occur than in homes without guns" ( The same is likely to be true of guns in schools.

Bill Huizenga is opposed to all gun control. We don't need more killings like the children at Sandy Hook. We have more than 30,000 gun deaths and 70,000 gun injuries each year in the U.S. Are we at war with ourselves? That's more deaths than in Iraq and Afghanistan together!

We need to vote Bill Huizenga out of office to do our share to fix Congress and make it responsive to the will of the people.

— Tom Donahue, Grand Haven


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As insightful as I have ever seen. Great job! I'm just going to start a new thread since page four has been reached and I'm not going to rely on "the regulars" backtracking. I'd like as many people telling me I'm wrong for no good reason as possible.

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Judging from some of the comments, this guy should go out to the Pier - he should get quite a few takers:


Wow, talk about low information voters!


Being a female with my CCW, I fully believe we have the right to bare arms and protect ourselves, family and property. For the government to create some ludicrous laws because we have a world filled with inconsiderate morons that have nothing better to do than terrorize innocent people is insane. A criminal intent on shooting, stabbing, robbing or beating someone will do so so no matter what type of laws are in place. Part of our problem is that so much of the bad is sensationalized on the news today that it overrides any good that is done. Go back in time and look at the history of the gun violence from the last 30 years or so, I bet you it was as bad if not worse. We need to stand up for ourselves and stop this country from becoming a totalitarian country instead of a democracy.


To Tom Donahue,

Your letter to the editor is your own personal opinion and I have to agree with the old adage regarding “Opinions” which I’m sure you and most people are familiar with so I needn’t reiterate what you and others reading this are thinking. Just because you say it’s true doesn’t mean it is.

I’ve been hearing and seeing this 90% figure of people who were supposedly “Polled” about supporting “background checks” not gun control and I don’t believe it for a nanosecond. In fact, I don’t’ believe any polls about anything for that matter, because a poll is only as good as the questions in it and every poll is made up with a predetermined agenda and bias in mind and from my own personal experience, I’ve never seen a Poll I liked or Poll results I believed, and 100% of the people I know feel the same way about Polls as I do.

I also feel I must point out, that over the past 4 months listening to anti-gun proponents from the Senate, Congress, Mayor Bloomberg, and Vice President Biden they all should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for giving false and misleading information about guns. They talk about mechanical parts of guns that don’t even exist and continually stress the point, that all of these “Automatic Guns” in the hands of civilian’s should not be allowed and even when they are corrected that “Automatic Guns” are already illegal in the U.S. and have been for more than 50 years, that the pistols and some rifles being sold are legal “Semi-automatic” which fire only one bullet for one pull of the trigger, they still revert right back to saying “Automatic.”

In an interview with Field & Stream magazine and Biden; Biden claims that a 12-gauge shotgun is easier to handle and use than a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15, which is known for its ease of use and accuracy.

Biden said that anyone who needs a “clip” (actually a magazine) with 30 rounds in it is a “danger” to themselves.
“If you can’t get the bear or deer in four or five shots, you’ve got a problem,” he said.
During the same interview with Field and Stream, Biden advised gun owners to “just fire the shotgun through the door.” He also doubled-down on his claim that most people can “handle a shotgun a hell of a lot better than they can a semi-automatic weapon.”

I have to say that our Vice President Joe Biden is not very familiar, informed, or educated in the areas of the Safety, Use, Types of Guns, and the handling of firearms. If people follow Joe Biden’s “Gun Advice” they are putting themselves and anyone in their vicinity in danger of being shot or killed needlessly. Vice President Joe Biden should make a public apology citing his poor judgment and poor and unsafe advice he had given regarding gun use.

This is a Joe Biden interview on the “Shotgun” vs “AR-15” video of women firing both guns and even though the women shooting is humorous, you can also see Joe's advice is off the mark.

If you want to see how President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg also show their ignorance in regard to guns as Jake Tapper reveals in the following news story.

retired DOC

Stats show that 25% of the time there are at least 3 "bad guys". I would like to have a magazine that held 30 rounds because I would like to have rounds left after all the bad guys are stopped. Much better than running out of ammo and still having bad guys still comming.


Let's put this into perspective: how many people do you PERSONALLY know who have been killed by someone with a gun? If not, do you know anyone who knows someone personally who has been killed with a gun? I know I can't. If not, how is that a problem that needs IMMEDIATE attention by Congress? When there is a full page article run every day for a full week because someones house got hit by a bullet, we tend to think the problem is rampant and out of control... Happening daily all around us. It just makes an exciting news story. Entertainment at the expense and misfortune of others.

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Personal anecdotal evidence does not really make for good argument. What you have there in your glass is logical fallacy. Let's take an extreme look at this:

How many people that you PERSONALLY know have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDs? I know none, personally. Do you know someone who knows someone with HIV or AIDs? ME NEITHER! Therefore, eleventy million people on the planet should just stop all their damned whining and we can all relax since it's just sensationalism. How exciting!



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For anyone who agrees with the fluffy notion that more needs to be done to prevent the mentally ill from having access to guns, whether you support a national federal database, or any number of silly options that place the burden of responsibility on the government to keep track of citizens health information:

It's fairly simple.

Rather than infringe upon the rights of millions of people (many of which likely being uninterested in owning guns anyway), the first step is to begin tracking all guns the same as pistols. Gun show, retail stores, private individual sales require purchase permit. That's the easy part.

Second, as the idea is to focus on the guns and not the individual with (diagnosed of course) mental illness, every single person wishing to purchase any kind of firearm would need to undergo a mental health evaluation before they receive a purchase permit. You can't prevent a psychotic from buying a gun if the person has not been introduced to the system, which means bring the system to the guns and find out if this individual is or is not a psychotic. Admittedly, this is a very costly and burdening step, but to take something like gun violence seriously in more than loose talk, a real method of reform would need to be put into place. You can't yell "keep the guns away from the lunatics" and then say "but don't change anything for me."

More interesting to me would be the results of such a screening. You want to buy a dozen crates of AK's and 3 tons of 7.62 rounds because you're...afraid the government wants to storm your house and TAKE your guns? You're saying the feds would have to kill you before they pried your AR-15 from your cold, dead hands? You want to stockpile rifles because either the Chinese or the zombies will be here soon and either way you'll kill 'em dead...? That's a few boxes checked. Let's call you paranoid delusional with a touch of homicidal fantasy. Excellent.

Chances are that if you have a fiery passion about any kind of weapon, a case could likely be made for your mental instability. If you think it's unfair to evaluate a person with each purchase (not within 4 months, let's say), but you think a database full of people you might consider to be "dangerous crazies" is a fine ol' solution, you're kidding yourself.


I know you think you have a well thought out position on this but I'll prove where its flawed.

1. Tracking and registering all gun purchase does absoluting nothing to deter a crimminal or mentally unstable from committing a crime. Crimminals do not follow the laws. Not so simple if they won't follow the rules is it. Registered guns were used in Connecticut by the way.

2. A mental health exam? Really, to exercise a guaranteed freedom you want to subject us to this slippery slope. Your rambling on this point is counter productive and muted in your last paragraph. Data base of crazies would not be found fit to own a gun and therefore would not own guns. So now what use is the data base of law abiding citizens? Hmm? Let thet perculate if you will!

I choose to have full access to the weapons of choice, to pursue the legal activity of my choice, and to if necessary, use the weapons with lethal force if necessary to defend my family or myself from evil doers.

Why is it ok to protect the President, famous people, our money in banks and so on with trained professionals with guns but we will not allow trained professionals to protect our kids in schools?

tequila news

The difficulty with gun violence is it takes many forms and when new regulation comes up, lawful gun owners always think they're being taken to the family farm. That's one for my musings clippings.

I didn't really want to get into the big headline cases, but if the house hadn't been as lax in security I'm willing to say he'd not have been able to buy black market weapons. No blame placement intended, but gunsafes exist to function one way. And it was horrible.

In Colorado, it's hard to say whether or not the young man would have had a harder time buying his. I'm not willing to look into the details but if they were purchased legally it would have been another hoop that might at least raise a flag.

Asking people to self-register all types of guns woulldn't work because nobody would comply. At some point gun enthusiasts need to look past the idea that somone is out to take their guns when new regulation comes out and see it as trying to make all gun buyers as responsible as they are. I understand you like guns. Keep them. Why not make it more difficult for someone who isn't serious about owning a gun?

I don't expect anyone to actually write anything close to what I've said into law. It's on the extreme end. I do think anything to help fewer guns "fall off of trucks" and end up on the street is a good thing and higher tracking restrictions could do something. That's what it's about. If you have ideas about how to limit gun violence, the answer has to be something other than "don't take my guns away."

The mental health exam could be as simple as walking into a room and answering questions about being prone to black-outs, whether you've had any seizures in the past, and some other fairly noninvasive questions. Probably the important questions would be if you're suicidal or have homicidal thoughts. I'll beat you to it. A bad guy could lie or just buy a burner. Maybe a middle-of-the-road guy with bad intentions will stop and think about what he is trying to do. Maybe the regular civililian will get ornery and whine about how many forms he has to fill out and the stupid questions he got asked. Something could result. It would almost certainly be immesurable, but it could prevent something.

I don't think it would violate your rights so much as be a long paper chase. Like voter registration in the good states. There would be some kind of further steps and really you're not "denied" necessarily. Unless you are. Then appeals I suppose. Oh right the founding fathers. Yeah, I understand but we can't pretend to know what they'd think about citizens owning the rifles they do. We can't say they wouldn't cringe at this entire country's debate. After plenty of other more extreme changes are gauked at, of course.

Lastly, guns in schools, huh. They have them in high schools. Hey, who knows, maybe there will be a private school somewhere that offers this kind of service. Aside from that you'd have to ask the parents I suppose.


Until we start seriously looking at the idiots in society and behind the guns committing the crime I will not give an inch on this constitutional right. I have never witnessed a gun firing on its own and killing someone. We have allowed the media and politicians in this country to derail the conversation about what is going on here. We have sick people running around in this country without help or scrutiny on and about their actions. We then have Hollywood glorify this kind of nut in movies and shows. The NRA spends time and money educated the citizens on gun safety. This only takes care of those who are interested in guns from an early age. What are the schools doing? Is the state doing enough? It's mandatory to take drivers safety to get behind a wheel of a car why isn't it mandatory to take gun safety before you get behind a gun? What about the break down of the family? How many of these warts come from broken homes? Society is breaking down and this is a result of it!

Look at the existing laws on gun crime and punishment. Are they being followed to the full extent? Are the punishments handed down by judges to the full extent? Two major problems need to be addressed: Career criminals and the mental unstable. Until we effectively addressed that we are going to continue to see the escalation of people commit murder and atrocities with guns, knives, bombs, poison, planes, trains and automobiles!

In my opinion, you should be armed to protect yourself from the trolls in society (especially in urban environments) because all 911 is for is to come and clean up the mess after the crime is committed. Go ahead and be a victim, don't infringe on my ability to NOT be a victim.


"Why is it ok to protect the President, famous people, our money in banks and so on with trained professionals with guns but we will not allow trained professionals to protect our kids in schools?" Good run Wingmaster...I think this pretty much raps up this thread.

Liberals (collectively) react emotionally and show a severe voidance of common sense at pivotal points in history when steadfast leadership is required. If gone unchecked, absurd conclusions will rule the day whereby, placing unecessary guilt and burdens on true Partriots of freedom and destroying a vibrant society from within.



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