Fireworks or bust

To the Editor: You hit the nail on the head. I have been to Grand Haven for vacation the past two years. It is the best place for me, a single dad, and my children and their friends.
May 29, 2013


We stay at the state park and enjoy the beach. I don't worry about drunks, dopers or riff-raff. 

For me, my kids and their friends, Grand Haven is our "grand haven."

We enjoy it all: The Dee-Lite for breakfast, Tip-A-Few for a wet burrito, Ray's for a cheeseburger, Pronto Pup, the VFW, Coast Guard, Pierside and "Trolleyman" (my son, Christian, who enjoys the trolley), and all the great people of Grand Haven.

We are scheduled to arrive July 2. We arranged our schedules because we wanted to spend the Fourth of July with some great Americans who appreciate our country, its freedom and liberty. I want to see the fireworks. I want to be reminded of those first veterans who gave me a country, and remind my children and their friends of those veterans who gave them a country.

I am sorry to hear about the Jaycees and the missing funds, but there is not much I can do about that. If the fireworks are absent on July 4, I am left only to cancel my reservations and stay in St. Louis.

If you are not going to have the fireworks, please e-mail me so I can cancel my reservations and make alternate arrangements. I am not certain what I will do, but I know I won't be looking to join the Jaycees.

— Steve Milla/Ellisville, Mo.


Say no to new taxes

What do fireworks have to do with reminding you about "the first veterans who gave me a country and remind my children and their friends of those veterans who gave them a country"? You're not coming if there is no fireworks show? Do us all a favor and spend your 4th in St. Louis.


Steve, you posted so many positives and yet if the fireworks aren't held your not going to come. Everything else is still available and will be running and open. This is a great community and I bet we have fireworks on the 4th. As for not joining the jaycees that probably part of the problem, they need more members and money. I don't think money is missing, enough of it wasn't raised. So be part of the solution and not the problem. I'll be around town on the 4th; fireworks or not!


Oh me oh my. Please please stay away from our town. We don't want your money, taking up space in our beautiful campground nor your "ooh and awwws" as we watch the fireworks over the channel. Consider this your email not to come. I feel bad for your children having to deal with you and sure hope they have a mother who can teach them better morals in their lives than you attempt to spew out. Taking shots at the Jaycees?!?! Jerk! Want to be reminded of the Veterans? Find a more meaningful way than freeloading on our town and breathing our air. Wish you never found this "grand haven".

Say No To Tourist's

I don't worry about drunks, dopers or riff-raff? Really Steve? 50 years in this town and we have that big of a problem? Um, yeah sure.....Maybe in Muskegon and Holland, not here. Sure we have a few locals that way, but not that much of a problem. Maybe YOUR one of them or YOUR Tourist buddies who give you that impression, YOU and YOUR kids are probably some of the morons who urinate behind the buildings downtown, litter all over the place costing US business owners and the City to clean up after the slobs YOU are, not to mention the fact all YOU Tourists get a break from the local law enforcement cause Your only here for a short time......My suggestion is stay down in Hicksville MO with the rest of the inbreeds. Here's your NOTICE, STAY HOME , YOUR not wanted HERE plain and simple.


Say no, I'm not defending this guy in the least little bit, however, I think he was saying, or attempting to anyway, that he didn't have to worry about drunks, dopers, or riff-raff while staying in Grand Haven, because there aren't any. Basically he really loves GH and was just unhappy about no fireworks; we were all pretty much on that same boat. I think he went about it all wrong and didn't explain himself very well, another however, I think his heart was in the right place and the majority of posters here didn't really read this correctly for his insight.


You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This man is trying to say how much he loves Grand Haven. Did you think he might be a veteran? Did you think he might raised more money for veterans than GH ever paid for fireworks. What a horrible thing to say about tourists. You make us Michiganders sound like a bunch of snobs and idiots. Shame on you.

Say No To Tourist's

C'mon bailey, your going to defend just one of the many idiots that visit this town? There's plenty of places to see the fireworks besides Grand Haven. He's only been here for vacation for the past two years and your going to go though all this trouble of commenting? Ya maybe he is a vet, then he would know the real meaning of the 4th....which fireworks are just a bonus now aren't they. Sounds to me like you know this person Buttercup, I could give two squirts of duck poo if he even comes to MY town. That's all we need is another person to abuse this town, he and his kids probably litter like all the rest of the tourons, urinate behind the business' in public like so many do. And expect us to make them feel super special for a couple days....lmao.

BTW, thanks for joining the local fish wrap to make this post 11 hours 58 min


I have been coming to GH for over 15 years and our family has many friends there, both locals and tourist that come there year after year. The tourists spend a lot of money there that helps support the town. Some even own property there as a summer home. I was thinking of opening a business there.
Sounds like you have very serious issues.

Say No To Tourist's

Your right Buttercup. I do have issues. With people like you, Your money means nothing to the many business' I have in this town. Then again you probably spent money in one of my Just make sure you don't park behind one my shops, you'll get towed..........just sayin'

Say No To Tourist's

BTW, if your serious about opening a business here. Do your research, there's not that much money to be made downtown even at tourist time..... Mine are for right off purposes only lol!


You sound like a real douche bag bud. I doubt you're smart enough to own a profitable business, but on the offchance you do why not tell us all which downtown shops you own so those of us that find you and your attitude deplorable can boycott them. I hate for you to have to waste your time counting my money.

Say No To Tourist's

That's the best you got? Hilarious! My GM's run my business', so even if you did find me. It wouldn't matter, my deplorable attitude doesn't reflect the way my companies are run. And chances are you've already spent money with me. Since you wont be getting to get the answer your looking for, lets just say your going to be LessThanAmused.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks, Personal information, and Libel and defamation.


Right off? How about a write off? I highly doubt you own anything! You're just trying to drive people crazy thinking that we may be spending our money supporting your business(es). You don't sound intelligent enough to have any kind of business- at least anything that would interest the likes of me and my kind! You're just some angry old man with nothing better to do than sit behind your computer and annonymously spew audacious, crude, brazen words that you'd never be man enough to say to anyone's face. You are a coward and you are bitter about where you've ended up in life so you sit on some smalltown newspaper website and rant and rave rather than do something about it.

Fireworks or bust

Thanks to all who so politely responded. A special thanks to those who caught the positive underlying threads of my letter. In response to "Say No To Tourists"...I researched and read all your postings for the past 20 months. Your hatred of tourists, your town and law enforcement leads me to believe you have a serious issue. By virtue of this comment I am requesting that local law enforcement, the FBI and Homeland Security also review your past comments. The last thing GH needs is an incident similar to that in Aurora or Boston. Let's error the safe side so we can get you the help you need.

Say No To Tourist's

My hatred of law enforcement? Please.......I have a very good relationship with the Grand haven Police Dept, but if you want to have me investigated fine. Nothing like wasting the taxpayers money on nothing. I'm far from a loose cannon.

Now were going to clear the air on my displeasure of tourists, too many of times I've seen illegal activities by all the out of towners, littering, disrespect for other peoples property, urinating in public and total lack of caring for a town I live in, to watch my tax monies wasted like they are really gets under my skin. There you have it.

Fireworks or bust

Let law enforcement decide if it's a waste of time and money.


I'm going to go out on a limb here for a couple parties, Fireworks or bust. I would assume Steve right? Don't let the internet get to you this much, a lot of people post just to get another all upset. I work on the internet and see this all the time. Say NO can be pretty brash most of the time, I see some of his points from multiple different threads, I'm not defending him. But he does make some good points on different things the city has or is doing and I hate to say it, I've seen illegal things during the 4th and Coast Guard. It is what it is. He's never threatened anyone or the Tribune would have pulled his posts and banned him. Fireworks, come and enjoy the festivities, hopefully we'll have a good show and you enjoy yourself here in Grand Haven. the one thing I will point out is this forum doesn't have the option for searching all of a users posts unless your reading the comment section everyday.

Time to let this whole thing rest.

Fireworks or bust

You are correct but not completely and yes you can find his posting...just google GH. For the record he claims to be a grandpa, a GH honor student and has a nice wife...need more. He is a potential threat...let law enforcement handle him.


Your reading way to deep into his posts, he's correcting errors in bad reporting. Commenting on others posts from others articles. His posts are no where's near as bad as some others in the same threads. If your going to target him, then you need to target "Say no to new taxes" and "geehaeven" also. I see where your upset, the same thing happens on Facebook tied to news agency's and on Twitter with everyone. I don't see a threat anywhere and I've been doing this along time.

Remember your dealing with keyboard cowboys who have nothing better to do, plain and simple.


I failed to put in where he's upset about the way his tax dollars are being spent, failed projects in the City and some other minor things, do you blame him?

personally I think your over reacting.

Fireworks or bust

Not upset or over reacting. Take the problem to City Hall and not the good tourists that fuel the economy. Every tourist $ turns in your local economy 7 times. You are talking millions. Why allow some degenerate ruin it for the good people...he already has to a degree.


If he's that ticked off, why live so bitter and upset? Why not just pick up all his toys and go home (ie move)? His comments are easy to ignore but an embarassment in cases like this. Reflect poorly on GH which I happen to find quite wonderful. GH is the way is it because of the tourists. Don't like it? Move somewhere else. Quite simple really. My only wish is that I knew what he owned... I so do not want to go to those businesses!! If anyone knows... do share... I'll pay you!! :)

Fireworks or bust

Well put RN. I'll throw in a hundred and I don't even live there.

Back to the Wall

Mr Steve Mills,

Grand Haven has been more patient and accomodating with tourists than its own taxpaying residents for many years. The disproportionate leeway given by law enforcement to visitors has gotten under the skin of many of us lifetime residents.

Contrary to what you want to believe, my family's business, on Washington Street in downtown GH sees no revenue increase on the "event" weekends, in fact it sees significant revenue decreases on the day of independence day fireworks, and is forced to close doors entirely for much of the CGFest carnival.

As a resident of downtown, I've found drunks asleep in my car, vomit on my sidewalk and broken bottles in my lawn ALL after fireworks shows. Your idea that Grand Haven would somehow be worse off without tourists is preposterous.

Based on the arrogant condesention in your comments, I ask that you stay home this summer or go to Chicago. I hear they have wonderful cultural attractions that would go nicely with your inflated ego.


If you are going to use big words, spell them correctly. Condescension. I don't find Steve's letter to be awful at all. In fact, I don't understand how you think this town would survive without tourists. I have lived in towns where there are no tourists. They are the same size as GH and they are blighted and suffering. If the event weekends are such an issue, close shop and leave town.

Fireworks or bust

Back to the Wall...FYI GH is not the only city where people find drunks, vomit and broken bottles. It appears that you and others generalize about tourists. You assume that tourists are bad people. Good tourists are those not drunk, disorderly or destroy property one way or another. I am a good tourist, my friends are good tourists, repeat tourists, and I met many during my visits. You appear to blame tourists but not locals. There are many good tourists visiting GH but you choose not to recognize them, why? There are good people in GH but you have your fair share of proplem people too. Keep generalizing about the good tourists and sooner or later they won't show up. What are you left with then? 2 or 3 drunks in your car, Puke and more on your sidewalks and more than broken bottles in your yard. I suggest you welcome the good tourists and deal with the problems objectively. Other cities do!


If any of you who live there don't like or blame tourists for your problems move to a place where there is no tourism. Not to be mean, but don't get so angry and dwell on things you cannot change. It is not healthy. Don't blame tourists for all your problems. My daughter and her friend had their bikes stolen while we were vacationing there. Police said we wouldn't get them back. They said the kids there ride them into the canal and jump off the bike. They said there are probably many bikes at the bottom of the canal. We also have friends who live in GH and they certainly do not share the same opinion of tourists as I see on these postings. Remember too, GH is very close to college towns. The beach and town attrack the college crowd. When I am there I see college crowds get unruley. I really don't think the problems you accuse tourists of are from nice families like Steve's or my own. I think Steve's message was to say what a wonderful place GH is and how much he and his family were looking forward to vacationing there and seeing the fireworks. Probably something people who live there take for granted.

Back to the Wall

The condescension comment is in regards to Milla's hollow threats.

The vomit, broken bottles and drunks are miraculously absent in the off season.

I will thank the tourists for their money, grimacing as they hand it over. Sadly many of them come to town with a twenty dollar bill and a dirty tee shirt, and they don't change either one.

Admittedly, if the tourists stopped, there would be some attrition amongst the local merchants. Those left would continue to serve the locals as they have for years. Contrary to the delusions of the city people, this isn't Mackinac Island. The town DOES support itself for the entire year.

I love this town in the off season. It's when we come together as neighbors, wave to one another across the street, talk about our kid's sport teams at the bank... things we are forced to give up for three months while the tourists make illegal left turns and get washed off the pier.


I beg to differ. There is much more trash in the off season, and what about the group of kids that go and graffiti 'freebird' and other such stuff on all the buildings and signs in town? The tourists never get the chance to see that.

Also, go back to the sixties, before the big tourist push when Grand Haven was a toxic industrial wasteland...

If you hate it so much here when the tourists are here, move to Flint; a town with NO tourism.



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