Supports dogs that behave

To the Editor: I strongly disagree with your opinion piece in the July 1 Tribune: "Dogs don't belong in restaurants."
Jul 8, 2013


Dogs that are well-trained, socialized and well-behaved are fine as restaurant companions, in my opinion. The ones that are not should be left home, and their owners should know the difference.
Contrary to your opinion, I have never, ever seen a St. Bernard drooling on anyone's leg or a beagle feeling frisky with a table leg. I have also never seen a dog at a restaurant "do gross things that aren't meant for dinner table conversation."
My wife and I visited the Grand Haven Arts Festival (June 29), as we enjoy doing every year — and it was terrific, by the way. There were plenty of dogs there. All of them we saw were dogs that could easily have been in a restaurant with no problem.
In short, a well-trained and well-behaved dog is fine in a restaurant. The same goes for well-behaved kids. If they are not, however, their owners/parents should be courteous and leave them home.
— Phil King, Spring Lake Township



Mr.King, Your dog and all of the other dogs belong at their home. No matter how you view the presents of dogs in a eating establishment they are not allowed because they are dirty and carry diseases like ring worm ect. I have seen a person allow their dog to sit in a chair at a local coffee shop, would like to be the next person to sit in that chair and have your coffee or to eat some food. Keep your dogs at home, if you cannot leave your dog at home then you should not own one.


Try to calm down and not get your feathers ruffled there chief. You know as much about dogs as you do about racism and mascots, which is next to nothing.


rukidding, You are a mindless chimp. You are under educated and have been deprived of common knowledge and common sense. I would suggest that you find Mr. Peebody and his time machine and try and go back in time to recover what you have missed.


I agree with the article. Sirhansalot your an idiot. You don't get diseases and ring worms because a dog sat in a chair. Well behaved dogs should be allowed and if the owners' of the restaurants except them then it should be no problem. If you don't like it, don't go there.


Scooby324 You can even get ringworm by having contact with objects that have had contact with an infected person or pet, such as a chair, towel, or hat. Good luck and may your dog lick your balls you give them.


no dogs unless they are service dogs. get carried out and eat at home with your dog where they belong.


I love how the dog owners always say if you don't like it, don't go there...or go inside and eat. Like the dogs should get preference over a human in any case, and whoever doesn't like it go STFU and sit somewhere else.
A DOG IS AN ANIMAL, not to be equal to (or worshiped over) ANY human, period. They are dirty animals that lick their pubics while lying (I know owners look over that), they greet each other by putting their nose up the others BUTT, and then they want to lick your mouth, and the horney male dogs can't get their nose past the crotch of a woman who is having a visit from aunt flo. They are simply dirty animals.
Scooby, your dog picks up on your hostility towards others, better watch that anger before you nip Sirs leg here.


You know dogs also pick their mate by smell BD, so I just saying, not sure what ya got going on there but you may want to pick a different cologne!


30 years with the same mate. Good cologne I guess.


The problem, Mr, King, isn't people like you who train their dogs to behave. The problem is the person who can't see that their dog is a trainwreck, nor do they know how to train them. If every dog owner picked up their dogs' "remains", trained them to not jump (or hump) everyone they see, and used a leash, we wouldn't have any issues at all. But as we know, common sense is not very common these days (as evidenced by the personal attacks & name calling that's going on here, we can be civilized adults & have a conversation that doesn't end with someone calling another an "idiot", but I guess stupid is as stupid does)


I thought the original article was talking about dogs being allowed in and around the outdoor cafe's that some restaurants have? Not whether or not they should be allowed in the restaurant itself. I believe there are state laws that prohibit dogs/animals from actually being inside an establishment that has, or serves food. It's a health issue. Don't think you would be allowed to take Fido in Meijers.


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