Restaurant owners should decide

To the Editor: Re: “Dogs don’t belong in restaurants" (Tribune "Our Views," July 1)
Jul 15, 2013


This bill would allow the restaurant owner to determine whether or not they would like to allow dogs in their outdoor dining area. This would not be a sudden free-for-all of rampant dogs in outdoor dining. 

I personally think it is up to the business owner to make such decisions on their own behalf. I think it would be safe to say that some may choose to keep their outdoor dining dog-free.

As with anything, like kids or adults, you always have the ones who misbehave. So, will there be the person who takes a misbehaving dog to a restaurant? Well, to be honest, yes. But it’s the same thing with any issue a restaurant owner might come across. 

What about the screaming baby with a stinky diaper? I love kids, but that’s not my idea of an ideal dining situation. Responsible parents address the situation just as a responsible dog owner would. The staff at the restaurant would have to address that situation if it wasn’t addressed by the diner.

But, in all honesty, a majority of people dining with their dogs wouldn’t do it unless their dog was well-behaved. It would be embarrassing otherwise, and no one sets out to get embarrassed.

Note that you can go north and south of us and take your dog to dinner. Are we missing out on some opportunities? Absolutely.

Tonya Christiansen
Must Love Dogs Boutique & Spa
Grand Haven




owners should have the decision on smoking in their establishment as well, but they don't. How is allowing a dog any different?


Well maybe because I don't believe there are any documented cases of a restaurant employee or patron ever getting lung cancer from being in the presence of a dog.

Grand Haven Happy

Dogs do NOT pollute the air with cancer causing smoke like smoking does both indoors and outside when dining, having a beer, or even simply sitting. Nothing ruins a meal like the stench of 2nd hand horrible smoke from tobbacco! Well behaved dogs being in OUTSIDE dining etc areas SHOULD be up the establishment. It's their business and they should decider and set the rules whether yes or no and what tables or area they are allowed to be in or at. They also should have the right and be required to have disruptive/poorly dehaved dogs made to leave. Just like parents should be forced to leave with screaming or disruptive children of any age or having stinky diapers. What kind of humane parents etc would allow their babies to sit or remain in such putrid conditions? Even animals are smarter than that!

We have been to a lot of other countries and in England for instance, being about the cleanest and most westernized in Europe allows well behaved dogs both inside and outside in food and drinking establishments. Even in most of the high class palces. We know as our son owned a business there and all well behaved dogs are allowed in Pubs and sit down restaurants as we have eaten at many. Have even seen dogs having their very own seat at the restaurant table and/or sitting on the bar (small dogs) or on a stool in Pubs. In London area and all over the country including Wales. NO ONE seemed to mind at all and also seemed to enjoy their presence. Same is true in most of Europe and other countries!

Smoking inside dining etc is a different story and is really being curtailed now in much of the world. Dogs are a were you're sitting presence while smoking affects everyone in the room or the entire establishment. We'll gladly have 10+ well behaved dogs in a restaurant etc and even at all the tables around us rather than one person smoking anywhere in the same establishment. You CAN'T escape the polluted smelly air they create!


potatoe/potatoe. You can't have your cake and eat it to. I was making a point, that you two obviously missed. Let me simplify it, Your argument for allowing dogs sucks.


good point agree


dog emit dog dander - many many people these days are alllergic to dog dander and can have severe reactions from it. same thing as if the people who worry about 2nd hand smoke. all of these types of decisions should be made up to the owner of the restaurant. if i don't like smoke - i go down the street to the restaurant who has non smoking. if i am allergic to dogs - i go down the street to the restaurant that doesn't allow dogs. it's not rocket science.


at least someone gets it!

Tri-cities realist

You are right, it is not rocket science, which is why our govt can't seem to understand it.


This seems to be more of an entitlement issue. People demand to bring non-service dogs into restaurants just because they can. The only dogs in a restaurant should be baked , deep fried , or barbequed, Dogs are a parasite living off humans. Be a courteous dog owner and keep them at home where they belong.


Here is some info ...The classic preparation is to coat them lightly in flour and saute them in butter with herbs. The smaller breeds are more tender so if you are cooking a large dog you may want to add some braising liquid to the pan and cook slowly, covered, over a low heat. Bon appetite


I'm sure these are old family recipes of yours and handed down from generation to generation.


Yup....probably the same recipies he used on his parents and siblings.




Thank you for the punctuation lesson

Grand Haven Happy

Glad you think it's a joke having dogs in outdoor eating places but most of the civilized world sure doesn't agree with you. You may make jokes about cooking a dog for food however they'd probably taste a whole lot better than the smelly nicotine permeated stale smoked acid stenched human or in-human loser jerks like the childish sirhansalot and truthhurts. Some weirdos just never grow up and what a great glowing example you two are! Hopefully, some day soon I and so many others will be able to take their dogs to where you are eating or begging for food and sit right next to you, upwind of course! Even a dog would gag if downwind! It would sure make my day and a lot of others too!


Hey Grand haven happy , I know i taste good because i chew and eat my finger nails.


I’ll bet the Chinese restaurant will allow your pets into their dining area, they probably just won’t let them back out. Gerbils, hamsters, cats, dogs, gold fish…they don’t discriminate


Please do not forget dogs do
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Humane Society of the United States, there are about 4.7 million dog bites every year in the U.S. These bites result in approximately 16 fatalities. Approximately 800,000 people seek medical attention for dog bites in the U.S. every year — about 1,000 people require emergency care for dog bite injuries every day (according to a study produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).
About half of those injured in dog attacks are children. The rate of dog bite accidents is highest for those between the ages of 5-9 (according to the American Veterinary Medical Association).
Nearly 2/3 of injuries among children ages 4 and younger are to the head or neck region, because of their height. Injuries are higher for boys than for girls.
According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the number of Americans hospitalized for dog bites nearly doubled over a 15-year period. The average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay was $18,200. There were 4 times as many dog bite-related ER visits and 3 times as many hospital stays in rural areas than in urban areas.
In the US, the most frequent victims of dog bite attacks are:

The Elderly
Postal Service Carriers
Dog bite victims account for as much as 5% of all emergency room visits in the United States.


wow...and they are concerned about second hand smoke!


guess if we get a dog bite we can sue the dog owner than so we can afford our stinky cig's


Well 48 million people every year get food poisoning...

Grand Haven Happy

Don't worry! Our dog nor about any other dog would bite either of you since they couldn't get past the smell and besides, they're much smarter than that! They'd much sooner smell dropping from any other animal anytime.

Let's see, 320 million people in the USA and only 4.7 million dog bites and perhaps 2/3+ of them were well deserved! How many of them occurred at restaurant outdoor eating places? Maybe 1 or 2 or even 5? A lot more people die every year from human bites due to the vast infections from the human bites alone! Maybe we should stop people from coming near eachother at all, keep them in chainlink fences, put a choke chain collar on them, make distemper shots mandatory every year for all humans, keep them from eating at any outdoor places, and have a new license tag for a handsome fee that they must wear on their collar at all times or they'll be picked up and brought to a "People Society" holding place. Don't forget that they'll have to go to an approved doctor first every year to be checked out before they can get the papers they'll need to get their license. Does Obama's dumb healthcare plan cover that too?

BTW, un-spayed female people's yearly license will cost about 5-10 times what a spayed female's cost. Then, if nobody wants to adopt them from the People Society holding pen in 10 days, just do to them what's done to dogs! It's only fair, bye bye...


Grand Haven unhappy.. you say "A lot more people die every year from human bites due to the vast infections from the human bites alone! Where are the numbers?? I cannot find anything on the number of deaths per year from people biting people…… you sound crazy . BTW You sound like a un-spayed female.


. another punctuation lesson




I feel it's up to the business to accept dogs if they want. I am for it myself.I read in a dog magazine that restaurants in another state put a sticker in their window if they accept dogs to dine with them !

If the dogs act up and the owner doesn't make them mind, then just ask them to leave.

Grand Haven Happy


For your reading as you have revealed that you do NOT know how to search.

Pay particular attention to the statistics: "Exact statistics on human bite wounds are difficult to establish, although one figure for closed-fist bites in the United States is 11.8 per 100,000 persons per year.

Read more:

Want more? There's thousands more!


Dear Grand haven unhappy ,Bite injuries account for about 5 percent of emergency room admissions in the United States and Canada, with human bites ranked third after dog and cat bites respectively So you are more likely to go to the emergency room for a dog bite then a human bite.Also remember what a Closed-fist injuries is : These are injuries to the hand sustained in a fight when the skin over the knuckles is broken and penetrated by the teeth in the opponent's mouth. This type of injury is considered a bite and are included in your you still have not "found" the correct information.


Grand Haven Happy sounds like he is in a constant state of perpetual anger....

Grand Haven Happy

Not remotely angry in the least. True honesty and common sense, yes I am guilty of.

Sirhansalot has a big mouth as always but never took the time to actually read even a few of the AMA pages citing actual statistics on bite issues. Very seldom do humans die from dog bites and dogs bites are a huge topic on the media to enhance their ratings. These same dogs reveled by the media are not and never have been the dogs found in dining areas or on streets/sidewalks on a leash with their owner.

When is the last time you ever heard of a human tooth bite/saliva etc causing the death of a human on the media? In actuality, human and cat bites cause between 3 and 5 times the human deaths each year. Do your research as in black and white and I'm not going to do it for you. Learn something before you reply and make a fool of yourself again! Got it?



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