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To the Editor: European countries require consumers to bring their own canvas bags for purchases. Plastic is not allowed. Mexico, a third world country, does not produce or allow plastic. America, our beloved country?
Sep 16, 2013


The Tribune published an article on Sept. 3 noting that the Great Lakes have multitudes of tiny floating plastic particles contaminating drinking water and fish. On April 20, American Profile identified a massive convergence zone of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean, growing daily. The article included a disgusting picture of a Hawaiian beach with miles and miles and layer upon layer of plastic debris.
Charles Moore, author of "Plastic Ocean," found tiny plastic toxic endocrine mutation components in fish that are provided for supermarkets. As well, research indicates that plastic takes decades to biodegrade. Styrofoam clamshells never biodegrade.
What can we do? We can challenge our legislators. We can choose not to support products and services which abuse life. D&W and Meijer will provide brown bags, if requested, that biodegrade in 1-5 months. Or we can challenge our Tri-Cities area to begin a personal campaign by providing our own canvas bags.

In Grand Haven, we can do our part as a community to promote and take a stand for life quality.

Donna M. Ewers
Grand Haven Township



In full support of this!


Better know this before jumping off the pier: Recycled germs: Reusable shopping bags could be making you sick http://www.examiner.com/article/...

"According to Huffington Post, reusable shopping bags can contain dangerous E.coli bacteria if not washed appropriately. In a study done by the University of Pennsylvania, they determined that a ban on plastic bags in the San Francisco area resulted in a spike in emergency room visits from E. coli infections and a 46% increase in deaths from foodborne illness in the three months following the ban on plastic bags in 2007.

Huffington Post quotes the author of the study:

"Using standard estimates of the statistical value of life," the study's authors point out dryly, "we show that the health costs associated with the San Francisco ban swamp any budgetary savings from reduced litter."

A Word To The Wise . . . . (is often ignored in the case of environmentalism)


Not sure what type of crack the writer of this story is smoking but I just spent the last 11 months living in Monterrey, Mexico and I received plastic shopping bags everytime I went to the grocery store. As a matter of fact comments were made by visitors about the bags floating around and caught in the trees and bushes. Mexico is a mess when it comes to this bag issue...



deuce liti

Maybe the cartel could use all these plastic bags for packing their product for shipping to the States, there free to recycle....lol


Sam's Club repurposes the boxes they receive stock in and they are packed every saturday. I like the brown paper bags, I mulch them up and compost it with rinds and other biodegradable stuff that turns into plant energy food. I'd support no more plastic bags in favor of Paper, I do not like the cloth bags.


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