Supports light show decision

To the Editor: I would like to thank the mayor and the City Council members who voted not to allow the Holiday Road Light Show along Franklin in downtown Grand Haven this year.
Oct 2, 2013


As a relatively new (11 years) resident of the city, I moved to the area for its excellent schools, its general neighborliness and small-town feel. Every year I look forward to the quieter, less busy winter season as a more family-oriented time compared to the high activity levels of the summer season. I saw the Holiday Road Light Show as an unwelcome encroachment on the family nature of the holiday season, since it is only for show and entertainment. 

I’ll have my few lights up outside, and the rest, but it is not for show. It is for gathering at home with family and remembering what is really important in life.

So, thank you to the city government for considering this aspect of it, and let's carry on without all the showmanship.

Mike Cramer
Grand Haven



Agreed. I get tired of the constant flow of tourist, traffic, etc. Now and then I will walk through the shops downtown to see if anything has changed. Nope, they are still pompous and overpriced for the most part. That's the short of it.


Excellent schools? Compared to what? Muskegon Heights? Fruitport? You want excellent schools, go to Ada, Cascade. Grand Haven schools are merely average, as is the town itself. It had a chance to be exceptional with the Holiday Lights on Franklin, but in the end complacency won the day, as is so often the case around here. There is a perception, shared by closed-minded locals, that Grand Haven is excellent in every regard. But truth be told it's just very average, a place like so many others, stuck in its ways and unwilling to change in ways to be truly great.


Care to back up you counterpoint of "average" schools? Regarding the town itself, what criteria are using? Or are you offering a subjective opinion, like the locals you refer to who consider the town excellent?

I would have liked to see the light show approved too, but you are saying that a light show could boost a "merely average" town to "exceptional"? It is always going to be a quiet town on the beach, and I don't think there is some obsession to become "great", whatever you think that means. What is wrong with being content as "merely" a nice place to live and raise a family?


Grand Haven average? Maybe you need to get out and see the world a little. I may be one of the many tourist that so many seem to abhor but I drive 1600 miles each year just to stay in GH for its beauty and relaxation. I don't claim to know much about the academic quality of the schools, but if the sports and extra activity offerings are any indication, they are better than those in my hometown. You apparently don't know how good you have it.


Very well put. Taking even a single cross country road trip might be very eye opening.


Must the city be devoid of activity for Mr. Cramer to enjoy time with his family? Maybe other families could derive part of their joy and togetherness from viewing the light show... it seems to me that that's the point of the thing...


Well Mr. Mike "wet blanket" Cramer....would it really have been such a huge inconvenience for a couple weeks in December? What about January, February, March, April and most of May......ain't much at all going on then...ain't that enough time for you to rest up before the onslaught of tourii starts up again in June??

I don't know where you live of course, but I sure hope you're not one of those people who move into an area without researching it and then expects everyone who's been there for years before you got there, to change what they've been doing all along to something that suits you. That's pretty much the definition of arrogance.

If you live in the downtown area then you should be smart enough to know that there's gonna be stuff going on from time to time. You want quiet for you and yours then I'd suggest moving far out into the country where tourii, festivals and the occasional light show or main street music festival wouldn't be able to stress you out so....

What a buzz kill you are, bet your kids think you're a regular ball of fun.


Hey Mike,
It wasn't just for show and entertainment.
It was, I believe $30,000.00 for the Special Olympics.


Yeah! Duh....I forgot to mention that little tidbit.


If you want a quiet life why on earth would you move to a city with tourist destinations?


Mark writes "I’ll have my few lights up outside, and the rest, but it is not for show. It is for gathering at home with family and remembering what is really important in life."

So if you're snuggled at home, why does it matter what goes on downtown? Instead of writing letters about subjects that don't affect you, use that time to cuddle up with the family.




Dear Mike "Life revolves around me" Cramer,
For starters, you are new around here. You are what we call a transplant and as far as those who were born and raised here, we hold your opinion very low as far as what goes on here. You should have done more research on the town before you decided to move here and change it. We stand together here.
Second, even the few lights that you put up are enjoyed by the hundreds of families that are gathering for Christmas that drive around during the Christmas season to see the lights. Have you pulled your head out of your Bum to notice how many cars are driving around through different neighborhoods just to see the displays?
And Last, You saw the Holiday Road Show as an "Unwelcome Encroachment". Unwelcome to who? You? Who cares? Did you happen to notice the amount of people that didn't? I didn't think so. Open your eyes, mind, and heart and Shut your mouth. You are not the only ones with feelings around here and you are only a Transplant. Your not from here.


Your comment is way out of line. Lifers and transplants are all welcome here. And if anyone is to blame for Grand Haven's stagnancy, it's the lifers, not the transplants.


How long have you lived in the area, WWJD? The place has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Stable, maybe, but stagnant? What would you like to see GH turn into?

I agree with you though, the parent comment was pretty harsh... and I think that not very cars go through Mr. Cramer's neighborhood on light tours.


@WWJD. Okay, my comment may have been harsh but I am tired of people moving into this town and then complaining that it is too busy. the transplants that come here with new, fresh ideas are more than welcome. I would love to see more things happen around here to bring the community closer, the way it used to be, but when possible good ideas come around they are blown out of the water before they are even given a shot. We live in a small community that loves to have fun. It was that way when everyone moved in, don't try to change it.
@Citizen, this is a Stable community that I wouldn't trade for the world. My family has grown up here and I hope that my family stays here and enjoys it for generations to come.
All I ask is give new activities a chance, quit building vacant properties, and don't try to turn this area into a Metropolis.


I grew up in GH as well, and while I left for GR for work reasons, I can imagine becoming re-transplanted someday.

Not that my opinion is so important as a non resident (and I say that sincerely), but I agree with you wholeheartedly on your last sentence. Grand Haven is beautiful, stable, thriving, and I really just don't understand the drive to become something else.


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