Wants turn signals used

To the Editor: Can someone explain why so many West Michigan drivers fail to use their turn signals, especially when turning right?
Nov 20, 2013

Is it a lack of consideration for other drivers or an assertion of independence — “I know where I’m going and it’s none of your business”? 

It would be so helpful for other drivers to know what to expect and it’s so easy to hit the turn signal lever.

Maybe the Tribune could start a drive to encourage drivers always to signal when they plan to turn. Think of the other person!

Herbert S. Guy
Grand Haven



There was a time when not using the signal could get you a citation if a cop was around...now their more cars than ever and the cops mostly have bigger fish to fry so lazy and inconsiderate drivers simply drive along oblivious to others...but you already suspected that.


it posted twice???


Sure it did, you weren't impatient and hit the "save" button twice!


Sure it did, you weren't impatient and hit the "save" button twice!


Weird how this popped up because I was just thinking the exact same thing the other day. Very annoying. These days I don't really trust the person even if they do use their turn signal anyway.

Barry Soetoro

Using your turn signal before changing lanes seems to be an invitation for the driver in the other lane to speed up so you can't get over.

Harry Kovaire



Great, then they will be out of your way and you can get over as you wanted to do. Where is the problem?


Only if you are passing me on the right and trying to squeeze in. All because you didn't want to get in line to pass that slow truck like the rest of us will I squeeze you off.


If you are in a turn lane ,No signal needed


How did you get into the turn lane in the first place?


Except as required by law, but never mind that.


WRONG! Try reading the Michigan Drivers Manual "What Every Driver Must Know." Signaling:
"Signaling is a legal requirement and a courtesy. Before
stopping, turning, or changing lanes, see if it is safe.
Communicate to other drivers by giving the required signal,
either using your left hand and arm, or your vehicle’s turn signal.
Signal at least 100 feet ahead of where you plan to turn."

Other aspects:
"Communicate your intentions by using your turn signals or
hand-and-arm signals."

"Always give yourself enough time and space to do what
you need to do safely. Never follow another vehicle too

After reading these and other comments I have to wonder if any of these people actually read and "Understood" what the driving laws are that are "required" to drive a motor vehicle. I once took a Defensive Driving Course and Tactical Driving Course and they all emphasize driving safely. If you're driving safely then you aren't breaking any of the driving laws and regulations, which means you don't speed, you use your turn signals anytime you're going to make a turn, you don't follow another vehicle too closely behind, and you're always watching out for other vehicles on the roadway.

Things will happen, but you can decrease the chances of them happening to you by watching out for the other guy.

Tri-cities realist

Growing up, I heard that it was due to the areas Dutch heritage, they didn't want to burn out the light bulbs and have to replace them. An urban legend? Perhaps.


LOL!!! I'll have to ask my Wife about that one but now that you mention it I recall my Dad saying something like that but he said "Hollanders"...She's gonna hit me but I'll take one just to see the look on her face and subsequent eye roll!.


Hahaha I got a good chuckle out of that one but I will say, after moving to this side of the state seven years ago, I do notice a much higher number of people here that do not use their turn signals.


Turn signals are required before all changes of direction! If you are in the turn lane you have already started that change of direction so you are already wrong.
Hitting the brakes and the turn signal at the same time is also wrong. You are not communicating what you are GOING to do you are just reinforcing what you are already doing.
If peopel would signal a bit ahead of time what they are GOING to do, then it gives the other drivers on the road the chance to react in a timely manner, instead of OMG, now they are slamming aon their brakes and turning, essentially without warning.
The worst, is after you have started or hitting the signal lever as you are turing the wheel!
It all comes down to paying attention and having a bit of courtesy out there on the road. When you have good information as to what is going on the whole thing goes better.
With all the distractions available, it is a wonder there isn't more carnage.

Say no to new taxes

That's a great question! Michigan drivers have decided that turn signals just aren't needed along with TWO functioning headlights on the front of the car. They also have decided that driving in the rain or low visibilty conditions doesn't require turning their headlights on. No wonder this paper has at least two accidents to report every day.


Isn't all that stuff supposed to be "automatic"? Its the "Car's" fault, not the driver of the car! As in, the car drove off the raod and hit the tree!


Automatic turn signals are at least 5 years in the future, if not 10. Until then, sadly, we are stuck operating the stalk ourselves.


It's pretty simple. People are inconsiderate. They don't stop to think or care about how their actions might effect someone else.

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