Repeal ‘dead horse’ Obamacare

To the Editor: I believe every person should be able to get health insurance even with preexisting conditions. I don’t believe this Affordable Health Care Act is what the country is looking for or needs.
Dec 8, 2013

If we, the people, had prohibition repealed, why can’t we get this “dead horse” repealed?

It is not affordable without government help to a lot of people and that defeats the purpose of the bill in the first place. In order to get government help, I hear from others I know that they need to sell all the “extras” that they have worked their lives to achieve.  

I’m not talking about snowmobiles and boats. I am talking about things they have built from scratch as a family project and just because it does not fall under the government’s ideas about what a person can own, they are expected to sell it in order to not have a $10,000 deductible per year, and that is what they need in order to make the payments affordable, which are almost $400 per month out of a Social Security check that is just over $1,500 in income for both who have worked most of their lives to get where they are.  

Even the President is not sure just what is going on and I believe this act should be repealed and then started over, but this time let the people whose lives it effects most have some say in what is going into the bill and doctors and hospitals should be able to have input.

Take all the lawyer speak out of it and make it understandable to a layperson who will be the one using the health care system and making what should be affordable payments.  

Dorothy Wallish   
Grand Haven Township


River Man

WOW! Dorthy, it appears you are confused about what is Obamacare. My understanding is rates are based on income not on assets.

It sounds like you are talking about Medicaid asset limits and also talking about Medicare if someone is on SS...these programs were in place long before Obama.

It actually sounds like Obamacare is exactly what these people need!

Does the law need tweaking? For sure, but don't confuse programs to make your point.

Mystic Michael

So every person should be able to obtain health insurance coverage despite having pre-existing medical conditions. Yet you advocate abolishing the very program that has just made this possible?

If we were to repeal the ACA, what exactly would you suggest we put in its place? How would you have dealt with the most expensive healthcare delivery system in the world...that routinely delivers surprisingly sub-optimum results for far too many of its patients? How would you have addressed the problem of insurance companies that regularly cancel the policies of their customers - simply because those customers needed to actually use those policies to pay for medical care? Or insurance companies that impose arbitrary lifetime caps on coverage...simply because they don't want to have to continue to pay? Or insurance companies that make a fortune by selling completely unregulated "junk" policies to a naive and uninformed public, who don't realize that for all practical purposes, they remain uninsured? Are you not aware that the Affordable Care Act successfully addresses each of these dysfunctions and abuses?

I can assure you that the President is well aware of what is going on. And that the medical profession - including clinics & hospitals - had more than adequate opportunity for input into the law, while it was still being drafted.

If you feel that ordinary Americans haven't had sufficient input into the law, you might want to take up that issue with your member of Congress, who after all was elected to represent your interests. Not only did the President not ram this through Congress in haste, he bent over backwards to solicit ideas from Republicans in Congress about how to make the bill better, ultimately delaying passage by more than a year - without receiving one constructive suggestion in return.

If anything, it could be argued that the President was far too accommodating, trying too hard to make everybody happy - even those who were already determined to fight him, no matter WHAT he proposed - instead of leveraging his electoral mandate more boldly and assertively, for a stronger program right from the outset.


To the editor; is this your sister, mother, ex-wife? Why in the world would you publish this diatribe from Dorothy; she has no clue what so ever about this subject.

Dorothy, you need to sit down with a knowledgeable individual on this subject and have them explain it to you. If you did any research, studied the issue, and still have the same opinions, then you may want to seek out a medical professional that deals with memory and comprehension. Oh, and the "others" you refer to in your letter, let them go, they are either less informed than you are, or just plain stupid.


I like it!!! Unfortunately, since our editor left...the whole paper is a diatribe when it comes to news and editorials. LOL


I see this Obama Care thing is confusing a lot of people and only believing what others are telling them, then i hear many saying, they rather pay the fine that signing up, your right, we need more time to learn about this and ask more questions, but i feel it will work


Ms. Wallish is not unique in her lack of factual information regarding Obamacare. The drivers of the far right-wing - the media outlets, conservative think tank propaganda machines, leaders of the Tea Party - all have done a bang-up job of promoting misinformation, disinformation, distortions, half-truths, incomplete and inaccurate facts and figures, with the emphasis on horror stories rather than on real experiences.

Couple this with a massive and complex health care reform law that impacts an area of US life that is a whopping 24% of the entire trillion dollar US federal budget, and it is no wonder that folks are confused and lacking confidence in the law.


Since the exchange is up and working, in spite of 26 states not setting up State exchanges which complicated everything immensely, it is working. I have insurance and three of my friends are now ensured with no thanks to Mi legislators. This is a good thing for the people and the truth will boomerang in the coming election with all the lies and misinformation of the right wing corporate media. Oh, and trying to make it difficult for people to vote, the exchange sets up people to vote. What a horror for the right wing, people voting for their own interests. We really need a new newspaper here.


The December 7, 2013 article on the FRONT PAGE titled "Insurance questions plentiful" is not worthy of news. It cites enrollment figures based on Nov 2, 2013 vs December 7, 2013. The real figures are: 1.2 million people have enrolled in ACA plan at substantial savings based on income. Where income is not a problem, plans are substantially improved with better coverage and the numbers are in line with what they are paying now for less. 803,000 people qualified for expanded medicaid. Those numbers could be much higher had 26 states not turned down the Medicaid expansion paid for by the federal government including MI which finally moved beyond ideology and implemented Medicaid expansion except it does not start until April, 2014. The most corrupt, 2nd highly paid legislators in the country that made Democracy ILLEGAL finally went with the will of the majority and the law. 1.9 million people have gone through the process but have not decided on a plan. The tribune stated in their article of Dec 7 that 106,185 people had signed up nationally as of Nov 3. Well, their facts do not match up with reality since the article was on the front page on Dec 7, 2013. It seems a right wing Fox entertainment editor has taken over our newspaper with misinformation and advice of getting Lawyers, accountants, etc because of penalties. I am in business and I am not having any problem whatsoever understanding the information. I just need to consider what will work best for me among all the plans. Incidentally, the Platinum plan is not offered in Ottawa county so I will have to dig for those answers. I am sure the tribune isn't going to lift a finger to do any work at reporting news beyond what is offered from their tapes from corporate media. It is so blatantly clear that we need another newspaper in this town that will print the facts and trust that informed citizens can make up their own minds without the ideology, omissions, and lack of professional journalism that amounts to propaganda. Thank goodness we have the internet between the Tribune and Charter, there would be not be any truth out there. To reiterate...Tribune 106,185 people had signed up. The real numbers 1.2 Million, 1.9 million still enrolled but not decided on a plan and 803,000 expanded medicaid.


So, Dorothy, what exactly health care system do you propose? Is it the same one the Republican party and other right wing parties are offering to replace the Affordable Care Act? The reason I ask is because after the Republicans 40 plus attempts to repeal the ACA they didn't even come close to doing so and what they had to offer as a replacement of the ACA, was and still is, absolutely "Nothing"!

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