Pro-choice is a moral alternative

To the Editor: To choose to terminate a pregnancy is actually a legitimate moral choice. Religious and civil laws are all man-made in origin.
Jan 3, 2014

Even the notion of God is man-made and cultural in origin — every culture invents a god or gods.

There is no special truth to religious arguments. Ancient narratives are not a source of truth. Science, law and philosophy are much more reliable guides.

First, the religious doctrine of forgiveness and confession is a wise escape clause that would cover even abortion. Second, God’s abortions (miscarriages) are tolerated. Logically, these two points should be precedents for permitting abortions.

Our secular society does not have laws prescribing capital punishment for mothers or their physicians in the event of an abortion. This is tolerated and it is a social legal precedent for the acceptance of abortion. 

Republican-dominated state legislatures do not take this issue on directly. Wisely, for their purposes, they only restrict the ability to provide the means for abortions.

Pregnancy centers are thinly disguised religiously motivated mechanisms to justify so-called pro-life counseling or cruel guilt induction. I’m sorry to say that some very good and religious citizens do volunteer work for these stealth centers without understanding that they are undercutting legitimate choice by providing emotionally charged and distorted scientific-sounding information.

Such dishonesty and taking advantage of the vulnerable is immoral by human standards. I bet Jesus would have problems with these actions.

Bob Collins
Spring Lake




Abortion could be defined as putting one's happiness ahead of someone else's life. If you consider that moral, knock yourself out.

I apologize on behalf of all of us that think the lives of the defenseless are important.


How very stoic of you. Your facetious apology is rejected.

Abortion could be defined however you want to frame it in order to bring emotion into the issue.

Former Grandhavenite

Ultimately the terms 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' are misleading ones. Even the most ardent supporter of a woman's right to choose is 'pro-life' in the sense that they'd like to reduce the number of abortions occurring. They differ on the best way to achieve that.

In my view the hardcore extreme 'pro-life' people are trying to have it both ways. They want to force people who don't want kids to have them anyway, but at the same time they're generally unwilling to provide any social safety net or support for those kids that they're demanding be brought into the world. The mother is making a perfectly rational choice to not have a kid in a world where they'll be unwanted and few if any resources will be devoted to their education, health, and general well-being. The mother knows she lacks the ability to provide for the kid, and she also knows that she's not going to have much help from the rest of society.

If you want to call yourself 'pro-life' then you absolutely have a moral obligation to support universal pre-kindergarten, high quality health care, subsidized nutrition programs, and the other resources that the kid needs to have a fighting chance in life. People like to mock the concept that it "takes a village", but it unequivocally DOES take a village if the mother has already said that she can't handle raising the kid on her own. If a pro-lifer is going to bring a kid into the world against the parents' wishes, the burden is on them to find a way to support that kid.


I must absolutely disagree. The would-be parent who is considering an abortion has typically taken an action, as an adult expected to be of sound mind, that resulted in a pregnancy. That person must take responsibility for that action, including any possible offspring.

Of course there are exceptions (rape), but to say that one cannot oppose the termination of an unborn child while also not wanting to support that child themselves does not pass muster. Probably, the abortion opponent would prefer that the person avoided the situation in the first place, which is of course possible for most women.


"The mother is making a perfectly rational choice to not have a kid in a world where they'll be unwanted"

I cannot find fault with this part of your sentence, but I do think there is a large proportion of cases in which the rest of that paragraph is less than accurate.


If you have the ability to create a baby you have the ability to carry it full term so some other family may raise one of Gods children. Sacrificing nine months is not an eternity but and responsibility they must do. I can't imagine how many great people have never had the opportunities to grace this earth. Out of the millions that have been lost how many may have made a difference in this world. How many would have inspired others or eclipsed what we thought was impossible. Those are the questions we will never know the answer to. As for the reality of God is concerned that is something that faith takes care of. The one thing we all can count on is judgment day. It is real and it is coming and it is not avoidable. I pray for people like you in hopes that one day you see the light. God Bless


Curious. Note that the pro-life/religious leaning comments emphasize individual responsibility and guilt. Religion has a strong social binding element and it is very effective in promoting their view and enforcing it through social coercion. Emotive reasoning tends to be more intense and I think a reason why we must keep religion and our democratic/republican state separate.


Your first comment on responsibility and guilt were right on when it comes to the pro-life/religious view. When you are religious it makes you stop and think about right and wrong. If our society practiced this in all areas of our life we all would probably be a lot better off. When ever I have had tough decisions to make I ask myself what would God want me to do? I have yet to regret any decisions since than.

Farmer Bland He...

I think a lot of non-religious people can find a similar type of guidance in decision-making and encouragement/comfort during challenging times. If someone has a strong moral and ethical code based on ideas of treating others the way they'd want to be treated, etc there isn't a huge amount of difference between their actions versus the teachings of the Bible, Koran, Buddhist meditation, etc. Rather than asking myself what God would want, I try to step outside my own shoes and think about how someone else would view my actions.

As an agnostic (leaning atheist, but raised as a moderately religious protestant) I always tell my religions friends that for whatever it's worth- I hope they're right! I'd like to think that there's an all-powerful force in humanity's corner backing us up. I even pray sometimes although I doubt anyone is listening. I figure it probably won't help but hey, it can't hurt either!


Once the State starts imposing religious beliefs on the citizenry, American religious freedom is undermined.

"Any party that promotes abstinence and trickle-down poverty, and prays obsessively for unborn children while actively stepping on the economic necks of born children everywhere is a clear and present danger to society".

Tri-cities realist

I'm thankful my mother is pro-life, how about the rest of you pro-choicers out there?

And, hello, what about adoption as an alternative to ending a life? Too inconvenient, I suppose.


Our planet is tucked away in a relatively "quiet" part of the Milky Way. Earth is tilted just so to the sun. Earth has a moon to stabilize us and Jupiter is so big it prevents a lot of possible catastrophe.

We love. We hate. We sacrifice ourselves. We like varieties of food. We play music and create art. We have an ingrained sense of everlasting life; none of which is necessary to exist.

And it all happened by chance?

keep dreaming bob.

your letter is illogical and very full of holes.


In response to Mr. Collin's opinion I would like to defend his right to speak his mind. However I believe there is a much higher source that we will be all accountable to one day. The book of Revelations outlines this very dramatically, and that if we are counting on "science, law and philosophy" to save us, we might want to re investigate that approach. The Bible says that God has always existed, therefore not man made. It is true however that there is a universal inherent longing to worship something higher than ourselves. The Bible is filled with such accounts. As far as saying there is no "special truth" to religious arguments, one has to be specific. The word "religion" can encompass many different belief systems. If we are specifically speaking about Christianity, there are many that would say the God's word is actually "absolute truth" and will never die: Matt 24:35. The fact that God allows spontaneous miscarriages and provides gracious forgiveness for our sins, or that the law of the land allows it, does not give a green light to do anything we want. In the end we will still be accountable to God whether we believe that or not. It's not about what we want but what He wants. As far as Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers go, perhaps you should go in and visit the staff so you can develop an informed opinion. I would be very surprised if you encountered any thinly disguised cruel guilt driven people. Rather I would suspect you would find individuals who have a true heart for God, attempting to reach out to others. You are right, Jesus does have a lot to say and you can find it in His word. I would encourage you to investigate it: James 4:8. God Bless you sir.

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