Chamber supports SLPS proposals

To the Editor: On May 6, the voters in the Spring Lake Public Schools district will be asked to consider two bond proposals.
Apr 24, 2014

The proposals, as presented to the voters, is a result of Spring Lake Public Schools seeking input from the community and staff through a community survey by EPIC-MRA, a staff survey, a Bond Review Committee and public input sessions.   As a result of community input, Spring Lake Public Schools listened and the bond proposals on the May 6th Ballot reflect the community’s and staffs input.

Excellence has always been a trademark of Spring Lake Public Schools (SLPS) and planning for the future needs of students speaks to the continuation of that tradition.  Students of today and tomorrow require a learning environment that will provide them with the educational and technology skills to be successful competing for jobs in a global and 21st century economy. Proposal I addresses major renovations and additions to both elementary schools, renovations to the intermediate/middle school and minor upgrades at the high school. Technology upgrades throughout all facilities and bus purchases all support the meeting of student needs to excel. Proposal II addresses improvements to athletic facilities and additional parking to support athletic opportunities for students and SLPS proud “Laker” traditions.

Our community, through SLPS and their outstanding success in academics, the performing arts and athletics, is well recognized throughout the state and the nation.  The recent US News & World Report ranking Spring Lake Schools No. 19 in the State of Michigan and 747th in the Nation speaks highly of the District’s commitment to its student and the community.  The ranking also brings well earned recognition to the school district and to Northwest Ottawa County where quality of education and quality of community make this such an amazing place to live.

The Spring Lake Public School District is to be commended for listening and responding to the community’s input regarding school improvements. The community asked for choices, they believed SLPS should take advantage of the State of Michigan’s School Bond Fund, they supported increased security at the schools and they opposed new elementary buildings.  Proposal I and Proposal II responded to all of those concerns.  

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce  Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg urges the citizens in the Spring Lake Public School District to vote yes on May  6th for Proposal I and Proposal II supporting the District’s traditions of excellence and commitment to the future for students, staff and the community.

Joy Gaasch
The Chamber-Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg




Wait a minute, i have reconsidered and the answer is no !!!


I look at it this way... How many times within our lives do we have an opportunity to do something like this? Take a minute and think about how many lives will be impacted by fixing the schools where the children learn, by upgrading the school buildings to be more efficient, better learning environment, updated technology which has become a necessity.
Last night we attended the Varsity Lacrosse game on Grabinski Field (they beat Lowell), there was a Varsity Soccer game on the soccer field, Youth Lacrosse on the dirt field, Baseball game across the street, cars were parked everywhere and anywhere they could squeeze in and along the roads. It's great to see all of these student athletes competing however we desperately need adequate safe fields for these athletes and parking for us parents. I sincerely hope that those of you who are on the fence decide to vote YES for both Bond Proposals. It's worth the investment!


How many times within our lives? Apparently, at least 2, and probably more! "Don't let this chance slip through your fingers" seems to show an intent to drive decision making through false urgency rather than careful consideration.


I totally agree that carefull consideration is important in regard to this proposal as it should be with anything that our community has an opportunity to vote on. Great comment!


Like I tell my own kids who always want what "every body else" has .... NO, we can't afford it!


I certainly can respect your comment and appreciate your openness.


Just a reminder that there is one more community meeting for you to educate yourself/ask questions/make comments. The meeting is

Sunday, April 27 @ 4:00 at the Spring Lake High School

I have been really encouraged by our community members who have attending the previous three meetings. The openness and honesty that everyone has shown is greatly appreciated. The respect that everyone is showing towards one another is a great example set forth by the people of this community.

My hope is that the register voters of Spring Lake will exercise their right to vote on May 6.


Ms Gaasch, you get a voice when you start paying Spring Lake taxes. Until then don't tell me how to spend my money.


That's the great thing about democracy. You are free to vote "Yes", "No", or not even bother regardless of what someone else says.

Who really knows of those of us who have commented on the tribune, in regards to the Grand Haven or Spring Lake Bond proposals, if they are registered voters or what city/village they live in or if they even plan to vote.

Ms. Gaasch isn't representing herself in this situation, she is representing the Chamber which covers the Tri-Cities area. If she had made the statement on her own then I would totally agree with you whether she endorsed the proposal or not it would be irrelevant if she is not a registered voter in the Spring Lake School District.


Spring lake got a new high school sometime ago, i thought updated school building, better learning environment and better technology would make better students, so why is it that their test scores are a little low, compared to Spring Lake High School 19th and Grand Haven High School 25th in Michigan. in the state ?


Michigan, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Spring Lake High School 19th and Grand Haven High School 25th in Michigan. In this year’s national standings, Spring Lake High School ranked 747th and Grand Haven High School was No. 813.

Both schools should be commended for thier results. Grand Haven obviously has a lot more students so comparing the two schools may not be quite fair just based on the numbers.

Buildings and infrastructure alone will not make better students. It also takes teachers, curriculum, students, parents, and community members. All are factors.


I don't live in SL, so I have no say in this. In general, I support improving schools, but wonder how the Chamber gets two letters to the editor printed, when the rest of us are limited to one letter every 30 days??????


That's a very good question if that is their policy. Maybe organization/businesses have a different policy. Hopefully the Tribune will give you a response. I would assume there is a moderator checking comments.

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