1:00 PM Oct 8, 2014
To the Editor: Oct. 5-11 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. It is an important opportunity to have conversations about mental health care, helping to end the silence that often exists regarding this subject.
4:16 PM Oct 6, 2014
To the Editor: Dear atheists: Why does the Dewey Hill cross offend you?
2:44 PM Oct 6, 2014
To the Editor: Here we go again. Various activists and atheist groups get all worked up about the cross atop Dewey Hill on a few Sundays during the year.
1:04 PM Oct 6, 2014
To the Editor: Isn’t it curious that Mr. Bob Collins of Spring Lake (“Your Views,” Sept. 30) and other members of his religion argue that separation of church and state should only affect religions other than atheism?
2:33 PM Oct 2, 2014
To the Editor: There is a simple solution to the cross issue.
1:02 PM Sep 29, 2014
To the Editor: I am writing in response to your articles about NOCHS’ decision to discontinue its midwifery services.
3:57 PM Sep 23, 2014
To the Editor: In response to the article in the Grand Haven Tribune (“GHT woman disturbed by cross,” Sept. 18), I understand Kathy Plescher’s study on this matter and offer a possible positive solution, especially in what is current in today’s horrific news.
6:01 PM Aug 20, 2014
To the Editor: I first met Robin Williams during a private breakfast in San Francisco honoring the Queen of England and Prince Phillip in 1983.
1:04 PM Jul 16, 2014
To the Editor: Thirty-five years ago, Grand Haven’s waterfront was in ruins.
11:00 AM Jul 14, 2014
To the Editor: On Tuesday, Aug. 5, the Michigan primary election will be held to choose candidates for a U.S. senator, all U.S. Congressional seats, governor, and all Michigan Senate and House of Representative seats.