Do men really earn more?

Michigan political pundit Robert Rossana doesn’t buy into a recent government report that he says the president has indicated shows a continued wage gap between the sexes.
May 27, 2014


Rossana is a professor of economics at Wayne State University and a Grand Haven summer resident.

In his “Just My Two Cents About Economic Policy,” Rossana addresses the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “Highlights of Women’s Earnings 2012.” Click here to read the report.

“The president has decided to seize on this report to claim that there is a disparity in the earnings of women compared to men,” Rossana wrote. “Like many issues addressed by politicians, the claims made by politicians don’t follow from the source document. Here I want to mention two reasons why typical claims about the ‘evidence’ backing up these unequal pay claims are bogus.”

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Tri-cities realist

What, Obama fudging the numbers? Unheard of.


Excuse me?...don't you mean Obama "Toasted Whole Wheat Grain Squares the numbers"?...Michelle will not be prooud of any of us if we ate fudge!

Tri-cities realist

I stand corrected. Good catch.


This all about getting women to vote for him. He is working the fear into them and shelter from the fear is him. He will provide shelter and equality from the false fear and inequality he instilled. Control through fear do not be afraid ladies you will be paid the same if you work the same.


Both the National Women’s Law Center and the National Partnership for Women and Families, supporters of the Fairness Act, created fact sheets on wage disparity in each state.

The organizations relied on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which tracks annual wages in its Current Population Survey. In 2010, the statistics and showed women made 77 cents for every dollar men earned across the country. President Barack Obama and other Democrats used the figure to urge passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act.


9. "More than 40 percent of the wage gap cannot be explained by occupation, work experience, race, or union membership. More than one-quarter of the wage gap is due to the different jobs that men and women hold, and about 10 percent is due to the fact that women are more likely to leave the workforce to provide unpaid care to family members. But even when controlling for gender and racial differences, 41 percent is “unexplainable by measureable factors.” Even if women and men have the same background, the wage gap still exists, highlighting the fact that part of the discrepancy can be attributed to gender-based pay discrimination.

The wage gap accumulates over time. Over a 40-year working career, the average woman loses $431,000 as the result of the wage gap. The pay gap accumulates in no small part because initial pay matters: If a woman earns less in her first job, when she takes a new job and her new employer sets her pay scale, they will often base it on her pay history. The lifetime wage gap for a woman who did not finish high school is $300,000, while the lifetime wage gap for a woman with at least a bachelor’s degree is $723,000. Making sure that young women understand the importance of negotiating for good pay from day one should be a pressing policy concern and is included in the Paycheck Fairness Act."


All the places I have ever worked in my career have pay scales in place for positions. No where does it state a different pay scale for women or men in those positions. In fact, pay for performance has been destroyed. This has happened so nobody can claim they are not getting the same raise...everybody gets the same raise and the overall performance of the organization suffers as many simply just show up to work and do not try to excel!


You must work for the government.


Hah! Not hardly....BTW we all did until April 14th this year in our state!
Huh...wonder why Republican led states tax freedom day is earlier?

Harry Kovaire

My experiences are similar. At some jobs, lower paid positions have been dominated by women; at others, by men. I never recall a position that paid differently just because of gender (or race for that matter). Although you might be penalized for not being Mormon in Salt Lake City.

Hiring and retaining good talent (at any level) in an organization has always been one of the biggest challenges. Playing compensation games based on gender or race defies good business and common sense. While it might occur, I suspect the incidence is infinitesimally small.

But we have always been at war with women, so they will Trotsky out the supporting studies and statistics.


Most of the women I work with make more than I do and the ones that do not are non-office skilled and entry skilled assemblers. Someday I will get that check on my bucket list and get the degree I should have worked for 35 years ago, otherwise I will likey never make as much as they do.


What a shock, a man doesn't believe women make less than a man for the same job!! You probably believe a woman's body will abort a fetus if she is raped too.

deuce liti

Wait, that's not true?

back to finishing school for me.


Speaking of abortion I have always wondered. Why when two people creat a fetus and the man doesn't want it, the woman does and makes the man pay for 18 years. Then the same two people create another fetus and the woman doesn't want it but the man does, he can't keep it and he doesn't get money from her for 18 years?

Harry Kovaire

Twenty years ago I went in for a vasectomy appointment. I knew it was an outpatient procedure and expected to be on my way afterwards. Turns out, it was just a consultation. I needed to wait 72 hours and bring back a consent form signed by my wife before I could exercise by "reproductive rights."

My sixteen year old daughter could have gone in and got an abortion on demand and I wouldn't have know about it.

"These aren't the logical answers you're looking for. Move along."


Uh - TRI-CITIES REALIST----->Harry Kovaire told a big fat fib, and you just overlooked it. No snide comments, no caustic sneer, no challenge to the data.

Abortion Laws for Teens by State

* Requires parental consent - one parent.
* Allows minor to bypass parent's consent by obtaining a court approval.
* Allows abortion in medical emergency without parental consent.

Harry Kovaire

Nice try Lani, but sorry - no cigar.

I am not a yokel. Different States have different laws, ya know.


Water, water, everywhere, but nary a drop to drink!

(what does this have to do with it, you might ask? - Not a thing, just wanted to get in the last word, of course.....;-D....)

Tri-cities realist

Uh Lanny, apparently you need to look closer at a couple of things. First my sincere apologies for not combing this site hourly, as you can see by the time stamps, Harry posted his comment AFTER my comment above.

Secondly, if you would read the words YOU wrote, if Michigan only requires one parent consent (not to mention the other methods to bypass parental knowledge / consent), it is entirely possible that the mother of Harry's daughter could give consent, and Harry wouldn't know about the abortion. So nice try, but once again it is YOU who is spreading lies.

Class dismissed.


If you read my post it explains I do not have a degree and they do, they do not do the same job I do, they could not do my job and I could not do their job, they have the job they have not because they are female but because they are qualified and make the same pay as a man would in the same position. They have a degree and earn their salary accordingly for the position and education and experience. I'm not complaining just stating a fact of corporate life if you have a degree you are compensated more than someone like me who has experience…lots and lots of experience but; some have thousands in loans to pay back many years later and I do not. My stating the women earn more because they invested more equals a woman pregnant by rape will miscarry? How did rape and miscarriage get into the mix, Rapists nor do women (raped or consensual) create life by themselves only God creates life.


You must work for the gov is quite the statement by Lan, considering her own gov practice the same.


Hi Honey. Just calm it down ok?

Tri-cities realist

Glad to see the Malbec is having its calming effect on you...


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