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Who should run for president in 2016 (not necessarily who you would vote for)?
Jun 16, 2014


D-VP Joe Biden: 3% (15 votes)
D- Hillary Rodham Clinton: 29% (176 votes)
D-N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo: 1% (5 votes)
D-Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley: 0% (2 votes)
R-former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush: 10% (58 votes)
R-N.J. Gov. Chris Christie: 9% (55 votes)
R-Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: 6% (35 votes)
R-Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: 2% (12 votes)
R-Ky. Sen. Rand Paul: 9% (54 votes)
R-Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio: 5% (31 votes)
R-Wis. Congressman Paul Ryan: 6% (36 votes)
R-former Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum: 6% (38 votes)
R-Wis. Gov. Scott Walker: 6% (37 votes)
Other: 8% (46 votes)

Total votes: 600

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Hillary Rodham Clinton should run and pick Elizabeth Warren as a VP. Bernie Sanders would also be a good Pick. We need someone that is for the people not the companies. Both Parties must work together to bring this Country back to center.

Tri-cities realist

I somewhat agree, but would take it a step further by putting Warren or Sanders at the top of the ticket. Hillary is too right wing.

Harry Kovaire

I am not sure what all this fuss about voter ID is about when the real problem is voter IQ.

Tri-cities realist

Hopefully you realized my comment was not about who I would vote for, and I was being a bit sarcastic. I would hope the voters would reject a Warren or Sanders ticket.

Harry Kovaire

I got you. My reply was in support of your comment. Being equally sarcastic, it didn't come through so well.

Tri-cities realist

I guess we both need to work on our sarcasm meters :-)


Asleep at the switch Hillary for Prez? Seem to remember a Hil for prez ad with a phone ringing and someone asleep. How many calls for addtl. security did Benghazi make to the State dept. before the 9/11 attack?


Ole: Don't forget Republicans voted to cut funding at Bengasi. Hillary will win if she runs, that is why I put her first on my list. Anyone but a Republican would do. Republicans are destroying Freedom in America.


You mean freebie in America.


sky, I seem to recall the vote to cut spending was pretty much bipartisan so, yes Repubs and Dems voted to cut. I fail to see how a less than 10% cut in the spending exonerates anyone from culpability in ignoring requests for more security when boots on the ground intel clearly indicated an urgent need for more appropriate security.


ps sky, How many calls did that embassy make requesting more security?


"Republicans also have criticized the Obama administration for not responding to the attacks more aggressively when they happened, though a bipartisan Senate investigation found that military resources simply weren't in position to help. Similarly, Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican most aggressively pressing Benghazi accusations, says he has "suspicions" that Hillary Clinton gave "stand down" orders to stop military resources from deploying to Benghazi even though a Republican report to the Armed Services Committee says that no such "stand down" order was issued.

In addition, Republicans have criticized the Obama administration for not doing more to prevent the attacks, such as beefing up consular security. Yet it was the same House Republicans who ** initially denied the Obama administration's request for additional embassy security funding. **

Just Say NO to the Obsession - You Can Do It!

Barry Soetoro

I think we had two votes for Barry O.


Congress has over the past 5 years or more repeatedly denied to give the Prez the full amount he has requested for embassy funding.
The amount approved for the Prez usually made up about 10% or less than the full amount he'd requested . . . .
And lets not forget that State Dept officials themselves (a matter of record) have a number of times stated that funding, or the lack thereof was not the cause for inadequate security at the Embassy in Benghazi.
I'll just one of those times: 10/10/2012, Dep. Asst. Secy. of State Charlene Lamb was asked if the funds had anything to do with the lack of adequate security, her response; "No, sir."


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