For the love of God

In a recent post, blogger Chris Van Allsburg tackles a tough question: Does God love me as much as I love my children?
Jul 8, 2014


The former Grand Haven resident illustrates his question with a story about how his youngest daughter swam into his arms while they were in a neighbor’s pool.

“Right at that very moment, it made me think of the day when I will meet my Heavenly Father face to face, and fall into His arms, and how wonderful it will be to have His deep love gaze upon me in delight,” he wrote.

CLICK HERE to read Van Allsburg’s revelation.

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He gave his only Son for us!


Where to go for help ?

Tri-cities realist

Who is "Ther"?


Thor's younger brother.



Tri-cities realist

Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I see he changed his original comment. Glad to see you chiming in occasionally ;-)

deuce liti

I'm starting to believe you are not as happy of a camper as your handle suggests.


I didnt say that, he did !!!!

deuce liti

Especially if someone hates camping then the expression becomes mud.


so, now what, now im confused


No person alive, or even so called ministers of today, should ever question His love for us all, because His love is Endless and is non-judgmental until His judgment day. Did He not give His only Son, for us, gentiles, remember people Jesus was a Jew and look how we treated Him and His chosen people, the Jews. If anything, the Heavenly Father has all the reasons to destroy us, or even hate us, but He does not, so this question is actually very unacceptable and uninformed. But like many things of today, Satan is busy at work trying to destroy our relationship with the Lord, and it is working. God Bless the United States, and all Sinners.


What?..."His love is Endless and is non-judgmental until His judgment day?" ..So he gives us free will only to be judgmental and condemn us to hell in the end?.....Again WTH?."Heavenly Father has all the reasons to destroy us, or even hate us.but He does not"..He has according to the Bible, The great flood? Inhabitant of Sodom? All the first born in Egypt? Just a few holes in your Theory Zegota!? I almost certainly will question a "God" with that track record.


I have a feeling by the year 2090 you'll get your chance to question him all you want. Truth is you won't be alone, there will be billions. Each person has to read the Bible and make it their own. God has provided a one and only perfect sacrifice for all humanity. But stubbornness, rebellion, pride, and hardened hearts is what blinds the person's mind.


Religion is a sickness,mental disorder. Im sure Chris put his Mother in a hospital first to put his trust in Doctors and Medical Science,instead of bringing her directly to a place of worship and placed his faith completely in a deity.If you have absolute faith in "God" why go to a DR. or a Hospital? Free yourself from religion and free your mind.


The Bible says God loved us so much he sent his only son: John 3:16. As far as religion being a "mental disorder", that is not an original claim. In Mark 3:21 his own family said "He is out of his mind." It states the teachers of the law even accused him of being Satan (Mark 3:22). God's response with the flood, Sodom, and the first born in Egypt had to do with man's sin/rebellion against God, according to the Bible. God doesn't force or wish anyone into Hell: 2 Peter 3:9. We have a choice,but no person has the power to convince anyone about the truth of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit has to open your eyes according to the scriptures: 1 Corinthians 1:18-19 and 2:14. Our choice to believe it or not.


So, thats what bible say,s. no one could ever prove that and bible was written by man


You are right, God's word isn't about proof, it's about faith: Ephesians 2:8,9. Your also right that it was written by man, through God's revelation : 2 Timothy 3:16.


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